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6/21/18 - Alaska Play Ball: 24 Hours of Baseball

The sun never set on this year's Play Ball event in Fairbanks, Alaska -- literally. To celebrate the summer solstice, MLB planned an unprecedented 24 hours of fun around the 113th Midnight Sun Game, an annual overnight matchup between two collegiate teams that uses no artificial light. The Midnight Sun Game was first played in 1906, but this is the first year that MLB and Play Ball joined the action the night before, hosting games for American Legion and Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) clubs. The day - which began at midnight on June 21 and ended just before the calendar turned to June 22 -- even featured a 9 a.m. game between members of the Air Force and Army. Of course, it all culminated with an open Play Ball session before a 10 p.m. first pitch between the Alaska Goldpanners and the Orange County Surf. Photos by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos