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Created in 2001, Royals Charities strives to support children, education, youth baseball and softball field renovations, and military families in and around the Kansas City area. The foundation accomplishes this mission through financial grants, and in 2019, donated $1.5 million to 116 organizations. Since its inception, Royals Charities has donated more than $17.8 million to 514 organizations.

Royals Charities Pillars


Royals Charities continues to serve the needs of children across a variety of organizations and services in the Greater Kansas City area. Through the various organizations that Royals Charities works with, a particular emphasis is placed on inclusion of children with special needs and emergency services. To apply for a grant as an organization serving children, please visit


In a standing commitment to the betterment of local education, Royals Charities is proud to fund a mix of scholarships and educational programming. Every year, five Royals Charities scholars receive funding to support their post-secondary education to any college in Kansas or Missouri. To apply for a grant as an organization serving education, please visit

Youth Baseball/Softball

Passionate about sharing the love of the game with the next generation, Royals Charities supports the efforts of local baseball and softball organizations. In addition to funding programming, Royals Charities created the Royalty Fields Grant Program in partnership with Price Chopper to empower nonprofits and government entities across Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to renovate baseball and softball fields to spread America's Pastime. To apply for a Royalty Fields grant, please visit


Royals Charities proudly supports America's service members and their families throughout the year. 2019 featured the second consecutive year dedicating the fundraising efforts of Royals Charities marquee fundraiser Diamond of Dreams to bringing a Fisher House to Kansas City. As the beneficiary of the on-field gala, Fisher House has received over $600,000 in the last two years of events to build their "home away from home" providing free lodging to families of veterans receiving treatment at the Kansas City VA Center. To apply for a grant as an organization serving the military, please visit

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If you have any questions about Royals Charities, feel free to contact us.

Royals Charities
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