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Tickets in the MLB Ballpark app

A NEW feature on the MLB Ballpark app will allow you to easily access your Season Tickets digitally. After downloading the app and linking your season ticket account you can easily:

  • View your current and future game tickets
  • Present your digital ticket for entry
  • Forward game tickets to friends, family or co-workers

To access your tickets, you MUST log-in first using an account. Once you log-in to your account you can then link to your 'My Season Account'. You can link your account through the Ballpark app under the "Manage Ticket Accounts" section.

Note: Accessing digital tickets in the Ballpark app requires iOS 7.0 and later, or Android 4.0 and later.

My Season Account

My Colorado Rockies Account Manager lets you manage your season tickets quickly and easily. Log in to your account to view and pay your invoice, purchase additional tickets, update your account profile and manage your season tickets.

Ticket Forwarding

Rockies Season Ticket Holders have the option of electronically transferring their Rockies Season Tickets to another person through the MLB Ballpark App or through My Rockies Account Manager. After the person accepts the Transferred tickets, they can either pick the tickets up at Will Call or can retrieve the tickets via the MLB Ballpark App.


StubHub - the Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace of the Colorado Rockies. This partnership with StubHub allows you more freedom in pricing, number of postings and will allow you to reach a broader audience than ever before!

Click below for more information on using StubHub!

Ticket Exchange Program

If you are unable to attend any of your games, take advantage of the extensive exchange program. Future Ticket Exchange Program includes 72 games and the Past Ticket Exchange Program includes 17 games, making it easy to use every ticket.

Digital Tickets

This option means a fast and simple way to manage your Season Tickets without having to keep track of physical tickets. Simply log into My Rockies Account and you have the ability to Transfer, Sell, Future Exchange or Donate your Season Tickets 24/7. This minimizes losing tickets, forgetting what partner you gave them to and time driving to the ballpark for exchanges. Sign up for our newest option on the front of your invoice. AGAIN, this option will not receive physical tickets.