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Every City Connect jersey so far

More teams to come throughout 2024

Los Angeles Dodgers

Debuted 6/22: For their second set of City Connects, the Dodgers dug into LA history and the city's brilliance and diversity

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Minnesota Twins

Debuted 6/14: The Twins went all-in on the "Ripple Effect" to honor the Land of 10,000 Lakes

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Toronto Blue Jays

Debuted 5/31: The Blue Jays go "Night Mode" for their City Connects, inspired by Toronto's vibrant nightlife and culture

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St. Louis Cardinals

Debuted 5/25: The Cards' City Connect uniform is the first red regular-season jersey in the franchise's 142-year history

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Cleveland Guardians

Debuted 5/17: These unis are a direct nod to the city's Guardians of Traffic statues and tie the club's past with its present.

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Detroit Tigers

Debuted 5/10: The Tigers' Motor City unis represent Detroit's unique combination of muscle and innovation.

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Tampa Bay Rays

Debuted 5/3/24 | Stylized flames coming off the top of each letter are an homage to street art, and the unis are designed to look sun-faded, a familiar feeling on the Gulf Coast

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New York Mets

Debuted 4/27/24 | Pinstripes are made of circles and diamonds to represent local and express subway lines and 7 line purple


Philadelphia Phillies

Debuted: 4/12/24 | Blue and yellow for the city's flag and Liberty Bell hats for the historic Philly landmark

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Pittsburgh Pirates

Debuted: 6/27/23 | Black and yellow to commemorate Steel City and the Roberto Clemente Bridge

City roots

Baltimore Orioles

Debuted: 5/26/23 | The first city connect jersey to feature a design on the interior, the colorful mosaic is a nod to Baltimore's arts culture

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Cincinnati Reds

Debuted: 5/19/23 | The Reds decided to modernize their classic logo for the growing population in Cincinnati

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Seattle Mariners

Debuted: 5/5/23 | Linking the past and present, these jerseys take inspiration from the Seattle Pilots, Steelheads and recent Mariners teams

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Texas Rangers

Debuted: 4/21/23 | The Rangers pay tribute to team history, but also history from the entire region in Texas

Texas' heritage

Atlanta Braves

Debuted: 4/8/23 | The Braves honored their most monumental player, Hank Aaron, with these. They are a play on the uniform design Aaron wore the year he broke Babe Ruth's HR record

For Hank

San Diego Padres

Debuted: 7/8/22 | Pink, yellow and mint ties together San Diego and the Baja Peninsula

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Milwaukee Brewers

Debuted: 6/24/22 | Blue like Lake Michigan and the Brew Crew to honor the fans. Nothing better than that

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Los Angeles Angels

Debuted: 6/11/22 | There's just something about those California beaches. These jerseys are a nod to the surf and skate culture of the state

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Colorado Rockies

Debuted: 6/4/22 | Featuring the Rocky Mountains and pine trees, the Rockies jerseys are the perfect homage to the Mile High City

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Kansas City Royals

Debuted: 4/30/22 | The "KC" on the uniform is the same design seen on the city's flag

How else KC connects

Houston Astros

Debuted: 4/20/22 | Houston, we have liftoff. The Astros took their proximity to NASA and aimed for the stars

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Washington Nationals

Debuted: 4/9/22 | The Nats took D.C.s plethora of cherry blossom trees to heart and made that the focus of these uniforms

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Los Angeles Dodgers

Debuted: 8/20/21 | A shoutout to the Latin fan base, as well as when pitcher Fernando Valenzuela took the city by storm

L.A. connects

San Francisco Giants

Debuted: 7/9/21 | The fog city homage ties together with a Golden Gate Bridge graphic

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Arizona Diamondbacks

Debuted: 6/18/21 | Serpientes are a nod to the area's culture, while the gold represents the desert

Snakes came to play

Chicago Cubs

Debuted: 6/12/21 | Colors that emulate the city's flag and a script Wrigley's famous marquee

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Chicago White Sox

Debuted: 6/5/21: | A nod to the team's location and city's architecture

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Miami Marlins

Debuted: 5/21/21 | Inspired by the "Sugar Kings," a Triple-A team based out of Havana, Cuba in the '50s.

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Boston Red Sox

Debuted: 4/17/21 | These blue-and-yellow uniforms are a nod to the Boston Marathon

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