Inbox: How will Royals' roster shake out?

Beat reporter Jeffrey Flanagan answers fans' questions

March 5th, 2018

SURPIRSE, Ariz. -- As the Royals enter into the final three weeks of camp, there are numerous lineup and roster decisions to be made as the team undergoes a significant rebuild.

With that in mind, let's take your questions for the latest Royals Inbox:

held that spot in the second half last year, and he played in 33 games. The coaching staff is still very high on him. , who played in 143 games for Toronto last season, gives Kansas City a veteran presence in that role, and he probably has the edge going into the final weeks of camp. Goins, though, is a non-roster guy, so the Royals will have to make room on the 40-man roster -- expect a lot of juggling the last week of spring.

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It's not. The club is determined to give Bubba Starling a taste of the big leagues later in the season. The outfielder is having a solid camp. I see a more confident player this time around. Starling won't have to be at Triple-A -- if he hits .260 or .270, that will be perceived as growth. He's already a big league defender.

Not at all. The Royals still consider a big part of their future. Keep in mind that he hardly played at all in 2017 because of three major injuries. The signing of to play first base simply gives Dozier another year to develop in the Minors. Duda's one-year deal doesn't block anyone.

General manager Dayton Moore has made it clear that there are no untouchables on this roster, though he has suggested that they'd probably never get a strong enough return for to consider dealing him. Kansas City clearly is hitting the reset button and needs to restock its farm system -- to do that, you have to give up quality talent to get a quality return.

That's a tough one. Khalil Lee is the No. 1 Royals prospect per MLB Pipeline, and Seuly Matias is No. 3, so the gap isn't big. They're both five-tool guys, according to scouts, with enormous ceilings. Matias, I'm told, probably is the better defender with a big arm. Both should be fun to watch develop.

Not crazy at all. In fact, many of the players (Whit Merrifield, , Danny Duffy, etc.) I've talked to this spring are a bit offended at the notion Kansas City automatically will lose 90-plus games. The starting nine and the rotation should be competitive. But the big question mark is the bullpen, which has so many new faces and uncertainty. What was once the hallmark strength of the Royals could be a liability now.

Left-hander . That sidearm delivery could be a unique weapon in the bullpen. The coaching staff really is intrigued by him.

As much as the Royals respect Greg Holland and admire what he did for them, he's not coming back. Kansas City is basically at its payroll cap ($110 million), which also all but rules out Mike Moustakas, unless Moose would be willing to take a Duda-type deal (one-year, $3.5 million). Never say never, but a Moose reunion seems highly unlikely.