Topps baseball cards can be a teaching aid

May 4th, 2020

Topps is helping kids study during the coronavirus pandemic with its "Topps of the Class" program.

This week, which is Teacher Appreciation Week, Topps is posting lessons and activities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that teachers and parents can use to teach their children at home, with the help of baseball cards.

Cardinals shortstop and Topps of the Class program spokesman kicked off the week with a message for teachers.

"I want to wish all you teachers out there a happy Teacher Appreciation Week," DeJong said. "We love and appreciate all the things you do for our young people."

Topps will cover a variety of school subjects throughout the week. Monday's subject is math, and Topps is posting math lessons involving the stats on the back of players' baseball cards.

For more activity ideas during Teacher Appreciation Week, you can follow @Topps on Twitter or go to and