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Rogers Centre Information Guide

This Fan Information Guide is designed to assist our fans by presenting information about the Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre offerings and accommodations for the season. The information is presented in alphabetical order for your ease of use. Enjoy the season!


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) was enacted to develop, implement and enforce accessibility with respect to goods, services, accommodation, employment, facilities and premises throughout Ontario.

Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays are committed to identifying, removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and inclusion.


Accessible Parking

A limited number of accessible parking spaces are available by reservation by calling Rogers Centre parking at 416-341-1540. Callers should have their accessible parking permit number ready when making a reservation.

Accessible parking spaces that are not reserved will be for guests with accessible needs on a first-come first served basis on the day of the event.

Please note: On game days there is no public parking underground. All parking is reserved either for Season Ticket Members, accessible parking or staff.



Accessible Seating

Rogers Centre accessible seating is reserved exclusively for guests with accessible needs and their companions. All persons attending baseball games and other events at the stadium and require an admission ticket, including those accompanying guests with accessible needs.

Accessible seats for Toronto Blue Jays games and Rogers Centre Events are available for purchase by phone (1-855-682-6736) and online through, or in person at the Rogers Centre Gate 9 Box Office.


Accessible Support Entrance

Although guests with accessible needs may enter Rogers Centre through any open gate, our designated accessible entrance is Gate 7, located on the south side of the building, close to Bremner Boulevard. Guests requiring accessible support are encouraged to enter through Gate 7. Elevators are also available at Rogers Centre Gates 3, 9 and 13.

Please note: Rogers Centre does not permit the rental of wheelchairs during games/events, however, we are able to provide wheelchair escorts to those who require assistance to their seats. Guests requiring assistance or information regarding accessibility should contact our Fan Services Team by phone at 416-341-1000 or by email at [email protected] at least one (1) business day prior to their planned visit.


Accessible Telephones (TTY)

There are two (2) Text Telephone payphones located sections 227 and 522.


ACE is the Toronto Blue Jays official mascot and loves spending his time meeting fans! ACE is always looking to participate in events throughout the community, in addition to his appearances at Blue Jays games during the season.


Advance Inside Ticket Window (Inside Rogers Centre)

During any Toronto Blue Jays home game, fans can upgrade their day-of-game seat or make further ticket inquiries by going to this location on the 100-Level behind Section 127 (Gate 9A). The Advance Inside Ticket Window is available when gates open until 30 minutes after the game ends.

Aisles & Aisles Etiquette

For the safety and enjoyment of other guests, Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays ask that you please do not sit or stand in the aisles. Aisle must be kept clear at all times.

While the game is on and ball is in play, fans are asked to wait at the top/entrance to the seating area until there is a break in play. This is not only for the safety of our fans due to the possibility of foul balls entering the stands, but also a courtesy to those fans who are already seated.


The Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Centre and ARAMARK Sports and Entertainment are committed to promoting and ensuring responsible alcoholic beverage sales and use, as outlined by "T.E.A.M" - Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management. All servers within Rogers Centre are SMART Serve certified. Our goal is to create a safe, enjoyable and family-friendly environment where alcohol service and consumption is managed thoroughly.

Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased from authorized vendors once inside Rogers Centre and guests may not bring in or leave the facility with any alcohol. All guests that appear to be 30 years of age or younger will be asked to provide proof of age for each transaction. Upon request for proof of age, guests must produce a valid form of photo identification.

Guests may have no more than two (2) alcoholic beverages in their possession at any time. In-seat hawkers, and drinks containing two (2) oz or more of alcohol, are restricted to serving only one (1) alcoholic beverage per guest. Alcohol service in all concession stands, TD Executive Suites and TD Clubhouse will conclude at the end of the seventh (7th) inning. The Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Centre and its concessionaire ARAMARK Sports and Entertainment reserve the right to discontinue alcohol service for guests at any time.

There are designated Non Alcohol/Family Seating sections on the 200 & 500 Levels of the stadium for Toronto Blue Jays games. *They can be found on the 200-Level in section *237L/238R, and on the 500-Level in section** 517R/516L. Guests interested in purchasing these tickets online must purchase **here by entering the promo code "DRY19".They are also available for purchase over the phone at 416-341-1234 OR 1-888-OK-GO-JAY (1-888-654-6529).

Guests found with unauthorized alcohol can have their ticket confiscated and be removed from Rogers Centre without compensation.

The following may also result in your ejection from Rogers Centre and/or possible prosecution:

  • Attempting to use fraudulent identification
  • Public intoxication
  • Purchasing alcohol for a minor
  • A minor attempting to purchase or found to be in possession of alcohol
  • Anyone found in possession of alcohol after being given a warning not consume or purchase any


Service/Support animals are welcome at Rogers Centre Events and Toronto Blue Jays games. Guests who are accompanied by service/support animals are required to retain control of them and should keep them on a leash or harness at all times while in the stadium.

We ask guests to bring appropriate documentation that validates the service/support animal in your accompaniment.

Guests with service animals are able to purchase Accessible Seating. For guests with service/support animals wishing to sit in standard seats, aisles seats are recommended.


ATMs/TD Green Machines

TD (Toronto-Dominion) Green Machines are available throughout the Rogers Centre for our guests' convenience. These ATMS are located in the following areas:

  • 100-Level - Sections 106, 116, 120, 127, 135
  • 200-Level - Sections 213, 223, 235
  • 500-Level - Sections 516, 530

Exterior of the Rogers Centre - Northern Facing between Gates 1 and 15

Autographs/Fan Mail

Players and coaches from the Blue Jays and visiting team do take time to sign autographs pre-game occasionally, but we kindly ask that fans respect their need to prepare for the day's game. Fans interested in obtaining an autograph from their favourite player(s) are permitted at the bottom of the 100-Level aisles from the time gates open until approximately 45 minutes to the start of the game, however, consideration should be given to fans possessing tickets for these areas. Fans must then return to their ticketed seats after this period or when asked by game staff.

Fans bringing bats for autographs will be instructed to check these items at one of our Fan Services Locations at this time prior to going to their seats.

The Toronto Blue Jays also welcome fan mail, and players and club personnel will make every effort to answer each letter received. However, due to the tremendous volume of items received, we cannot guarantee a response. Fans wishing to communicate with Toronto Blue Jays players or club personnel should address the correspondence to:

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club
Attn: Player/Coach's Name
One Blue Jays Way, Suite 3200
Toronto, ON M5V 1J1

Please keep in mind that if you do send an item to be signed, you do so at your own risk. Players and coaches receive a tremendous amount of fan mail and we cannot guarantee a response. The Toronto Blue Jays and its players and staff are not responsible should an item(s) fail to be returned.


Baby Change Stations

Baby Change Stations have been installed in all of the washrooms throughout Rogers Centre. For those seeking extra room or privacy, Multi-Purpose washrooms are available near Sections, 134, 238 and 538.

