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Home Clubhouse

Close your eyes and imagine: Your event's attendees sitting in the very seats, at the very lockers, where Marlins players suit up and prepare on game days. Hanging in each locker, a customized jersey with your guests' names sewn across the back. This space has been used for cocktail parties, product launches and corporate meetings in the past.

Available from the end of the season to March 15.

Visitors' Clubhouse

Add excitement to your event with an authentic touch of the Major Leagues. Complete a unique meeting or luncheon in the visitors' clubhouse with custom jerseys for your team players displayed in each of the lockers.

Capacity: Home Clubhouse

  • Theatre Style: 160
  • Classroom Style: 80
  • Rounds (Banquet): 60
  • Existing Seating: 42
  • Reception: 60

Square Footage:

  • 2,780 sq. ft.

Capacity: Visitors' Clubhouse

  • Theatre Style: 60
  • Classroom Style: 40
  • Rounds (Banquet): 50
  • Existing Seating: 44
  • Reception: 50

Square Footage: 

  • 2,180 sq. ft.

If you'd like to schedule an event or receive more information, a member of our staff will be happy to help.