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Access Guide for Guests with Disabilities

The Minnesota Twins and Target Field staff would like to welcome you to Target Field, which was designed and constructed to meet or exceed the most up-to-date federal and state accessibility requirements governing assembly occupancies. This guide was created for Twins fans with disabilities to explain our services, programs and policies. Our goal is that your visit to Target Field will be a pleasant and memorable experience.

For more information or to receive this guide in an alternate format, contact our Guest Services Staff at 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY).

The Minnesota Twins and Target Field staff would like to thank you for your support.

Accessible Parking

There are 20,000 parking spots within five blocks of the ballpark, including nearly 8,000 spaces in the A, B & C Ramps. Both A and B Ramps offer direct connection to the ballpark via skyway or walkway, and are connected to the Minneapolis skyway system. For a map of privately or municipally owned ramps serving Target Field visit

Accessible Seating/Companion Seating

There is UCare Accessible Seating available on all levels at Target Field. UCare Accessible Seating at Target Field is available to all guests with any type of special seating needs. The UCare Accessible Seating at Target Field is designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Guests that do not use wheelchairs, but still require UCare Accessible Seating, will be provided with padded folding chairs to use in these locations.

Assistive Listening Devices

State-of-the-art devices that transmit ballpark audio are available for guests who are hard of hearing or have vision impairment for use during games. These devices are available free of charge. Our Guest Services staff is available to help ensure that your visit to Target Field is an enjoyable one. If you require assistance, please contact our Guest Services Staff at 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of the Guest Services Centers located on the Main Concourse near Section 113 and on the Terrace Concourse near section 204.

Automated Teller Machines

There are several U.S. Bank ATMs located throughout Target Field. On the Main Concourse, they are in the Elevator 14 lobby (near Gate 3), Elevator 3 & 4 lobby (near section 124), and Elevator 6 & 7 lobby (near section 112). On the Club Concourse, they are near Event Suite G, Delta SKY360° Club section Q, and U.S. Bank Home Run Porch Terrace section 231. On the Terrace Concourse, they are near section 203 and section 226.


All concession stands at Target Field are accessible. If guests require assistance at any of the food service areas, please notify the nearest Concessions worker or Twins Guest Services staff member.

There are 2 restaurants located at Target Field. Hrbek's is located in the home-plate area of the Main Concourse, near Gate 14 and Section 114. The Town Ball Tavern is located in the left-field corner area of the Club Concourse, between Section V and Section 229. Both restaurants are fully wheelchair accessible.

Drop-Off/Pick Up Areas

Guests with mobility issues may use either of the Drop Off Zones along 7th Street, near both the Majestic Clubhouse Store and Gate 14. No accessible parking permit is required to use this Drop Off Zone, but this is strictly a drop off zone, with no parking permitted in this zone.

Electrical Outlets

Every row of UCare Accessible Seating has at least one (and often 2) electrical outlet boxes.


There are 12 public elevators located throughout Target Field. Elevators 1 & 2 are located in the Administrative Office building near Gate 6. Elevators 3 & 4 are located across from section 125. Elevators 6 & 7 are located across from section 112. Elevators 9-12 are located across from section 103. Elevator 13 is located across from section 133, and elevator 14 is located at Gate 3.

Emergency Evacuation

Target Field personnel have been trained in emergency evacuation procedures to ensure the safe evacuation of all guests, including those guests with disabilities. Should an emergency evacuation situation occur, emergency information will be displayed on the scoreboard and announced on the public address system. Additional staff will proceed to the UCare Accessible Seating areas to provide assistance to guests with disabilities. Areas of refuge are provided at every passenger elevator within the ballpark.

Entry and Carry in Policy

Only those guests with valid tickets or credentials are permitted into Target Field.