Bags - Toronto Blue Jays Game

Fans are welcome to bring their bags inside Rogers Centre when they attend Toronto Blue Jays games. Soft-sided bags such as diaper bags, small knapsacks and small purses are permitted, whereas hard-sided cooler bags and containers are not. In accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations, any bag larger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches will not be permitted into Rogers Centre. All bags will be thoroughly inspected before they are allowed inside the stadium. MLB-approved bins will be used at inspection points, and bags and their contents must fit without assistance, modification or adjustment.

To ensure guest safety, the Toronto Blue Jays reserve the right to inspect any bags or articles prior to entry into Rogers Centre and may refuse admittance of any item(s) deemed hazardous, inappropriate, offensive or suspicious. We would encourage all of our guests to refrain from bringing bags to the stadium since inspecting these items will only delay admittance.

Bags - Rogers Centre Events/Other

Bag policy for Rogers Centre Events will vary from event to event, please refer to event notes for more information pertaining to that specific event.

*Banners and Signs *

The Toronto Blue Jays encourage fans to show their team pride and welcome support demonstrated through homemade banners and signs. Guests are welcome to bring banners to Rogers Centre provided they do not interfere with the game, your fellow fans' enjoyment of the game or carry disparaging, commercial, political or obscene messages. Banners cannot block or cover current building signage.

Batter's Eye

Black netting covers parts of certain outfield seating sections (Sections 101, 142 & 143) on the 100 Level. It is intended to give the batter a clear and unobstructed view of the baseball as it leaves the pitcher's hand. The Batter's Eye is off limits to all individuals, save for television camera operators.

Batting Practice Schedule

The batting practice schedule is as follows. Please note it is not uncommon for either the Blue Jays or that days visiting team to cancel their batting practice. These times are subject to change without notice. Also, please be aware that it is fairly standard for Batting Practice not to be held prior to home games on Saturday starts.

Game Time 12:37 PM 1:07 PM 4:07 PM 7:07 PM
BLUE JAYS BATTING PRACTICE 10:10 AM to 11:10 AM 10:40 AM to 11:40 AM 1:40 PM to 2:40 PM 4:40 PM to 5:40 PM
VISITING TEAM BATTING PRACTICE 11:10 AM to 12:00 PM 11:40 AM to 12:30 PM 2:40 PM to 3:30 PM 5:40 PM to 6:30 PM
GROUND CREW TIME 12:00 PM 12:30 PM 3:30 PM 6:30 PM

Bicycle Stands

For those travelling to Rogers Centre by bicycle, there are bicycle stands available for use by guests outside Rogers Centre. These are located near Gates 2, 3, 6, 6A, 9A, 10, 13, 14 and 15. Gas powered vehicles (i.e. mopeds and scooters) are not permitted to be parked in these areas. Failure to comply could result in towing of these vehicles. The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre are not responsible for the loss or damage to any item(s) secured in these areas.

Blue Jays Baseball Academy

Working to grow the game of baseball across Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays invest a significant amount of time reaching out to youth and facilitating their development at all levels, from grassroots to elite. The Toronto Blue Jays host a number of events across Canada and at Rogers Centre including summer camps, instructional clinics and tournaments.


Blue Jays Level of Excellence

The Blue Jays are extremely proud of the names of eleven distinguished individuals inside Rogers Centre in special recognition of their tremendous efforts and achievements. They are Roberto Alomar, Paul Beeston, George Bell, Joe Carter, Tom Cheek, Carlos Delgado, Tony Fernandez, Pat Gillick, Cito Gaston, Roy Halladay and Dave Stieb. The number 4,306 beside Tom Cheek's name represents the number of consecutive regular season games he called on the radio.

Jackie Robinson, whose number has been retired by all teams in Major League Baseball, is also recognized behind home plate.

Booster Seats

Booster seats for young children are available at all Guest Services locations on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Plastic bottles and/or cans holding 600ml or less of non-alcoholic beverages are permitted into Rogers Centre. Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing in outside alcohol inside Rogers Centre. Plastic bottles holding more than 600ml and glass bottles are prohibited. Metal and glass bottles are also prohibited.

Guests will be asked to remove tops from a bottle(s) or open can(s) prior to entry into the stadium.

Box Office Location and Hours of Operation

The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre Box Office is located on the southwest corner of Rogers Centre near Gate 9.

Hours of Operation

October to January: CLOSED

February to September & Game Days:
Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Weekends: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Game Days - Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 30 minutes after game ends
Game Days - Weekend: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or 30 minutes after game ends)

*Please note that box office hours of operation are subject to change


The Toronto Blue Jays bullpen is located behind the left field outfield fence (Sections 135L-138R). The visitors' bullpen is located behind the right field outfield fence (Sections 108R-105L). We kindly ask that fans seated in these areas respect players' need to prepare for the days game.

Bus Parking

Bus parking is available in the lot directly across the street from Gate 8 of Rogers Centre ("The Bus Lot"). This parking facility is staffed during all events and is often partially filled with buses that have pre-booked their spaces. The bus lot is patrolled regularly, and vehicles will be tagged if their parking ticket has expired or if one has not been purchased. If tagged, payment can be made to the address on the back of the invoice/tag.

People wishing to reserve bus parking should call 416-341-1540 or email [email protected] to make a reservation.


Cameras - Toronto Blue Jays Game

The Toronto Blue Jays welcome cameras and iPads/Tablets for the purposes of still photography, provided their use does not interfere with other guest's enjoyment of the game. Professional cameras with detachable lens' that is longer that 3" in size, body mounts/mono-pods/tripods/selfie-sticks and audio/video equipment are not permitted.

Video cameras are permitted inside the facility for Toronto Blue Jays games but recording of any game footage is strictly prohibited. The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre reserve the right to request that guests discontinue filming or taking pictures on Rogers Centre property.

All guests entering the stadium are subject to a search by our Security Team prior to entry. All camera equipment will be inspected accordingly. The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre are not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. As such, we ask that guests not leave equipment unattended.

Cameras - Rogers Centre Events/Other

Rogers Centre welcome cameras for personal use for the purpose of still photography. We ask that your camera does not interfere with another guests' enjoyment of the event. Professional cameras with detachable lens' that is longer that 3" in size, body mounts/mono-pods/tripods/selfie-sticks and audio/video equipment are not permitted. Video cameras, iPads or filming of the event are prohibited, any recording may result in being ejected from the stadium.

All guests entering the stadium are subject to a search by our Security Team prior to entry. All camera equipment will be inspected accordingly. The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre are not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. As such, we ask that guests not leave equipment unattended.

*Restrictions may vary from event to event.



Rogers Centre is a smoke-free facility and this includes the use of cannabis. Any guest found smoking or vaping cannabis inside of Rogers Centre will be removed from the facility without compensation. Rogers Centre does not provide designated outdoor smoking areas, and there are no in-and-out privileges at any time.

Fans found in possession of cannabis exceeding the legal limit of 30 grams (about one ounce) of dried cannabis (or equivalent), will denied entry and or removed from the stadium and subject to prosecution. Minors in possession of cannabis will also be subject to ejection and prosecution.

