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How to Use Multi-view

  1. To access Multi-view, first launch a game from
  2. Once a game has been launched, click "Games" above the game video. On the right of the calendar of games, you will see the 4 different viewing options. The viewing options are Single, Dual, Thumbnail and Quad.
subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (1)
subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (2)

3. Select your viewing preference. The web player will adjust to your selection.

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (3)

4. To select additional games, click "Games" on the top right of the web player. Select the other game(s) from the calendar.

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (4)

5. In Single view, one game will play in the web player.

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (5)

6. In Dual view, two games play side-by-side.

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (6)

7. In Thumbnail view, there is a large video on the left, and three smaller videos on the right. Audio will play from the largest video, on the left side.

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (7)

8. In Quad view, four games play. Unlike Thumbnail view, all videos are the same size.

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (8)

9. In all viewing options, you can click on a game to receive audio from that game. The white border indicates which game feed you are listening to. In Thumbnail view, clicking a different game will bring it to the larger view.

10. For all viewing options, you can close a game you've selected. To do so, hover over the game, then click the X on the top right of the video.

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (9)

11. To change the broadcast of any game in Multi-view, select the game window, then click "Broadcasts."

subscription-access-how-to-use-multi-view (10)