  • Bags/Backpacks/Coolers: Soft-sided containers and bags 16" by 16" by 8" or smaller are permitted into Target Field. The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to inspect and remove any package or container or their contents. Coolers and bags of any size with hard sides are not allowed in the ballpark.
  • Beverages: Sealed, bottled water 32 oz. or less, and soft sided single juice or milk containers for children are the only outside beverages permitted into Target Field. Flavored water, performance beverages (Gatorade, Powerade, etc) are NOT permitted into Target Field. Guests may bring liquids required for legitimate medical purposes into Target Field.
  • Food: The Minnesota Twins permit guests to bring food into Target Field as long as items are consumed in the general seating areas. Outside food cannot be brought into any restaurant, club lounge or suite. Food containers must be soft-sided and fit under a guest's seat. Food that could be thrown as a projectile should be sliced or sectioned (i.e. apples). Additionally, any food purchased from the concession areas on Target Plaza is allowed into Target Field.
  • Prohibited Items: For the general safety of all guests the following items are not allowed into Target Field: ball retrievers, balloons, bats, beach balls, boom boxes, brooms, fireworks, flasks, Frisbees, hard sided coolers, laser pointers, lawn chairs, noise-making devices, weapons, wooden sticks, or rods. Small whiskbrooms and small souvenir bats are permitted Guests will have the option of either surrendering the item at the gate, or leaving and then returning without the prohibited item prior to entering the ballpark. Surrendered items will not be returned to guests.

First Aid

Guests requiring first-aid are urged to immediately contact any member of the Guest Services Staff. Trained medical personnel are on duty for all events to assist guests. The ACE Brand First Aid Stations are located on the Main Concourse near Section 112 and on the Terrace Concourse near Section 216.

Guest Services

Our Guest Services staff is available to help ensure that your visit to Target Field is an enjoyable one. If you require assistance, please call 800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612- 659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of the Guest Services Centers located near Section 113 on the Main Concourse and Section 204 on the Terrace Concourse.

Public Transportation

Both the Blue Line and Green Line Light Rail have an accessible stop at Target Field Station. Visit for more information.

The Northstar Commuter Line has an accessible stop at the ballpark. Visit for more information.

Several Metro Transit bus routes stop within one block of Target Field. Visit for the routes that serve Target Field.


There are two vertical circulation ramps in Target Field which can be used to travel from level to level or to exit the ballpark. The north ramp is located between Gates 3 and 6, and the south ramp is located near Gate 29. There are also 12 elevators and 2 escalators in Target Field (refer to "Elevators" and "Escalators" sections for more information).

Restrooms/Family Restrooms

All restrooms provided within the ballpark are accessible. For the convenience of our guests, there are several single-user restrooms available at Target Field. These are located on the Main Concourse near sections 111, 123, 132, 134, as well as across from the camera platform above centerfield; in the Grandstand near section 238, on the Suite Concourse near Suite 14 and Skyline Suite 2; and on the Terrace Concourse at sections 208, 214, and 220. If a more private environment is desired, please visit the nearest Guest Services Center.


Guests with mobility disabilities may operate Segways in Target Field during Twins games and other events at Target Field. In order to ensure the safety of all guests, Segway use is subject to compliance with the following rules:

  • Segway operators must check-in with Guest Services upon arrival at Target Field.
  • Only individuals with mobility disabilities are permitted to operate Segways within Target Field. Guest Services may request a credible assurance to ensure this requirement is met.
  • The Twins recommend that Segway operators purchase tickets in one of Target Field's accessible seating areas, if possible. Not all seating areas in Target Field may be accessible by Segway. If necessary, alternative means of transportation may be provided
  • Segways must be operated in a safe, reasonable, and respectful manner, and may not be operated faster than normal walking speed (approximately 2-3 miles per hour) or faster than conditions allow.
  • Segways must yield to pedestrian traffic as necessary to ensure safety.
  • Cell phones, smart phones, or other devices shall not be used while operating a Segway.
  • Segways may not be operated while under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Segways are not permitted on escalators or stairs, but may be used on elevators.
  • Segway operators may not block the view of other guests.
  • When in use, the Segway operator must remain in control of the Segway at all times.
  • When not in use, Segways must be locked and stored upright in secure locations. Guest Services will assist guests to determine an appropriate storage location.
  • During games or events with high attendance, emergencies, or in the event of significant congestion, Guest Services reserves the right to restrict or impose limitations on the operation of Segways in all or art of Target Field, as may be necessary for the safety of all guests. If this occurs, Guest Services may provide escorts for Segway operators, or offer motorized scooters or other alternatives in lieu of a Segway.