Fans may be denied entry if they are impaired by either cannabis, alcohol or a combination of both.

For the safety of our guests, any Cannabis Edible product, liquid (oils or drinks) or capsules will not be permitted in the stadium.

Medical Exceptions: Guests who possess a valid Medical Document Authorizing the use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations from Health Canada may be granted an exception to our "In/Out Privilege" policy permitting them to leave the property to consume cannabis. Security supervisors will grant medical exceptions on a case by case basis.

Cell Phone Charging Stations

For your convenience, we have Rogers cell phone charging stations located at all Fan Services locations. Locations on the Level 100 at Sections 120 & 135; Level 200 at Sections 212 & 236; Level 500 at Section 532. They will accommodate Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices.

Child Admission Policy

Parents may bring children under the age of two (2) into Rogers Centre for Toronto Blue Jays home games without a ticket for the child. These children must sit in the lap of the accompanying adult and not occupy an additional seat. Any guests two (2) years of age or older must have a valid ticket. Children having difficulty seeing from their seat can obtain a booster seat from Guest Services locations, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Commemorative Game Certificates

Fans celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, attending their first game or even lucky enough to catch or retrieve a foul ball can visit any Fan Services location and pick up a commemorative certificate on behalf of the Toronto Blue Jays. This program looks to target our younger fans and provide them with a keepsake from the game to enhance their experience, but all fans are welcome!


Directions to Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is conveniently located near Union Station as well as within easy walking distance of TTC streetcar stops on King St. (at Peter St. & John St.) and Spadina Ave. (Bremner Blvd.). Drivers coming to Rogers Centre, from either the east or west, can take the Gardiner Expressway to Spadina Ave. and head north to Bremner Blvd.

The Skywalk is available for use to all Blue Jays fans! Follow the designated signage at Union Station and upon exiting the Skywalk, the path will steer guests between Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and the CN Tower. Guests should continue walking west and will see Gate 5/6 as they approach Rogers Centre.

Donations in Kind

The Toronto Blue Jays assist countless charities each year and are committed to enhancing the quality of life for many individuals. Every year the Toronto Blue Jays donate autographed baseballs, bats, jerseys and other items to non-profit and charitable organizations to assist in their fundraising endeavors.


Dress Code/Offensive Clothing/Costumes

Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times. We reserve the right to deny admission to, or remove any person wearing any clothing/costume that we consider inappropriate or that could detract from the experience of other guests.

  • Mascot apparel is not permitted.
  • Costumes and clothing must be family-friendly and may not be obstructive, offensive or objectionable.
  • Masks or other face covering items of any kind may not be worn, except for medical/religious purposes.
  • During themed promotions - Guests may dress as their favorite character but may not pose for pictures or sign autographs for other guests and must be in compliance with standards noted above.

Guests who do not adhere to these guidelines may be refused entry into, and/or removed from Rogers Centre unless his or her attire/costume can be modified to meet the above standards.

Drinking Fountains

Several drinking fountains are located on each level within the stadium:

  • 100-Level: near Sections 107, 115, 125, 137
  • 200-Level: near Sections 207, 209, 229, 241
  • 500-Level: near Sections 507, 517, 529, 541

Drone Policy

The use of any remote controlled drone (UAV-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is prohibited on or over any of the properties under the control of Rogers Centre at any time. Rogers Centre is within Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport's no flyzone (i.e. less than 5.5 km) as per Transport Canada guidelines. All inquiries regarding this policy and the use of drones (UAV) in any of these areas should be directed to the V.P., Security Operations at the Rogers Centre. Individuals operating drones (UAV) on stadium property may be subject to arrest and prosecution.


The Toronto Blue Jays dugout is located behind and to the left of Homeplate (Sections 124L-127R). The visitors' dugout is located behind and to the right of Homeplate (Sections 119R-116L). We kindly ask that fans seated in these areas respect players' need to prepare for the days game. Fans are prohibited from standing, banging/hitting or placing items on the dugout roofs.


Elevator Access

Guests requiring assistance in reaching their seating level may use one of the eight elevators conveniently located at Rogers Centre

Elevators 100-Level 200-Level 300-Level 400-Level 500-Level Parking
Gate 3 Sec. 108 Sec. 208 Gate 3 Suite 410 Sec. 508 Stall 164, Star Zone (Green)
Gate 7 Sec. 118 Sec. 221 Suite 330 Suite 448 Sec. 521 Stall 266, Cloud Zone (Blue)
Gate 9 Sec. 124 Sec. 227 Suite 335 Suite 461 Sec. 527 Stall 249, Sun Zone (Red)
Gate 13 Sec. 135 Sec. 240 Suite 359 Suite 491 Sec. 539 Stall 210, Moon Zone (Yellow)

Priority should be given to elderly guests or those with accessible needs that affects their mobility. As a courtesy to our guests, we ask individuals carrying beverages on the elevators to ensure they have the appropriate lid on the container whenever possible. Although guests with accessible needs may enter Rogers Centre through any open gate, our designated accessible entrance is Gate 7 which is located on the south side of the building on Bremner Boulevard. Guests requiring accessible support are encouraged to enter through Gate 7.

Emergency Evacuation

All Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre personnel have been trained and instructed to assist guests in evacuating the stadium. In the event of an emergency at Rogers Centre, guests are asked to remain calm and follow instructions given via the public address system, uniformed game staff, security, police and medical personnel. During emergencies, guests should not use elevators; instead, guests will be directed to exit Rogers Centre using the stairs or ramps. Guests are also encouraged to take the following steps in the event of an emergency:

  • Be aware of your location inside Rogers Centre at all times
  • Identify the two exits located nearest to your seats

Employment Opportunities

All full-time, part-time or seasonal opportunities within the Blue Jays organization are posted on our Job Postings page.



Fan Assist

Fans are invited to make use of Rogers Centre Fan Assist Program if they have an issue in their seating section or a question related to their experience. The process is quick and simple and by using the Fan Assist Program, guests are able to report issues in a discreet and convenient manner. Simply send us a text to (647) 503-4131 using your mobile phone - please include your issue or question and seating section, including the row and seat number. Operators are standing by and participation in our service is free of charge; however, standard carrier text messaging & data charges will apply.

Please note: Cell phone numbers that repeatedly send messages which are deemed fraudulent or irrelevant may be prevented from communicating and using this program in the future.

Fan Feedback

The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre welcome the ideas, comments and suggestions from our fans. It helps us improve the service we provide to our valued fans and guests. Please contact our Fan Services Team by email at [email protected] or by phone at 416-341-1000 to submit your feedback/inquiry.

Fan Interference

For the safety and enjoyment of all, guests are reminded not to interfere with a ball in play or a player during a game. Those who fail to follow this policy may be subject to immediate ejection from Rogers Centre and forfeit the ball. Fans are welcome to keep any ball landing in seating sections as long as they do not interfere with the safety and concern of others.

