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MLB.TV Help Center

How to Use Multi-view

  1. To access Multi-view, first launch a game from
  2. Once a game has been launched, click "Games" above the game video. On the right of the calendar of games, you will see the 4 different viewing options. The viewing options are Single, Dual, Thumbnail and Quad.

3. Select your viewing preference. The web player will adjust to your selection.

4. To select additional games, click "Games" on the top right of the web player. Select the other game(s) from the calendar.

5. In Single view, one game will play in the web player.

6. In Dual view, two games play side-by-side.

7. In Thumbnail view, there is a large video on the left, and three smaller videos on the right. Audio will play from the largest video, on the left side.

8. In Quad view, four games play. Unlike Thumbnail view, all videos are the same size.

9. In all viewing options, you can click on a game to receive audio from that game. The white border indicates which game feed you are listening to. In Thumbnail view, clicking a different game will bring it to the larger view.

10. For all viewing options, you can close a game you've selected. To do so, hover over the game, then click the X on the top right of the video.

11. To change the broadcast of any game in Multi-view, select the game window, then click "Broadcasts."