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Fundraising Opportunities

If your non-profit group is looking for creative ways to generate funds to support your efforts, look no further than a Royals game. The more tickets you sell, the more money you will generate to help your organization. There are no cars to wash, no candy to sell and no sponsorship sheets to keep track of. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

3 Easy Steps

  1. Purchase group tickets at a significant discount from the Royals
  2. Resell each ticket at any price above your purchase price
  3. Keep the difference for your organization!

How It Works

Your organization will have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets and resell them for any amount over the purchase price. The resell price that is chosen will allow you to offer your target market an opportunity to purchase a game ticket while supporting your specific organization/cause.

Please Note: All organizations that participate in fundraising opportunities with the Kansas City Royals are required to be non-profit (501c3).

How to Maximize Your Fundraising Event

  • Place a group poster and hand out information at all of your events prior to the game
  • Include the price of a game ticket with the registration fee for an activity, convention or league
  • Include the price of the game tickets with your organization's membership dues/fees
  • Give your group members a discount by selling your tickets at a price below the regular gate price

Day of Game Recognition

Special game day incentives are also available to provide further recognition of your organization based on the amount of tickets sold.

Discounted Ticket Price & Scoreboard Recognition

20 or more group tickets - receive a discounted rate off of gate prices and a complimentary message on the outfield LED scoreboard.

Complimentary Tickets

200 or more group tickets - Group Leader will receive two free tickets to a game of their choice (subject to availability excluding Opening Day and any Marquee and Prime games).

Captain's Club

300 or more group tickets - one selected group representative will be presented an autographed baseball on the field before your group event as part of our pre-game ceremonies.

Batting Practice

500 or more group tickets - have the opportunity for up to four guests to watch batting practice from the warning track behind home plate (subject to availability).

For more information, please contact the Royals Group Sales Department at (816) 504-4040, option 4 or See the Group/Suite Terms & Conditions for complete Royals group ticketing policies. All sales are final and game dates are not transferable after purchase.