Fan Pack

The Blue Jays are happy to offer our fans a unique digital fan pack. Download the fan pack that includes a 2019 Regular Season Schedule, Fun Facts & more!


Fan Services

Fan Services are located on the 100-Level near Sections 120 and 135, on the 200-Level near Sections 212 and 236 and on the 500-Level near Sections 508 and 532. Guests can check strollers and mobility devices at these locations, obtain Misplaced ACE Wristbands for their children, receive commemorative game certificates, receive assistance related to lost persons or items, pass along feedback and make other general inquiries.

Field Dimensions

Ever wondered how far a ball has to travel to reach or even clear any part of the outfield fence at Rogers Centre? Here are the distances:

  • Right Field - 328 ft. / 100m
  • Right Centre Field - 375 ft. / 114m
  • Centre Field - 400 ft. / 122m
  • Left Centre Field - 375 ft. / 114m
  • Left Field - 328 ft. / 100m

First Aid

First Aid rooms are located on each level near Sections 134, 238 and 538. Guests requiring first aid assistance are urged to contact any member of Rogers Centre staff or report to one of our Fan Services or First Aid locations. A certified physician and registered nurses are available during all Blue Jays games and Rogers Centre Events. Ascent EMS will also provide paramedics throughout the facility.

Please note the opening and staffing of First Aid locations can sometimes depend on ticket sales on different levels of the stadium.

Food and Beverage

ARAMARK Entertainment Services (Canada) Inc. is a proud partner with the Toronto Blue Jays and the exclusive food and beverage provider at Rogers Centre offering concession, premium (suites and catering) and restaurant services with features that celebrate Toronto and its rich baseball history. For suites and catering information, please contact the Premium Services Department at ARAMARK (416-341-2600).

For more information regarding food and beverage options, including a stadium dietary guide, please visit our Food and Beverage page.

Food and Beverage Policy

Rogers Centre allows guests to bring outside food into the stadium as long as the items are wrapped, bagged or left inside a container to avoid spillage. Food containers must comply with bag policy and are soft-sided and small enough to fit under the guest's seat.

Plastic bottles and/or cans holding 600ml or less and non-alcoholic beverages will be permitted in Rogers Centre. Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing outside alcohol inside Rogers Centre. Plastic bottles holding more than 600ml and glass bottles are prohibited. Glass or metal bottles are not permitted.

Fans will be asked to remove tops from a bottle(s) or open can(s) prior to entry into the stadium.

For the safety of our guests, any Cannabis Edible product, liquid (oils or drinks) or capsules will not be permitted in the stadium.

Foul Balls, Homerun Balls & Bats

All guests are asked to stay alert throughout the game for foul balls or bats that might leave the playing area. Guests are permitted to keep any foul and home run balls that are hit into the seats, but are asked to be cautious and courteous to others when collecting a ball. Bats entering the stands must be returned if requested by the Blue Jays or visiting team. Guests are prohibited from throwing balls back onto the field. Violators are subject to ejection and possible arrest. Any guest that interferes with a ball in play or the game in any way is subject to ejection from the ballpark and/or criminal prosecution.


Gang Colours/Clothing

In cooperation with the Toronto Police Service, guests wearing known gang clothing and/or colours will not be permitted into Rogers Centre. Guests will be automatically asked to leave the premises, as noted on signs posted at all gate entrances.

Gates Opening

To provide guests with ample time to enjoy the atmosphere, locate their seats and satisfy any cravings at the Jays Shop™ or concessions stands, gates will open 90 minutes before the first pitch on any weekday home game. On Saturday and Sunday home games, the gates to Rogers Centre open 2 hours prior to game-time. Please note that gate times are subject to change.

Gift Cards

The Toronto Blue Jays Gift Card is a pre-paid card than can be used to purchase _Toronto Blue Jays _regular season home game tickets, official team merchandise (Jays Shop Stadium Edition) and food and beverage purchases at select concession stands.


Purchase Gift Card

Giveaway Items

The Toronto Blue Jays offer several giveaway or promotional items throughout the year. These items are distributed to guests who meet specific promotional requirements and are based on limited quantities. Items are subject to change.


Good Sport Program

The Toronto Blue Jays, in partnership with Budweiser, are pleased to offer fans 19 or older the opportunity to become designated drivers. A designated driver who fills out a pledge form at any of the Budweiser Kiosks located on the concourse, pledging to provide responsible transportation will receive a complimentary soft drink and become eligible for a grand prize draw.

Gratuities and Tips

With the exception of food and beverage and suite host workers, the solicitation and/or acceptance of gratuities in any form is not permitted by our event staff. Guests are invited to share their appreciation by filling out a Stadium Star Nomination Form, available at any Fan Services location or by emailing[email protected]

Guest Code of Conduct

Rogers Centre is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all guests. The stadium is committed to ensuring that:

  • Guests will enjoy their Rogers Centre experience free from foul/abusive/derogatory language or obscene gestures directed at other guests/players/officials or staff.
  • Guests will present their ticket when requested and sit only in their ticketed seat.
  • Guests will refrain from displays of affection, inappropriate in a public family setting.
  • Inappropriate or indecent clothing will not detract from the guest experience.
  • Guests will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired or intoxicated guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • The progress of the game/event will not be disrupted by guests' actions or by unauthorized persons entering the playing field/event area/dugout roofs or other non-ticketed areas.

Our staff has been trained to proactively intervene where necessary to help ensure a family environment. Failure of guests to adhere to these policies may result in the denial of admission to or immediate removal from the stadium without refund.


Hall of Fame

On July 24, 2011, second baseman Roberto Alomar was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, becoming the first-ever Toronto Blue Jays player to be honoured in Cooperstown, New York. The 12-time All-Star played five seasons in Toronto, winning two World Series Championships in 1992 and 1993. His .307 career average as a Blue Jay is the highest mark in club history (minimum 2000 plate appearances). He also ranks 2nd in stolen bases (206) and 5th on the all-time list of triples (36). The 1992 American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player batted .373 in 29 postseason games as a Blue Jay, with 8 extra base hits and 18 RBI. His 9th inning home run against Dennis Eckersley in Game Four of the 1992 ALCS remains one of the greatest moments in club history. His 10 Gold Gloves are the most for any second baseman in Major League history and 4 Silver Slugger awards are second to only Ryne Sandberg on the all-time list. In conjunction with his induction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Blue Jays retired Alomar's No. 12 on July 31, 2011 in a pregame ceremony at Rogers Centre.

On January 22, 2019, it was announced that former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, Roy "Doc" Halladay, was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Drafted by Toronto in 1995 as the 17th overall pick, Roy Halladay was one of the best pitchers to ever wear a Blue Jays jersey. Among Toronto starters, he ranks third with a 3.43 ERA, second with 1,495 strikeouts and 148 wins, and is tied for first with a 1.20 WHIP. After moving on to the Philadelphia Phillies in 2010, Roy led the team to consecutive NL Championship Series, which included the second no-hitter in postseason history. On May 29, 2010 against the then Florida Marlins, he pitched the 20th perfect game in MLB history. Since he made his Major League start more than 20 years ago, his 67 complete games are still 13 more than any other player. On June 24, 2017, Roy was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, honouring his impact on the game in his 'home away from home,' throughout his career. Halladay's No. 32 was retired on Opening Day, March 29, 2018 in a pregame ceremony at Rogers Centre.

