Holiday Q&A with Royals broadcaster Lefebvre

December 18th, 2017
Royals broadcaster Ryan Lefebvre and his wife "go all out" to thrill their kids for Christmas. (Lefebvre family)

KANSAS CITY -- Royals broadcaster Ryan Lefebvre has a lot of fond memories of Christmas. No other holiday brings as much joy to Lefebvre and his family. caught up with the veteran play-by-play voice to talk about the happiness of the holiday season. What do you like most about Christmas?
Lefebvre: From a faith standpoint, it's pretty much resetting the clock for me. It reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.
But having four young children, it really brings back memories of childhood -- Santa Claus, Christmas morning, seeing the excitement on the faces of my children. We do the reindeer food the night before, Santa food. And Sarah and I go all out. On Christmas Eve, we put some big boot footprints in the ashes in the fireplace to make it look like Santa had been there. What's your favorite Christmas of all time?
Lefebvre: I don't know if I can single out just one. But I think I'd go with the Christmas times we had at my great-grandmother's house in Los Angeles when I was a kid. I was an only child for most of my youth and we'd go to her house -- she had this tiny little house and there were about 40 family members. Very special memories. What's your favorite Christmas present you ever received?
Lefebvre: I got a Big Trak in the fifth grade and that was pretty great. It was kind of a sci-fi futuristic tank that you could program to move around the house just about anywhere you wanted it to go. And then in the sixth or seventh grade, I got a Walkman, which back then was the absolute thing to have. What's your favorite Christmas present you ever gave?
Lefebvre: That's a tough one. I'll say it's the air hockey game we're giving the kids this year. I hope they like it. We spent a lot of money on it! Does your family open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Lefebvre: We do Christmas morning at our house. My mom's side of the family always did Christmas Eve. My dad's side was Christmas morning. I know there were times we used to try to open just one present on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas morning. But that never worked out -- somebody would open one on Christmas Eve and maybe didn't like it, so they'd have to open another.