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Summer Voucher Pack

Kick off the second half of the season with the Summer Voucher Pack. Get 10 tickets that can be used at any game in any combination. Whether you are looking to use them all at once or spread them out over multiple games, you'll have access to all the action and promotions! Pick and choose what you want for your game day experience.

Three packages are available for purchase, plus tax:

  • $170 Upper Box
  • $380 Lower Box
  • $530 Club Box

Don't miss out on any of the fireworks, match-ups, and more to come - watch your Sox, your way!

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Summer Voucher Pack FAQ

Can I buy multiple Summer Voucher Packs?
Yes, you can purchase up to four (4) Summer Voucher Packs.

How soon can I start redeeming my Summer Voucher Pack?
You can redeem your Summer Voucher Pack via the MLB Ballpark App right after your purchase.

Which games are my Summer Voucher Pack tickets eligible for?
Your Summer Voucher Pack tickets are eligible for all home games, July 22- September, 29, 2019, while supplies last.

What seating categories are available with my Summer Voucher Pack?
Depending on which Summer Voucher Pack you purchased, your Vouchers are eligible for Upper Box, Lower Box, or Club Box.

How do I redeem my Summer Voucher Pack?
Voucher redemption is done exclusively through the MLB Ballpark App.

  1. Download the MLB Ballpark App
  2. Log in with your account
  3. Link your ticket account
  4. Tap the White Sox logo (bottom right) and then the Summer Vouchers icon in the Redeem Tickets and Upgrades menu
  5. Enter your contact information - be sure to use the same email address used at the time of purchase and tap Continue
  6. Tap Redeem Voucher

Is there a cutoff to redeem my Summer Voucher Pack tickets?
Your Summer Voucher Pack tickets can be redeemed any time before first pitch, subject to availability.

Does my Summer Voucher Pack expire?
Yes, your Summer Voucher Pack expires on September, 29, 2019. Use them or lose them!

Is there a limit to the number of Summer Voucher Pack tickets I can redeem per game?
No, there is no limit to the number of vouchers you can redeem per game.

Do I get the gate giveaway with my Summer Voucher Pack tickets?
Your Summer Voucher Pack tickets are eligible for gate giveaways, while supplies last.

Why do I need an iPhone or Android to use the Summer Voucher Pack?
The Summer Voucher Pack is mobile-only. Voucher redemption, ticket access, and admission to Guaranteed Rate Field are available through the MLB Ballpark App, only. There are no printed tickets.

Can I purchase the Summer Voucher Pack if I don't have an iPhone or Android phone that supports the MLB Ballpark App?
The Summer Voucher Pack can be purchased on the Ballpark App as well as However, the Summer Voucher Pack tickets can only be redeemed via the MLB Ballpark App.

Where are my tickets?
Once your voucher is redeemed, your game ticket will be available in Wallet within the MLB Ballpark App. Make sure your ticket account is linked!

Can I send my tickets to others?
Yes! Recipients must have the MLB Ballpark App to access the ticket(s).

  1. Open the MLB Ballpark App
  2. Tap Wallet (bottom row, middle icon)
  3. Tap the game you want to forward
  4. Tap Forward Tickets
  5. Select the ticket(s) you want to forward and tap Forward Tickets
  6. Tap Via Email to send via email or Share Link to send via text message

Can I exchange my Summer Voucher Pack ticket if I'm unable to attend the game?
No, Summer Voucher Pack tickets are not eligible for exchanges.

Can I sell my Summer Voucher Pack tickets if I'm unable to attend the game?
No, Summer Voucher Pack tickets are not eligible for resale. Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited.

Is the Summer Voucher Pack refundable?
No, the Summer Voucher Pack is non-refundable. All sales are final.

What happens if the game I choose gets rained out?
You can exchange your ticket(s) for another game via the Box Office.