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Draft kin includes Ripken, Mazzilli, Yaz

NEW YORK -- You don't have to be a first-round pick to be baseball royalty.

Ryan Ripken, son of Hall of Famer and Orioles icon Cal Ripken Jr., was one of several Draft picks with famous fathers on Wednesday, the final day of the First-Year Player Draft. Ripken, a 20th-round draftee out of a Baltimore high school, will have a chance to sign with his father's team.

Thirty-four years earlier, his dad made the same journey. Cal Ripken Jr. was a second-round pick in 1978, and he went to the team that employed his father as a coach. Now, Ryan Ripken -- listed as a first baseman -- will have a chance to participate in the family business with his hometown team.

And he's not alone. Four players -- Tate Matheny, Lance Roenicke, Cameron Gibson and Rustin Sveum -- may have a chance to play for their dads. Matheny, a local prep star in St. Louis, was a 23rd-round Draft pick by the Cardinals, the team that employs his father, Mike, as manager.

Roenicke, a 25th-round pick by Milwaukee, could have a chance to play for manager Ron Roenicke with the Brewers. And the younger Gibson, a prep center fielder in Michigan, was selected in the 38th round by Arizona, the team that employs his father, Kirk, as the field boss.

Sveum was taken in the 39th round by the Cubs, and his father Dale is the manager there.

Chris O'Dowd, a 23rd-round selection by the Padres, wasn't quite as fortunate. O'Dowd, a catcher out of Dartmouth, is the son of Colorado general manager Dan O'Dowd, who just became his division rival. The younger O'Dowd, a switch-hitter, had 15 home runs in 38 games played this season.

A similar phenomenon occurred for Kyle Wren, the son of Atlanta general manager Frank Wren. Kyle, an outfielder out of Georgia Tech, was taken by Cincinnati in the 30th round. Atlanta did make a family pick later, though, by selecting Matt Kimbrel, brother of closer Craig Kimbrel.

One player -- Michael Yastrzemski -- sent the trend hurtling back an extra generation. Yastrzemski, an outfielder out of Vanderbilt, is the grandson of Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski. The younger Yastrzemski was picked by Seattle, across the country from his grandpa's former Boston perch.

There was another grandson in the mix, but it took all the way until the 40th round for him to be picked. Zane Hemond, grandson of longtime executive Roland Hemond, was selected by Arizona.

draft bloodlines
A look at 2012 Draftees with MLB relatives:
Round Team Player MLB Relative Relation
1 LAD Corey Seager Kyle Seager Brother
1 BOS Deven Marrero Chris Marrero Cousin
1 HOU Lance McCullers Lance McCullers Son
1 LAD Jesmuel Valentin Jose Valentin Son
1 TOR Mitch Nay Lou Klimchock Son
7 CIN Beau Amaral Rich Amaral Son
7 PHI Hoby Milner Brian Milner Son
9 MIN LJ Mazzilli Lee Mazzilli Son
11 ATL Levi Borders Pat Borders Son
11 STL Trey Williams Eddie Williams Son
17 PHI David Hill John Hill Brother
19 MIN Jonathan Murphy Daniel Murphy Brother
20 BAL Ryan Ripken Cal Ripken Son
23 SD Chris O'Dowd Dan O'Dowd Son
23 STL Tate Matheny Mike Matheny Son
24 NYY Jose Mesa Jose Mesa Son
25 MIL Lance Roenicke Ron Roenicke Son
30 SEA Mike Yastrzemski Carl Yastrzemski Grandson
30 CIN Kyle Wren Frank Wren Son
31 MIA Lucas Hunter Brian Hunter Son
31 ATL Matt Kimbrel Craig Kimbrel Brother
31 PHI Chris Nichols Rod Nichols Son
32 BAL William Russell John Russell Son
32 STL Eduardo Oquendo Jose Oquendo Son
32 NYY Garrett Cannizaro Andy Cannizaro Brother
33 COL Ryan Garvey Steve Garvey Son
34 SD Kyle Ottoson Mark Loretta Cousin
34 WAS Jake Jefferies Gregg Jefferies Son
34 LAD Jordan Hershiser Orel Hershiser Son
34 PHI Darrell Miller Darrell Miller Son
35 HOU James Sinatro Matt Sinatro Son
36 COL Kevin Bradley Scott Bradley Son
36 LAD Jose Vizcaino Jose Vizcaino Son
36 LAA Kenneth Hatcher Mickey Hatcher Nephew
37 NYY Benny Distefano Benny Distefano Son
37 STL Derrick May Derrick May Son
38 TOR Nick Lovullo Torey Lovullo Son
38 ARI Cameron Gibson Kirk Gibson Son
39 SD Anthony Renteria Rick Renteria Son
39 CHC Rustin Sveum Dale Sveum Son
39 LAA Gregory Morhardt Mo Morhardt Son
39 STL Michael Aldrete Mike Aldrete Son
40 ARI Zane Hemond Roland Hemond Grandson

