Gardner motors on bid for inside-the-park HR

Yankees outfielder out at the plate due to great relay by Mets

August 2nd, 2016

NEW YORK -- Just when it seemed things couldn't get crazier in the New York baseball scene, with both teams active at the non-waiver Trade Deadline, knocked the second pitch of the Subway Series opener on Monday off the wall in right-center field at Citi Field.

As the ball hopped off the fence and got past Mets center fielder , Gardner rounded second with no signs of slowing. It took him 14.89 seconds to reach home, the fastest home-to-home time recorded by Statcast™ this season, although he was thrown out at the plate when right fielder recovered the ball and threw it to second baseman , who fired home to catcher . The Yankees won the game, 6-5.

The previous fastest home-to-home times were singles/scoring on errors by the Dodgers' and the Indians' , who both clocked in at 15.20 seconds.

Gardner reached a top speed of 20.1 mph, according to Statcast™. The Yankees didn't reach base again in the opening frame.