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Transcript of PAWS' online chat with fans

Transcript of PAWS' online chat with fans

Detroit's favorite mascot and biggest Tigers fan, PAWS, chatted online on May 10 about all his favorite things.

PAWS_mascot: Hi everybody! PAWS is here and ready to answer your questions!

beccaboo74: What is your absolute favorite part of your job?

PAWS_mascot: My favorite part of my job is seeing all the Tigers fans come into Comerica Park with smiles on their faces! Just don't pull my tail!

mlbdotcom5: Who is your favorite mascot?

PAWS_mascot: All of them are my favorites! But I like hanging out with Muddy and Madonna from the Mud Hens when I'm in Toledo and the Pirate Parrot when I go to Pittsburgh! I get to see all my Major League friends when I go to the All Star Game each season.

johnny14k: If you weren't a mascot - what would you be doing today?

PAWS_mascot: I'd be taking a "cat" nap so that way I can stay up to watch Max Scherzer pitch the Tigers to a win against Oakland!

johnny14k: Who influenced you to entertain fans as PAWS?

PAWS_mascot: This is an easy one! Papa PAWS of course. Did anyone see him at my Sweet 16 Birthday Party last year?!? I hope he can make it to Father's Day at Comerica Park this season.

igprice: Hi Paws! How was your 17th birthday?

PAWS_mascot: It was realllllly tough to beat last year's birthday when a lot of my friends came out to visit and I was given a BRAND NEW CAR! But this year was fun as well because the Tigers were in town!

TouchEmAll: What do you like to eat?

PAWS_mascot: I like all kinds of food! Where to start! Hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream, nachos, hot dogs... but most of all Little Caesars Pizza!!

punksroo: Why don't I ever see you at Spring Training games?

PAWS_mascot: Every year I try to pack myself into a box that is shipped to Florida but they always catch me! But that's okay because I have a lot of cleaning to do here to prepare for Opening Day!

nblaszczyk: What is your favorite color?

PAWS_mascot: Blue and orange of course!

nblaszczyk: What is your favorite subject in school?

PAWS_mascot: I like math because I can figure out my favorite players batting averages! That's why Math Day at Comerica Park was so much fun! I can't waIt for Career Day on May 17. Tickets are still available on!

runsfar: Have you ever wanted to eat a player?

PAWS_mascot: Papa PAWS had to explain to me that players from the "Big Apple" weren't food. ROL (Roar out loud)

runsfar: What tricks can you do?

PAWS_mascot: Let's see... I can do a mean YMCA on the dugout. I can type with paws as hands, which is easier than I thought!

PAWS_mascot: Before I answer any more questions, has everyone voted for their favorite Tigers to be in the All Star Game yet!?! After this chat, go to and vote for all your favorite Tigers. I do every day!

gotigers94: Have you ever played baseball? Which position would you play?

PAWS_mascot: I tried to play baseball. I had to have a custom glove made just for me! I found out it was better to leave it to the professionals!

equalizer: I see the Philly Phanatic on TV always on the field joking around and interacting with the players and fans, why don't you ever do that?

PAWS_mascot: I don't want to distract my favorite team in the whole wide world so I stay in the stands and have fun with all fans!

nblaszczyk: What is your favorite baseball memory?

PAWS_mascot: My favorite baseball memory is when the Tigers went to the World Series in 2006. I can still hear the crowd going crazy after Magglio hit the home run! THE TIGERS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!

scout01: What do you do when you are not at Tigers games?

PAWS_mascot: I get tons of invitations to come to birthday parties, weddings and all other kinds of community events. Since I love cake, I try to go to as many as I can!

PAWS_mascot: You can invite me to come to your event by visiting

johnny14k: Are there any charities you strongly advocate?

PAWS_mascot: I donate to Pennies for Paws every home game. You can find the Pennies for Paws bank just inside Gate A!

maddiepooh: What is your favorite college mascot?

PAWS_mascot: Being 17 years old, I still haven't decided where I want to go to college. Maybe Clemson (Tigers), Auburn (Tigers), LSU (Tigers)... but maybe I'll just enroll in Detroit Tigers University ROL

PAWS_mascot: Two more questions then I have to go!

mlbdotcom5_2: Have you visited any other ballparks? If so, which one is your favorite?

PAWS_mascot: I go to the All Star Game every year so I have been to many great ballparks. Outside Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park, my favorite ballpark is AT&T Park in San Francisco.

johnny14k: Do you ever go to the beach?

PAWS_mascot: I don't have time for the beach in the summer time. Tigers fans keep me very busy. Plus I get too much sun while watching the Tigers play during the summer!

PAWS_mascot: Thanks everyone for the questions. Gotta go take that cat nap before the game tonight. Make sure you come down to Comerica Park next week as the Tigers take on the Minnesota Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates. Talk to you later!

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