Tigers' nicknames for Players' Weekend

August 9th, 2018

For the second consecutive year, Major Leaguers will put their personalities and passions on the field when Players' Weekend takes center stage during all games from Friday, Aug. 24, through Sunday, Aug. 26.

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2018 Players' Weekend nicknames

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Here are the nicknames big leaguers will wear on their backs while sporting colorful, non-traditional uniforms featuring alternate designs inspired by youth-league uniforms:

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: "V"

Matthew Boyd: "MATTY B"



: "NICK"

-- Nothing special here, just the short version of his name -- literally, a "Nick" name, which Castellanos carried over from Players' Weekend last year. "I wish I would've been more creative," Castellanos said, "but when they asked me what my nickname was, I just kind of said, 'Nick.'"

Louis Coleman: "HAROLD"

-- Coleman's given first name is Harold, but he goes by Louis, his middle name.

"My granddad was Harold," Coleman said, "and I'm the third. When I got to college, I had some buddies call me Harold, and then since pro ball some guys call me Harold just as a running joke. They say I act really old, and Harold's an old name.

"I used to hate the name, but now I love it. The older I've gotten, the more I appreciate it."




Niko Goodrum: "J.J MUMFORD"


: "GARY"

-- At first glance, Greiner's nickname for Players' Weekend looks like a typo. But "Gary" has gone from an annoying mispronunciation to a term of endearment for the young catcher.

"My freshman year in college, some of my teammates started calling me 'Gary' for some reason," the South Carolina product said. "It started making me mad, so they started calling me that more until it stuck."

Greiner thought he could ditch the nickname when he turned pro four years ago as the Tigers' third-round Draft pick. Those hopes passed when the Tigers drafted his college roommate, Joey Pankake, in the seventh round.

"When we signed with the Tigers, he brought it over, and everyone started calling me that," Greiner said. "It's stuck for the last seven years. I mean, my parents call me that sometimes."


: "JAZZ"

-- "My dad gave it to me when I was a kid," Hicks said. "Whenever music came on, I would start dancing, so he started calling me 'Little Jazz Man.' … We have Johns everywhere in our family. I went by John Austin, and then when my dad gave me the nickname, it kind of took over."


-- Spanish for "little frame" or "fiery," Iglesias picked up the nickname in Cuba before coming over to the United States. It's meant to describe his style of play.

: "JO JO"


-- Jones' nickname dates back to last season, when then-Tiger gave him the nickname ahead of Players' Weekend. Jones decided to keep it for the sequel.

: :"LOU"

: "LIRI"



: "D. NO"

: "VIC"


-- While Rodriguez has been a pro baseball player for eight years, he's also a singer and rapper in his native Dominican Republic. "El Felino" is his stage name, but it comes from a term fans in the Dominican would use to describe his cat-like instincts in the field.

: "JET"


-- "That's just always been my nickname," VerHagen said. "I got it from my summer ball coach when I was in seventh grade."

Alex Wilson: "WILLY"

: "J Z"