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2018 RBI World Series

Twenty-four baseball and softball teams, including baseball squads from Uganda and Curaçao, have advanced to the 26th edition of the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) World Series, which will once again be hosted by the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis & St. Paul. The Twins hosted the RBI World Series from 2011 through 2013. The RBI World Series is the international championship tournament of the RBI program, the MLB youth initiative designed to provide young people from underserved and diverse communities the opportunity to play baseball and softball. The special event will feature more than 350 young men and women on RBI teams from 19 cities around the United States and Puerto Rico, in addition to teams from Curaçao and Uganda, competing in softball, junior baseball and senior baseball divisions. The tournament, beginning on Monday, Aug. 6, and continuing through Thursday, Aug. 16, will include games (seeding, playoff and championship), workout days and special roundtable discussions for the participants. Hall of Famer and Twins legend Rod Carew will be among the guests who will participate in the roundtable discussions for baseball week, while representatives from several of Minnesota's professional sports teams, including the Twins, will speak during softball week. Additionally, the hundreds of RBI players will participate in a "Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life" essay contest. Photos by Brace Hemmelgarn/MLB Photos

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