The only other retired number the club currently observes in Jackie Robinson's No. 42, which was retired throughout Major League Baseball in 1997.


Rogers Centre has a hotel attached directly to the stadium, the Toronto Marriott City Centre which is North America's only hotel located in a major league sporting stadium. The hotel offers regular and field view rooms. For more information please call 1-416-341-7100.

There are also a number of hotels within two (2) kilometers of Rogers Centre but the stadium has no formal affiliation with any of those hotels.

  • InterContinental Toronto Centre 416-597-1400
  • The Fairmont Royal York 416-368-2511
  • Hyatt Regency Toronto 416-343-1234
  • Radisson Admiral Hotel Toronto-Harbourfront 416-203-2333
  • The Westin Harbour Castle 416-869-1600
  • Hilton Toronto 416-869-3456
  • Sheraton Centre Toronto 416-361-1000

For tourist information about the City of Toronto, please feel free to visit



In/Out Privileges

Security reasons preclude Rogers Centre from allowing in/out privileges to individuals who choose to leave the building. Exceptions can be made in special circumstances through our Fan Services locations. In these situations, a security supervisor will be called in to assist with your need.

Injury Release

PRIOR TO, DURING AND FOLLOWING THE GAME, baseballs, bats, BAT Fragments AND OTHER OBJECTS MAY BE THROWN OR HIT INTO THE STANDS. PLEASE STAY ALERT AND BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. IF YOU ARE CONCERNED WITH YOUR SEAT LOCATION PLEASE CONTACT ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE FOR AN ALTERNATE SEAT LOCATION, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. The holder of a ticket to any Toronto Blue Jays game voluntarily assumes all risks and danger of any injury or other loss incidental to the sport of baseball (including injury from balls, bats or other objects projected into or within the stands), all associated activities and/or his/her attendance at Rogers Centre and releases Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership, Rogers Stadium Limited Partnership, Major League Baseball ("MLB"), the Commissioner of MLB, the opposing club and their affiliates, agents and employees (including players) from any and all liability, regardless of whether such injury or loss occurs before, during or after the playing of the game and whether such injury or loss is caused by any person's negligence or otherwise.

Inline Skates/Hoverboards/Skateboards/Scooters

Guests are encouraged to try various modes of transportation to travel to Rogers Centre. Inline skating to the stadium can be a convenient, healthy alternative. However, inline skates, hoverboards, skateboards, scooters are prohibited from being used inside Rogers Centre. Guests will be required to check these items in at the gate when entering. Additionally, skating on "Heelys" is prohibited within Rogers Centre.

Instant Replay Major League Baseball Replay Review Regulations

To see MLB Replay Review Regulations, please visit their website (link below)



Jays Care Foundation

As the charitable arm of Canada's only MLB team, Jays Care has made a Major League commitment to invest in Canadian children and communities from coast to coast. Since 1992, Jays Care Foundation has created opportunities for children and youth through programs that focus on helping kids get active, engage in the sport of baseball, excel academically and lead healthy lives. Jays Care is committed to breaking down barriers to access sport and education and building safe, dedicated spaces for recreational and educational youth programming in communities across Canada.


Jays Shop Online

Looking to purchase the latest Blue Jays apparel and merchandise from the comfort of you own home? Guests can conveniently shop online or by calling 1 (877) JAYS-SHOP (529-7746) or locally at 416-341-2903.


Jays Shop Stadium Edition

Fans are invited to shop at the Jays Shop Stadium Edition, which carries the largest selection of Official Toronto Blue Jays merchandise, apparel, collectables, novelties and so much more! Located beside Gate 5, it is the largest team store in all of Canada. You can enter from street level or during Blue Jays games from inside the stadium on the 100-Level concourse by Section 112. This 8,000 square foot facility is open seven days a week 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with extended hours on Blue Jays home dates (generally closing 30 minutes postgame). For more information please call 416-341-2904.

Please note: During Toronto Blue Jays games the Jays Shop at Gate 5 will not be accessible to the public and will only be accessible for fans in attendance. There is an alternate Jays Shop located at Gate 1 that will be open to the public who are not attending that days game.

Jays Shop - Blue Jays Authentics

Fans who join us for a game at Rogers Centre are invited to experience the Toronto Blue Jays Official Blue Jays Authentics store at section 121, where they can touch, feel and purchase game used jerseys, bats, baseballs, line-up cards, bases and other assorted items. When you purchase a Blue Jays Authentics product you are buying directly from the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club. Every game used, game worn, or game ready product has been authenticated by Major League Baseball and gives you MLB's Guarantee of Authenticity. For further information email us at [email protected]

Jersey Cresting

Jays Shop Stadium Edition is pleased to provide jersey cresting on location for guests purchasing jerseys at all Jays Shop locations. For more information, please call 416-341-2904.

Jr. Jays Club Presented by Boston Pizza

The Jr. Jays Club presented by Boston Pizza is a great way for kids 14 and under to enhance their ballpark experience. Jr. Jays Club members have access to exclusive members-only events throughout the season. Members also receive special benefits around the ballpark including Front of Line access for Run the Bases. You can be part of the Jr. Jays Club presented by Boston Pizza by purchasing an Official Membership Kit at any of our in-stadium kiosks, Jays Shop locations or online at


Jr. Jays Sundays and Weekends

Kids 14 and under get a day of all their own at the ballpark with Jr. Jays Sundays and for the 2019 season, will also include two Jr. Jays weekends presented by Boston Pizza. On Sunday home games, kids can visit our Jr. Jays Zones located on the concourse and post-game they can run the bases just like the pros! During certain Sunday home games, kids can also take part in our Jr. Jays Sundays Outdoor Program outside of Gates 10/11. Jr. Jays also have the opportunity to be randomly selected by the J FORCE™ to participate in our pregame Starting Line-Up, Seventh Inning Stretch and other in-game activations.

Please note: There will be no running of the bases on March 31 (Opening Day Weekend), May 12 (Mother's Day) or June 30 (Canada Day Weekend).



