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When accessing live games, I see the message "Unable to Verify Location."

If you are accessing an MLB.TV live game and receive the following message: "We are having trouble determining your location. Please click here to verify your billing information..." You are seeing this message because our data indicates that as a result of blackout restrictions, you are blocked from watching the game you've selected. You will be redirected to update your billing information. Your credit card information is needed for address verification purposes only. A temporary $1.00 authorization hold will be placed on your credit card, which will subsequently expire. You will not incur a charge for this authorization.

Note: If you are traveling and are accessing the Internet connection through your company's VPN connection (or similar secure connections), you might be getting a blackout message because your company's host IP Address is within the restricted range for the game that you are trying to access. In this case we suggest that you try the following: log off your company's VPN connection and access the Internet through a local connection. If you have any questions regarding your blackout policies, consult our FAQs for complete info.