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School Day at The K FAQs

Can I attend the KSHB-TV weather program only, or do I have to stay for the game too?

School Day at The K includes both a Royals game and the KSHB-TV weather program if you have a Royals game ticket. In other words, admission to the weather program in the morning is included in your game ticket and not a separate event. You can certainly leave at any time you need to if your school requires it, or you do not wish to stay for the game. However, to enter the stadium for either or both events, you must have a valid Royals game ticket.

I'm not part of a school group, or my children are homeschooled. Can we still purchase tickets and attend School Day?

Yes! We certainly have many school groups attending School Day at The K, but anyone interested in attending can purchase tickets through the link on this page (

Is seating assigned?

Seating for the Royals game in the afternoon is assigned, and all fans must sit in the location designated on their game ticket. During KSHB-TV 's weather program, however, seating is open and available on a first come, first serve basis when gates open. We will ask all fans to leave their seats following the weather program for stadium cleanup, and head to their designated seats after lunch.

Is lunch included in the ticket price?

No, lunch is not included. However, students may bring their own sack lunch (no hard sided coolers are permitted) or purchase food & beverage from the concession stands inside the stadium.

Can our group leave the stadium and re-enter, or are we allowed to bring our lunches into the stadium?

On School Day only, we do allow school day groups to bring sack lunches inside the stadium, and we also allow them to leave the stadium at the end of the weather program (prior to the game) so they can eat lunch near their bus or bring their lunch back into the stadium, if they would prefer.

Is parking free?

For School Day only, the Royals provide free bus parking from 7-10:30 a.m. to help offset costs for the schools bringing groups. Parents/chaperones and any individual vehicles other than busses during the stated timeframe would be required to pay any associated parking costs and will not be able to park next to the busses, or in the same lot. Individual parking is $15 per vehicle and bus parking is $25 per bus.

Does our bus driver need a ticket?

Yes, anyone hoping to attend the day's events would need a Royals game ticket. If the bus driver is not planning on attending the events and is just driving the bus, he/she would not need a ticket.

What is the appropriate age range for School Day?

The School Day weather program put on by KSHB-TV is appropriate for grades K-12.

What do we do if it's raining?

The Royals and KSHB-TV will plan to hold School Day as scheduled unless otherwise stated. Please plan on attending all events as scheduled. We will certainly attempt to suggest covered areas for as many kids as possible if it is raining, but there is not coverage available for everyone so please dress appropriately and plan accordingly if inclement weather is forecasted.