A Kirpan in the possession of a baptized Khalsa Sikh who seeks admission to a Toronto Blue Jays regular season home game or a Rogers Centre event will be considered a religious symbol and its possession will be permitted within Rogers Centre if:

  1. The holder informs security personnel of the Kirpan prior to being screened whether such screening is visual or verbal or via some form of pat-downs, wanding or metal detection, The Individual will be directed to Gate 7 our Special Assistance entrance. A select group of staff have been trained on handling these situations and recognizing the 5 articles of faith. Gate 7 also provides those involved with a private area for item review
  2. The holder is wearing all of the five (5) articles of faith,
  3. The maximum TOTAL length of the kirpan, including the sheath does not exceed seven and one half inches (7.5" / 19.05cm), with a blade of not more than four inches (4"/ 10.16cm) and a handle of not more than two inches (2" / 5.09cm),
  4. The kirpan is worn in keeping with Sikh traditions, including being secured into its sheath, attached to a fabric belt and worn across the torso,
  5. The kirpan is worn under clothing and is neither visible nor easily accessible.
  6. Security will document their accommodation and confirm the 5 articles of faith

If any of the foregoing criteria are not met, the Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre reserve the right to refuse admission to Rogers Centre and/or to require that the kirpan be held by Rogers Centre staff while the individual is inside of the building (to be retrieved on exit).


Lady Jays

Comprised of the wives and family members of current Blue Jays players and coaches, the Lady Jays are committed to assisting the club in delivering upon many of its community initiatives and participate in numerous charitable events throughout the season.



Unfortunately, there are no lockers available for guests at Rogers Centre. Guests entering the stadium with bats, roller blades, skateboards, etc., will need to check these items at their gate of admittance or at a Fan Services location. Each item will be tagged, and a claim check ticket will be provided to the guest. The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre are not responsible for any missing, lost, stolen or damage to items while checked. All items must be claimed within 20 minutes of the game ending.

Lost and Found

Guests who lose an item during a Blue Jays game or Rogers Centre Event should visit any Fan Services location to check if the item has been returned. Guests can also contact our Fan Services department at 416-341-1000. Lost items are held for approximately one month before they are donated to local charities.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

Lost or stolen tickets/cards can be replaced by coming to the Rogers Centre Gate 9 Box Office or contacting the Blue Jays ticket office at 416-341-1234. Tickets/cards can only be reprinted with authorization from the ticket purchaser officially listed on the account. For stolen tickets/cards, it is the responsibility of the guest to report the theft to their nearest police station, and to obtain an occurrence number. This information must be provided to the ticket office. Once a ticket/card has been reissued, the original ticket/card becomes null and void. A service charge of $10.00 will apply on all reprinted tickets/cards. All reprinted tickets/cards will be available on the day of the game only and must be picked up in person at the Rogers Centre Gate 9 Box Office "Will Call" window.


Meeting Space at Rogers Centre

Host your business meeting on one of our Executive Meeting Spaces before enjoying a Toronto Blue Jays game in the comfort of your very own TD Executive Suite. With cutting-edge technology and dynamic, versatile spaces, our meeting spaces are fully equipped for holding both small meetings and large-scale meetings.


Mobile Ticket Entry

Mobile tickets that can be scanned at the gate must be purchased directly from Ticketmaster or through MyBlueJays program. At the time of purchase you are able to select mobile ticket delivery to your phone as an option that provides you with a QR Code that is scanned at the gate for entry into the stadium. PDF file on a mobile device cannot be scanned and must printed for entry into the stadium.

Multi-Purpose Washroom

Multi-Purpose Washrooms are available for all guests requiring a little extra room or privacy. These washrooms are located near Sections, 134, 238 and 538.

If you have any issues gaining access to either of these areas, please ask a staff member for assistance or visit one of our Fan Services locations to report the inconvenience.



Musical instruments and any type of noise-making devices are prohibited inside Rogers Centre. Any exceptions will be at the discretion of Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Non Alcohol/Family Seating Sections

There are designated Non Alcohol/Family Seating sections on the 200 & 500 Levels of the stadium for Toronto Blue Jays games. They can be found on the 200-Level in section 237L/238R, and on the 500-Level in section 517R/516L. Guests interested in purchasing these tickets online must purchase here by entering the promo code "DRY19". They are also available for purchase over the phone at 416-341-1234 OR 1-888-OK-GO-JAY (1-888-654-6529)

Guests found with unauthorized alcohol can have their ticket confiscated and be removed from Rogers Centre without compensation.

Nursing Rooms/Multipurpose Washrooms

Multipurpose washrooms are available for all guests requiring a little extra room or privacy. These washrooms are located near Sections 134, 238 and 539.

Nut Allergies/Nut Reduced Zone Games

The Toronto Blue Jays are pleased to offer a peanut/nut reduced seating area at certain games throughout the season. During these games we be offering a limited number of seats is a designated peanut/nut reduced seating area at Rogers Centre (the "Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone")

Peanuts and other nuts will not be allowed in a reserved area for these games. Tickets for seating in a Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone are reserved for individuals with peanut and nut allergies and their families only. The Toronto Blue Jays reserve the right to request a doctor's note.

All persons who will be seated in the Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone will be required to sign a waiver before entering Rogers Centre (persons under the age eighteen must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian).




Objects Thrown in Seating Area

For obvious safety concerns, guests are not permitted to throw any objects around or within the Rogers Centre seating areas (e.g., baseballs, beach balls, shoes, seat cushions, hats, food, drinks, ice, coins, etc). Failure to adhere to this policy may result in ejection from the stadium.



There is a limited amount of public parking available underground at Rogers Centre with elevator access to the building. Public access and rates vary depending on the concert or event. On game days there is no public parking underground. All parking is reserved either for Season Ticket Members, accessible parking or staff.

The lot is divided into four zones:

  • Star Zone (Green) - Northeast section of the building/closest elevator is at Gate 3.
  • Cloud Zone (Blue) - Southeast/Gate 7
  • Sun Zone (Red) - Southwest/Gate 9
  • Moon Zone (Yellow) - Northwest/Gate 13
  • Hotel Zone (Purple) - North (no public parking)

Parking is also available in the lot directly across the street from Gate 8 of Rogers Centre ("The Bus Lot"). This parking facility is staffed during all events and is often partially filled with Buses that have pre-booked their spaces. The bus lot is patrolled regularly and vehicles will be tagged if their parking ticket has expired or if one has not been purchased. If tagged, payment can be made to the address on the back of the invoice/tag. People wishing to reserve Bus parking should call 416-341-1540 or email [email protected] to make a reservation.

A limited number of parking spaces for guests with mobility issues are available in our underground lot. In addition we have accessible spots for overheight vehicles available by reservation in our loading bay. On game days accessible spots are only available by reservation. For more information and to make reservations, call 416-341-1540. Please have your disability permit number handy for bookings.


There are a number of parking lots within walking distance of Rogers Centre, but the stadium has no formal affiliation with any of those lots. The Toronto Parking Authority exists to provide safe, attractive, self-sustaining, conveniently located and competitively priced off-street and on-street public parking as an integral component of Toronto's transportation system.

Lots within walking distance include:

  • Rees & Queens Quay
  • Convention Centre (Simcoe/Station St., south of Front St.)
  • Underground Parking (Lower Simcoe St., south of Bremner Blvd)
  • York St. & Bremner Blvd.
  • Front & Blue Jays Way
  • Blue Jays Way & Navy Warf Ct.

