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Skyline Terrace

Open your event to sweeping views of Downtown Miami on the Skyline Terrace. Six glass panels, towering at 60-foot tall by 40-foot wide along the left-field skyline wall, open to reveal a breathtaking open-air cityscape unlike any other.

Capacity: Walls Open

  • Theatre Style: 300
  • Classroom Style: Varies
  • Rounds (Banquet): 500
  • Existing Seating: Varies
  • Reception: 1,700

Square Footage:

  • 13,900 sq. ft.

Capacity: Walls Closed

  • Theatre Style: 150
  • Classroom Style: Varies
  • Rounds (Banquet): 300
  • Existing Seating: Varies
  • Reception: 800

Square Footage:

  • 8,500 sq. ft.

If you'd like to schedule an event or receive more information, a member of our staff will be happy to help.