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Can I get a refund on my suite?

  • All suites are final sale
  • Contact your TD Executive Suites Representative if you need to reschedule your event

When is my deadline to purchase additional tickets?

  • Additional "standing room" tickets can be purchased (based on availability) up to two business days before your game.
  • Contact your TD Executive Suites Representative to purchase additional tickets.

Do children require a ticket?

  • Children two years and younger do not require a ticket

When is my suite payment due?

Tickets Table for Executive Suites FAQ

Stadium Access

Which gate should I enter through?

  • Please enter through Gate 3 if you are in Suite 300-329 or 402-455 and TD Executive Lounge Courtesy of TD Wealth
  • Please enter through Gate 13 if you are in Suite 335-357 or 456-498 and TD Summit Suite

I have a guest with accessible needs, which Gate should they enter through?

When can I access my suite?
TOR Stadium Access Executive Suites FAQ

Is re-entry permitted?

  • Re-entry is not permitted for security reasons
  • Once a guest has had their ticket scanned, they are not permitted to exit and re-enter the stadium

Can I access the main concourse levels with my suite ticket?

  • Suite holders are permitted to access the 100, 200 and 500 levels through the elevator
  • Please keep your ticket with you at all times in order to return to your suite

Can I bring my luggage/stroller to my suite?

  • Luggage and strollers are permitted in the TD Executive Suites, but are subject to a security check

When must I vacate my suite after the game?

  • The suite must be vacated 20 minutes after the end of the game

Game Day Service

Who is my main contact during the game?

  • You will have 3 main points of contact for game day service:
    • There will be a dedicated in-suite hostess who will support your experience throughout the game
    • The TD Executive Suites Concierge is located at Gate 3 and 13 - they are ready to support with service escalations or suite enhancements
    • A Blue Jays Suites Representative will be on site at each game for service escalations- they can be contacted through the TD Executive Suites Concierge

What is the TD Executive Suites Concierge?

  • Concierge is an extension of the Blue Jays TD Executive Suites team and can assist with event day service needs, including:
    • Will Call - you are welcome to leave tickets for your guests to pick-up at Concierge
    • Guest Services Questions - Need to find the closest ATM? Wondering where to catch a taxi? Concierge can help answer your questions
  • Looking for a special enhancement to your suite? Concierge can facilitate suite enhancements for you and your guests


Can I bring outside food or beverages to my suite?

  • There is no outside food or drinks allowed on the TD Executive Suites levels
  • Food and beverage service can be arranged with our catering partner, Aramark, in advance of your event or on event day

Is catering included in my suite?

  • Catering is an available service beyond the cost of your suite.
  • The Blue Jays are partnered with Aramark food services who provide in suite food and drink service

When is the deadline to place my catering order with Aramark?




Event Enhancements

Can I decorate my suite?

  • Yes, you can bring in décor, such as centerpieces, party favours and napkins. Please respect the following limitations:
    • No balloons are permitted at Rogers Centre
    • No tape is permitted on the walls

Can I bring a cake?

  • While outside food or drink is not permitted on the TD Executive Suites levels, we make exceptions for celebratory cakes. You are welcome to bring a cake
  • Please notify both Aramark and yourTD Executive Suite Representative if you will be bringing in a cake

Can I bring gifts into the stadium?

  • Gifts are permitted into Rogers Centre, excluding alcohol
  • Gifts are subject to a security check

Can I order merchandise to my suite?

  • Merchandise can be pre-ordered and delivered to your suite on game day
  • Please contact your TD Executive Suite Representative to arrange this service

I have a suite on a giveaway day-will we be guaranteed the giveaway item for our suite guests?

  • Giveaways are not guaranteed for all suite guests
  • Please arrive early to Rogers Centre to increase your chances of receiving a giveaway at the gates

How can I arrange for a videoboard greeting?

  • Videoboard greetings can be arranged through Jays Care Foundation in exchange for a $100 donation
  • Follow this link to reserve a videoboard greeting: Click Here