Another iconic player, Steve Garvey, saw the dawn of a new era on Wednesday. Garvey, a 10-time All-Star and former Most Valuable Player in a productive career with the Dodgers and Padres, got the pleasure of seeing his son Ryan drafted by the Rockies in the 33rd round of the Draft.

The family theme started early, and a few familiar names were taken Monday. Devin Marrero, younger brother of Washington prospect Chris Marrero, was a first-round pick by the Red Sox. Corey Seager, whose brother Kyle currently plays for Seattle, was a first-rounder for the Dodgers.

The phenomenon carried over into Monday's compensation round, which saw three players with familiar names called onto the carpet. Lance McCullers Jr. -- son of former big-league reliever and namesake Lance McCullers -- was taken by the Astros with the 41st overall pick in the Draft.

Luke Bard, brother of Boston starter Daniel Bard, was drafted by Minnesota one pick later. Jesmuel Valentin, son of former big leaguer Jose Valentin, was the last of the family picks on Monday night. Valentin, a shortstop like his father before him, was taken 51st overall by the Dodgers.

Beau Amaral, a junior outfielder out of UCLA and the son of former big leaguer Rich Amaral, was the first notable legacy pick on Tuesday. Amaral, a left-handed hitter, was drafted by Cincinnati in the seventh round. His father, Rich, had been a second-round Draft pick and later became a utility man.

Another draftee -- Hoby Milner -- is guaranteed to have a different experience than his kin. Milner's dad, Brian Milner, was one of 21 players in the Draft era to go straight to the big leagues. The elder Milner only played two big league games before being sent down, never to return again.

One of the Draft's most familiar names belonged to L.J. Mazzilli, a ninth-round draftee out of the University of Connecticut. Mazzilli's father, Lee Mazzilli, was a long-time big leaguer and a manager with the Orioles. The younger Mazzilli, a second baseman, was drafted by Minnesota on Tuesday.

Trey Williams -- son of former first-round Draft pick and longtime big leaguer Eddie Williams -- was also drafted on Tuesday, as was Levi Borders, son of former catcher Pat Borders. The elder Borders was best known as the 1992 World Series MVP, and he also won a ring in '93 with Toronto.

Two coaches -- Jose Oquendo and John Russell -- saw their sons drafted on Wednesday. Oquendo, the third-base coach for the Cardinals, saw his team take his son Eduardo in the 32nd round. And Russell, bench coach for the Orioles, watched Baltimore land his son William.

Jake Jefferies, son of former Met Gregg Jefferies, and Jordan Hershiser -- son of former Dodger and current ESPN broadcaster Orel Hershiser -- were both drafted in the 34th round. The younger Hershiser was taken by his dad's team, increasing the nostalgia factor tenfold for Dodgers fans.

Another pair of family names went back-to-back in the 36th round. Jose Vizcaino, whose father and namesake is former big leaguer Jose Vizcaino, was drafted by the Dodgers. One pick later, the Angels took Kenneth Hatcher, the nephew of former big leaguer and former hitting coach Mickey Hatcher.