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Gameday Greetings

Commemorate a special occasion by displaying a Gameday Greeting on the Kauffman Stadium LED Left-Field and Right-Field Video display -- along the outfield wall -- during a Royals home game.

Gameday Greetings can be purchased online and each includes a photo recreated after the game date. The photo will be emailed within 4 weeks after the game date.

Each Gameday Greeting can be purchased for $55, with net proceeds benefiting Royals Charities.

Payment must be made prior to announcement. Your credit card will be charged upon approval of the message.

PLEASE NOTE, all Gameday Greetings:

  • WILL NOT be shown on the large CrownVision video board (see photo above for example location)
  • CANNOT be viewed from any seats in the outfield or from the Outfield Experience area.
  • Shown on the LED LF and RF video displays (displays closest to the ground) in the middle of the third inning.

Ordering Information

There is a limited number of messages available each game. Space is limited, so order your Gameday Greeting today.

Message Display

All Gameday Greetings will appear on the LED Left-Field and Right-Field Video Displays -- along the outfield wall -- in the middle of the third inning. Gameday Greetings messages cannot be viewed from any seats in the outfield or from the Outfield Experience area.

Ordering Deadlines

All orders must be received no later than noon, two business days prior to selected game date. For weekend games, requests must be submitted by noon the Thursday before the game. Below are the game-date deadlines.

Tuesday: Previous Friday-Noon
Wednesday: Previous Monday-Noon
Thursday: Previous Tuesday-Noon
Friday: Previous Wednesday-Noon
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Previous Thursday-Noon

Message Content

The Royals reserve the right to edit any message if necessary. Messages that are obscene, offensive, include foul language or refer to any other Major League Baseball organization or other professional sports team will not be accepted. They may also not include the name of any MLB player. The message cannot be used for commercial purposes, however, you may welcome a group or company who is attending the game.

Message Length

Messages can be up to 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

Available Dates

If you do not see the game listed, you have missed the deadline to order or all of the available messages have been sold. Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received and will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after the close of the submission period to confirm your order.