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Royals Timeline

1-1969 season

Beside a panel recounting the Royals' inaugural season in 1969 are the team's various jerseys and memorabilia from no-hitters and the 1973 All-Star game. - Royals

1-royals uniforms -2

Photos, facts and memorabilia inform fans about the Royals' uniforms, no-hitters thrown by Royals pitchers and the 1973 All-Star Game held at Royals Stadium. - Royals


From top: A Royals home uniform (1969-72), road uniform (1973-82) and alternate home uniform (2008-present). - Royals


The 1973 All-Star Game was the first of two played at Royals Stadium. - Royals


First baseman Eric Hosmer leads a promising young crop of Royals in 2012. - Royals