Press Conference Room

Reinvent the boardroom and impress your clients or reward your employees with a change in scenery. The Press Conference Room, equipped with fantastic presentation capabilities, is perfect for your next corporate meeting or luncheons!

Capacity & Capabilities:

Square Footage: 1,600 ft²

Audio/Visual Capabilities:

  • Sixteen (16) interconnected TV monitors forming a monolithic video wall
  • Ability to launch presentations via laptop (VGA or HDMI), Audio transmitted via in-house speakers
  • Two (2) TV monitors with IPTV capabilities, allowing for a multitude of content deployments
  • Four (4) built-in wireless microphones
  • JBE & JBI connectivity to the TV Truck Compound

Unique features and other considerations:

Adjacent to a 170 ft space known as the Green Room, views into the West Plaza, local restrooms and centrally located making is a prime starting point for breakout sessions. Built in 8x12 Screens.