MLB China offers development and learning centers

From grassroots initiatives to elite development programs, Major League Baseball aims to grow the global interest in the game, retain any and all early participants, and develop the talent that comes through the pipeline, from whatever direction it may come.

Over the last decade, MLB’s Development Center in China has been focused on academics, baseball, and the social and cultural development of each of the participants to come through the doors. The aims of the Development Center in China is to be recognized as a baseball program with an academic component of the highest caliber at each of the local, provincial, national and international levels, producing student-athletes who aspire to careers in the game.

MLB China’s focus is to nurture the needs of those student-athletes, and produce well-rounded and well-prepared individuals for opportunities that might include the continuance of their academic pursuits or a playing career upon the graduation of high school.

Over seven academic years, MLB China has seen more than 100 graduates of its Development Center program, with alumni continuing on to Asian universities, American post-secondary institutions, playing careers in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, signing with MLB affiliates, careers within the Development Center, as well as others in pursuit of advanced graduate degrees.

With the Development Center as a starting point, MLB has formed a complete talent training pathway in China, comprised of learning centers, MLB Cup, and connections with domestic and foreign universities. The centers not only nurture elite players, but they also support the development of baseball in all aspects, from coaching clinics, to umpiring clinics, a scout school and more.

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