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Youth Baseball & Softball

Baseball and softball offer a variety of player development programs year-round, as well as the Royals RBI Baseball and Softball League. The Academy also offers several clinics and camps that help develop and introduce athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Each program is based on seven, 6-week sessions that follow the calendar school year including summer. A variety of mini-courses are also offered during this 6-week period.

Baseball and Softball Programs

Glove Works

Glove Works is designed for the Intermediate to Advanced player ages 9-18 desiring to get additional small group work. Players will focus their skills on infield play, outfield play, catching, or pitching.

Youth Elite Training (YET) Program

The Youth Elite Training Program is an opportunity for the Intermediate to Advanced player ages 9-18 to continue developing their overall skills for the game of baseball. Players will gain instruction in hitting, fielding, throwing, and baserunning.

Baseball 100 Series

The Baseball 100 Series is a progressive development program series for the beginning players ages 5 to 8. Players will have fun-filled sessions designed to introduce the fundamentals essential to the game of baseball and softball.

Fastpitch Softball Programming

Fastpitch Softball Programming offers comprehensive opportunities to grow and develop in many facets of softball, such as:

  • Offensive work – focusing on hitting, slapping, bunting and baserunning
  • Defensive work – focusing on throwing, catching, fielding, game aituations.
  • Fastpitch pitching – focusing on developing pitchers by building them from the ground up.
  • Fastpitch catching – focusing on footwork, soft hands, throwing, framing, and blocking.

All of our programs are built for Beginner to Advanced levels and allow the athletes to go at their own pace. These programs are offered to athletes ages 7-18.


Fastpitch Softball clinics and camps are offered in the winter and summer months. These camps and clinics vary in content and instruction. Additional camps, such as the “C” You In The Major League Camps, provide athletes training through offensive and defensive drills, skills, and games during a week-long summer camp.

Recruiting clinics and camps are offered as a way for Advanced athletes to gain the opportunity to perform in front of college coaches/recruiters. Weekend camps are also held to bring in professionals within the sport to instruct the participants, providing them with some of the best instruction within the game.

For all baseball and softball program inquiries, please email [email protected].


Each program is based on seven, 6-week sessions that follow the calendar school year including summer. A variety of mini-courses are also offered during this 6-week period.


Through the video game MLB The Show, the Academy offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced course offerings for youth ages 9-12 and 13-18. MLB The Show is an alternative way for athletes to learn the games of baseball and softball. Participants can feel like a part of a team when they are playing with, or even against, other participants within this course.

Crown Schools Program

The Crown Schools Program is designed to create the next generation of baseball and softball fans by implementing USA Baseball’s Fun at Bat curriculum in elementary schools' physical education classes. By joining the Crown Schools Program, schools receive access to the following:

  • All-expense paid field trips to Kauffman Stadium, Urban Youth Academy, and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • A special school visit from Royals mascot, Sluggerrr
  • Mini baseball and softball clinics hosted at the participating school
  • Access to the Science of Sport curriculum
  • Tickets to Royals home games

Science of Sport Curriculum

The Science of Sport curriculum is a STEAM-based curriculum that enables teachers to teach their lessons with a more active and hands-on approach for their students.

Field Trips at the Academy and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Schools are encouraged to bring their classes down to the Academy and pair it with a trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The field trip starts with a 45-minute to an hour-long tour of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, then followed up with fun-filled station-based activities at the Academy. Activities include an energetic game of Mad-dash Wiffle ball on the Academy’s Alex Gordon Family field, the opportunity to play MLB THE SHOW on Xbox, and designing a costume for Sluggerrr.

For all education program inquiries, please email [email protected].

Health & Wellness

Strength and Conditioning Programs

Strength and conditioning programs are offered at various times throughout the year. The programs include introductory levels focused on teaching age-appropriate exercises to more advanced programs focused on improving speed, power, and overall strength.


Participates can take part in an hour-long yoga class led by a Registered Yoga Instructor who specializes in sport yoga. Yoga is not only a great tool for preventing injury but also helps to improve performance on the field.

Pitchers Maintenance Program

The Pitchers Maintenance program is designed for pitchers to help prevent common injuries through arm care education and training. Each participant undergoes an orthopedic evaluation to identify high potential risks for injury. Individualized at-home exercise programs are also created to correct problem areas found from the orthopedic evaluations.

Sports Medicine Seminars

Various seminars are hosted throughout the year to engage players, parents, and coaches on the topic of preventing sports injuries. Guest speakers have included various sports medicine professionals including Dr. Vincent Key, Head Team Physician – Kansas City Royals and Erika Wincheski, Registered Dietician – Kansas City Royals.