In the event that an individual violates these rules, or otherwise operates a Segway in an unsafe or unreasonable manner, Target Field reserves the right to take corrective measures, such as requesting that the Segway be stored until the end of the game or event.

Target Field is not responsible for loss of or damage to Segways used in Target Field or damage or injuries caused by the operation of Segways in Target Field.

Service Animals

Service animals for guests with disabilities are permitted in Target Field. If any accommodations are required, please contact the Guest Services Staff at 800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of our Guest Services Centers, located on the Main Concourse near Section 113 and on the Terrace Concourse near Section 204.

Stadium Seating Chart

For more detailed information, visit the Target Field Seating Map.


The Suite Level and all individual suites at Target Field are fully wheelchair-accessible. The Suite Level can be accessed by first entering through either Ramp A or Gate 29, and then taking elevators 9-12 to the Suite Level. A guest drop-off area is located outside of Gate 29 and Gate 14 for guests with mobility issues. All gates at Target Field are ADA accessible. If a guest that utilizes a wheelchair will be attending a game in a private suite, we will remove an exterior chair to allow that guest access to view the game from the balcony of the suite. A 24 hour notice is appreciated to best prepare the suite for that guest.

Both the Thomson Reuters Champions Club and Delta SKY360° Legends Club are fully wheelchair- accessible. There is a private club in each of these levels for guests that have tickets for that particular seating area, and these clubs are fully accessible. Both of these premium seating areas have ample UCare Accessible Seating.


There are courtesy phones and TTY phones available at both of the Guest Services Centers, located on the Main Concourse near Section 113 and on the Terrace Concourse near Section 204.

Ticket Information

UCare Accessible Seating is available at all price levels. Information on pricing for single games can be obtained at and is as follows: Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

All ticket windows at Target Field are at an accessible height.


Online visit

To order tickets by phone, please call us at either 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS. If you are using a TTY phone, please call us at 612-659-3648.

To order tickets online, please visit Once you have selected a game, you should see a seating diagram of Target Field, as well as a list of seating levels at Target Field. If you scroll down on this page, you will see an area that states "click here for real-time ADA/handicap seating." Click on this to view accessible seating options.

Tickets can be purchased in person Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Main Box Office, located on the Target Plaza, between Gate 29 and Gate 34. There are also ticket windows next to gates 3, 6, and 14. Tickets may also be purchased in person at the Twins Pro Shops located in Apple Valley, Roseville, and Minnetonka.

**Be advised the Minnesota Twins reserve the right to take appropriate action against individuals who fraudulently obtain wheelchair and companion seating tickets including, but not limited to, ejection and legal action.**

Wheelchair Services

A limited number of wheelchairs are available at each gate to assist in getting guests to and from the gates to their seating area. There is no fee for this service, and no reservations are necessary. Guests merely need to request wheelchair assistance when they arrive to the gate. Wheelchair assistance is limited to getting to and from seating sections, and emergency assistance. If a guest wishes to have a wheelchair for general use while visiting Target Field, they will need to arrange to bring their own wheelchair to the ballpark. There are several agencies that rent wheelchairs, for those guests that do not own a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Storage

Guests may store wheelchairs and walkers at any of our Guest Services Centers and Concierge desks. Guest Service Centers are located across from section 113 on the Main Concourse and section 204 on the Terrace Level. Concierge desks are located in the Thomson Reuters Champions Club lobby, near section J in the Delta SKY360 Legends Club, and near Suite 23 on the Suite Level.


Making Target Field accessible for our guests with disabilities is an ongoing commitment. In our efforts to improve accessibility, we welcome all comments and suggestions.

Please direct any comments, suggestions or questions to or to:

Minnesota Twins
Target Field
1 Twins Way
Minneapolis MN 55403
VOICE: 612-659-3654
TTY: 612-659-3648
FAX: 612-659-4025