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Guaranteed Giveaway Packages

Available to Full (81) and Half (41) Game Season Ticket Members

As a Season Ticket Member you have the exclusive benefit of purchasing the Guaranteed Giveaway Package as an add-on to your existing ticket plan. The package includes some of our most exciting giveaway items during the 2018 season, including giveaway items that will be part of our 50th Season celebrations, which will be mailed directly to you. Simply, log into your My Royals Tickets account and purchase the Guaranteed Giveaway Package through the Special Offers tab. All packages must be purchased on or prior to December 1, 2017.

Program Giveaway Items Include:

  • Twenty (20) Guaranteed game day Promotional Giveaway items, including each of the 2018 season's gate giveaways that will be part of our 50th Season celebrations, as well as all other gate giveaway bobbleheads and t-shirts (XL only)!

Program Details:

  • All renewing Season Ticket Members with an 81 or 41 game season ticket plan are given the opportunity to purchase this special giveaway package. You are able to purchase the same number of Guaranteed Giveaway Packages as the number of season seats on your season ticket account. Up to four (4) per account.
  • To purchase a Guaranteed Giveaway Package, log into your My Royals Tickets account and go to 'Special Offers'. This will be a one-time offer available to you until December 1, 2017.
  • You will receive 2 shipments during the 2018 season:
    • Shipment 1: End of July
    • Shipment 2: End of the Season (including Postseason)
    • Packages are sent to the address on your Season Ticket account at the time of purchase
  • The Guaranteed Giveaway Package can be added to the purchase of your season ticket plan for an additional$175.00 (includes shipping) per package.   
  • Order deadline: December 1, 2017

Important Notes

* Giveaway schedule for the 2018 season is not yet finalized and is subject to change

* All T-Shirts/Jerseys will be available in XL only

* This package does not include all gate Promotional Giveaway items

* Theme Ticket items will not be included and must be purchased separately