Royals Charities All-Star Scholars

In 2012, the MLB-KC Royals All-Star Scholars Program started providing scholarships to five students per year with new students selected each year through 2016 as a result of MLB All-Star Lasting Legacy Funds. That MLB funding will support those scholarships and students through 2019. In 2016, Royals Charities announced that it would honor the 2012 All-Star Game legacy by providing scholarships for five additional students each year through 2021 as selected by the MoKan 20/20 Leadership organization with the opportunity for a $2,500 scholarship per year to any college in Kansas or Missouri.

Royals Charities All-Star Scholar Jada Escobar

Jada Escobar is a 2020 graduate of J.C. Harmon High School and attends Wichita State University. She plans to major in Marketing and wants to open her own business in the future. Jada is currently participating in a diversity program at Wichita State called Passage to Success,and she looks forward to also starting a Marketing internship during her first year.

Royals Charities All-Star Scholar - PaNhia Penney

PaNhia Penney is a 2020 graduate of Piper High School. She is majoring in accounting at the University of Kansas. After obtaining her Bachelors degree, PaNhia plans to obtain a Masters degree in Accounting and then continue on to law school.

Royals Charities All-Star Scholar - Paulina Garcia

Paulina Garcia is a 2020 graduate of University Academy, and she attends the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and has plans to study abroad. Paulina’s goal after college is to travel the world and learn about other cultures.

Royals Charities All-Star Scholars - Tamea Levingston

Tamea Levingston is a 2020 graduate of University Academy. She attends Johnson County Community College where she is majoring in Business Administration with plans to study abroad, and she also participates in the Black Student Union. After college, Tamea plans to open her own business as an esthetician who specializes in skincare.

Royals Charities All-Star Scholar - Tessa Blythe

Tessa Blythe is a 2020 graduate and valedictorian of University Academy. She attends the University of Missouri-Columbia where she plans to major in Mechanical or Civil Engineering. Tessa recently participated in an internship with a minority, female-owned construction company, and plans to use her degree and knowledge to create standardized systems and one day create her own inventions with the purpose to be sold commercially.