Pocket Schedules

Pocket schedules are not available for the 2021 season. A printable schedule is available for download here.

Police Officers

During every Blue Jays home game and Rogers Centre events, the building employs a number of police officers to patrol Rogers Centre and assist our staff. If you have an emergency, please notify the nearest Rogers Centre employee immediately.

Postponed Games

In the event that a Blue Jays home game is postponed, tickets will be honoured for the rescheduled date. Exact stipulations may vary and will be communicated to applicable ticketholders.


The Toronto Blue Jays Official Game Program, PLAYBALL, can be purchased at Rogers Centre for $5.00. Both a scorecard and a pencil are included in each copy of our program.

Prohibited Items

The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre make every effort to accommodate fans and guests as much as possible when it comes to allowing items that will enhance their experience while inside the stadium. However, the following items are prohibited at Rogers Centre:

  • Large handbags, knapsacks etc. exceeding 16" x 16" x 8"
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Cameras with detachable lens' and/or larger than 3" in size
  • Alcohol beverages and/or illegal drugs
  • Sticks (including signs attached to a stick), golf ball retrievers
  • Selfie-sticks and/or retractable poles or devices
  • Laser pens
  • Pressurized air horns
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles or cans larger than 600ml
  • Projectiles that can cause injury or disruption during a game or event
  • Frisbees, beach balls or other inflatable objects
  • Brooms
  • Weapons and/or knives (including pocket knives)
  • Fireworks and any other illegal substances
  • Squirt guns
  • Stools or folding/collapsible chairs
  • Full face masks that conceal a guest's face
  • Oversized costumes, mascot apparel
  • Gang colours/clothing
  • Clothing with offensive and/or inappropriate language or statements
  • Noisemakers

Please note: For the safety and comfort of all fans, Rogers Centre may prohibit any other item/s deemed to be a security risk.



For the safety of everyone at the ballpark, guests are asked to refrain from sitting, standing or leaning on stadium railings.


There are eight ramps located throughout Rogers Centre that allow for access to and from entrance and exit ways, and the 100, 200 and 500-Levels. Access to different levels can be limited based on seat location as printed on guests' tickets.


The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre are committed to proactive environmental practices that benefit the venue, our guests and the community at large. Investing capital resources in constructive strategies, Rogers Centre leads by example within the sports and entertainment venue industry. Our management team continually monitors and evaluates the venues practices, ensuring that every opportunity to be environmentally conscious is investigated and implemented whenever possible. From our energy conservation program to our multi-layered recycling efforts and the in-stadium call to action for guests, Rogers Centre is working with all partners to lead the way in positive environmental practices.

We provide our guest with a "Crack & Go" beer can service. Rogers Centre provides large, black plastic recycling containers for guests to use to dispose of any recyclable materials, these are located throughout the 100, 200 and 500-Level concourses.

Guests are encouraged to use the beer can recycling units to deposit their empty beer cans. Recycling beer cans and other plastic or glass containers in these units ensures that they do not end up in landfills.

Roof Opening/Closing

The decision for the roof to be opened or closed during Blue Jays games is dependent upon information obtained from several weather service sources. If the game begins with the roof open, the roof can be closed at any time if climatic conditions warrant. If the game begins with the roof closed, it may still be opened before the end of the sixth inning if the Umpire Crew Chief and Blue Jays officials agree the weather has turned in a way that will ensure fan comfort and enjoyment. The Blue Jays strive to make Rogers Centre an "outdoor" facility by having the roof open as often as possible. However, the comfort of our guests is a high priority and is always taken into consideration. In Toronto, particularly in June, July, and August high temperatures may result in Heat Warnings issued by the City. Unless fluids are appropriately replaced, heat related illness may occur. Guests with cardiac, respiratory or gastrointestinal problems are at higher risk for heat related illness. Heat related problems can usually be prevented by:

  • Applying sunscreen 15-30 SPF
  • Wearing a hat
  • Wearing light, loose fitting clothes
  • Drinking plenty of water or sports drinks
  • Limiting alcohol consumption

If you become hot, sweaty, fatigued and thirsty, you should get out of the sun immediately and begin to replenish your fluids. If these symptoms continue or you develop dizziness or muscle cramps, you should visit one of our First Aid rooms for further evaluation and treatment.

Several drinking fountains are located on each level within the stadium:

  • 100-Level: nears Sections 107, 115, 125, 137
  • 200-Level: near Sections 207, 219, 229, 241
  • 500-Level: near Sections 507, 517, 529, 541


Run the Bases

On Jr. Jays Sundays and specially designated weekends presented by Boston Pizza and after other select games, kids 14 and under can come down to the field postgame and run the bases like the pros! Kids are invited to line up following the game at Sections 105, 205 and 505. Each child must be accompanied by an adult and will be able to run the bases once. Adults must accompany their children but may not run the bases themselves.

Please Note: Kids who are Jr. Jays Club Members receive Front of the Line access for Run the Bases.


Security Measures

In order to provide our guests with a safe environment, the following security measures may be in effect:

  • Searches at all entry gates will include the inspection of all items that are carried into the stadium. Everyone entering will be subject to full searches of their person, with the use of walk through metal detectors (WTMD); other methods include hand-held metal detectors or pat downs.
  • Searches may cause delays in entering the stadium and we encourage everyone to arrive early. Those patrons who do not carry any items into the stadium will enter more rapidly than those who bring items in with them. Guests are encouraged to leave belongings in their vehicles or at home whenever possible.
  • Law enforcement personnel will be present at all entrances throughout the facility along with our staff to ensure guest safety. We thank our guests for their patience and cooperation in making your experience at Rogers Centre safe and enjoyable.
  • Please report any suspicious activity in or around Rogers Centre - See Something, Say Something
  • Safety is everyone's responsibility - if you see suspicious activity please report it to any member of our Event staff or uniformed Police personnel


Sightlines is a market buffet game experience that is located in the 300-level outfield. Sightlines is not in general stadium seating and does not have access to the stadium.

If you have questions about Sightlines, please contact the Toronto Blue Jays ticket sales office at 416-341-1540.

Smoking Regulations

Since January 2006, Rogers Centre has been a smoke-free environment, in compliance with the Province of Ontario's Smoke-Free Ontario Act. Smoking is not permitted at any level in the building. This includes the use of any vapour, electronic cigarettes or marijuana. Security issues preclude us from allowing guests back into the building if they choose to exit. Those leaving the facility to smoke will not be permitted re-entry to the stadium.

Social Media Clubhouse

Fans can connect with the Blue Jays and their favourite player(s) through our Social Media Clubhouse


Solicitation and Distribution of Literature

Guests are prohibited from distributing banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handballs, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers or any other written, printed and/or painted materials, without advance written permission from Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club.

Stadium Rules/Standard of Conduct

Copies of the Stadium Rules and Standards of Conduct are posted in a variety of locations throughout Rogers Centre (including in proximity to building entrances). The text of the current policy (in place since 2008) is as follows:

A valid ticket must be produced upon entry to the stadium and at any time thereafter upon request.

Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership ("Blue Jays") and/or Rogers Stadium Limited Partnership (collectively, the "Management") reserves the right, without compensation or refund of admission price to refuse any person admission to the stadium, or to remove such person from the stadium, (i) if the person uses language or exhibits conduct which, in the opinion of Management, is abusive, illegal or objectionable or might otherwise interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of others, (ii) if, in the opinion of the Management, the person's ticket is not valid, or (iii) if the person brings into the stadium any restricted items, including, without limitation, alcohol, illegal drugs, chemicals, bottles, cans, weapons of any kind, large bags, knapsacks or hard-sided coolers or briefcases (list of restricted items subject to change at any time in the discretion of the Management). Each person wishing to enter the stadium consents to Management's reasonable examination of his or her person and/or belongings to ensure compliance with the foregoing.

Each person entering the stadium grants to the Management, their corporate affiliates, agents, broadcasters, business associates and/or sponsors (collectively, the "Authorized Parties") the absolute and irrevocable right to utilize that person's voice, image and/or likeness in connection with any transmission, retransmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the game to which such person is admitted. Each person entering the stadium further grants to the Authorized Parties the absolute and irrevocable right to use that persons voice, image and/or likeness for any purpose whatever, including on merchandise and in Blue Jays advertising, without restriction, and regardless of medium. Each person entering the stadium thereby waives all rights of inspection or approval regarding any use of his/her voice, image or likeness and any right to remuneration therefore, and releases and discharges the Authorized Parties from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of his/her voice, image or likeness, including, without limitation, any and all claims for invasion of privacy, right of publicity or defamation.

Each person entering the Stadium agrees that: (A) he/she shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any information about the game or event that he/she is attending, including, but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information concerning the game or event (collectively "Event Information"), (B) Blue Jays is the exclusive owner of all copyrights and other proprietary rights in all baseball games and event information in respect of such baseball games, and (C) all photographs and recordings created by him/her are for personal use only.

WARNING: Each person entering this stadium voluntarily assumes all risks of any injury or other loss to person and property occurring during his/her presence at the stadium and/or incidental or related to the event being held or game being played at the stadium, as applicable, at or about such time (including, without limitation, injury suffered from balls, bats or other objects projected into or within the stands), and releases the Management, Major League Baseball, the Commissioner, the participating teams, the performing acts and their respective agents, corporate affiliates and employees from and all liability therefore, regardless of whether such injury or loss occurs before, during or after the actual performance of the event or playing of the game, as applicable, and whether such injury or loss is caused by any person's negligence or otherwise. PRIOR TO, DURING AND FOLLOWING BASEBALL GAMES, INCLUDING DURING ALL BATTING PRACTICES, FIELDING PRACTICES AND WARM-UPS, ITEMS SUCH AS BASEBALLS, BATS AND FRAGMENTS THEREOF MAY BE THROWN OR HIT INTO THE STANDS AND CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY. FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY, PLEASE STAY ALERT AND BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

Copies of the most current Stadium Rules and Standards of Conduct are available at Gate 9 or by calling 416-341-1000.

Strollers/Jr. Jays Valet

The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre welcome guests with baby strollers, but kindly ask that all strollers be checked at a Fan Services location and not stored at the guest's seat or at the top of the aisle. All of our guests who visit the ballpark on the weekend are welcome to stop by our Jr. Jays Stroller Valets at Sections 120, 205 & 530, where a staff member will gladly check in your stroller and provide you with a claim ticket to exchange once you and your family are ready to leave.

Sunday Salute

Since 2012, the Blue Jays have included Sunday Salute in their portfolio of community programming, to pay tribute to men and women of our Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Through this program, the Blue Jays are committed to commemorating the strength and sacrifices made by members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families. On each Sunday home game, the Blue Jays host a CAF member and their family at the ballpark. During the third inning, the team honours this individual on-field through a video board tribute and presents him/her with a personalized Blue Jays jersey. The ceremony gives fans the opportunity to join the team in recognizing the hard work and sacrifices made by those who serve our country.

TD Executive Suites

Our TD Executive Suites are located on the 300 and 400 Suite Levels of Rogers Centre, with access primarily through Gates 3 and 13. TD Executive Suites range in size from 12-person to 300-person capacities are offered for Blue Jays single games or as part of a multi-game package. Suites and suite levels are wheelchair accessible.


Ticket Resellers/Third Party

To ensure the admittance of all guests and the legitimacy of their tickets, the Toronto Blue Jays encourage everyone to purchase tickets directly from the Toronto Blue Jays and or Ticketmaster and not to patronize ticket re-sellers. Ticketmaster is the only authorized ticketing agent Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays recognizes. Any ticket purchased via a third party ticket distributor cannot be confirmed as being valid by Rogers Centre.

StubHub is the official Fan to Fan ticket marketplace of the Toronto Blue Jays.


Ticket Scanning

For each home game, the Toronto Blue Jays use a bar-code scanning system for tickets of guests entering Rogers Centre. Scanning of valid Ticket(s) and MyBlueJays Membership Card(s) provides the Toronto Blue Jays quick and accurate attendance figures, helps us to track giveaway quantities at the gates and controls fraudulent, duplicate, or invalid barcode(s) from entering Rogers Centre.

Tours of Rogers Centre

Guests can take a behind-the-scenes ballpark tour of Rogers Centre, one of Toronto's most popular tourist attractions. Tours operate daily (stadium schedule permitting).



Any fan venturing onto the playing field before, during or after a game or event will be subject to criminal prosecution under the criminal code. Guests are also prohibited from accessing dugout roofs, bullpens, clubhouses and all other non-ticketed areas within Rogers Centre.


U.S. Currency

U.S. currency is accepted at the Jays Shop Stadium Edition and all official merchandise locations. All concession stands accept U.S. currency. Currency conversion will only be from a result of a sales transaction.


Video Display Board

In 2005, the Toronto Blue Jays installed state of the art LED video display boards by Daktronics. The main screen in centre field measures 110 feet across and 33 feet high. Two large screens, used largely for out-of-town scores, have been built into the outfield wall, each measuring 65 feet across and 10 feet high. Two more video screens stretch outwards on the concrete facing the 300-Level, reaching from the main screen in centre field down the first and third base lines. The screens can carry fully integrated video or messages, or work independently.

Video Display Board Messages

Celebrate your special occasion and support Jays Care Foundation! Fans can reserve a Birthday, Anniversary or Special Welcome greeting to be displayed on the Video Board during their selected Blue Jays home game by making a $100 donation to Jays Care.

BOOK a Video Board Message

Video Surveillance

In order to operate a secure and responsible facility, CCTV surveillance cameras are in use throughout Rogers Centre.



Washrooms are located in convenient locations on the concourses and available on all five levels of Rogers Centre - 30 for men, 34 for women and 3 Multi-Purpose Washrooms.

Water Fountains

Several drinking fountains are located on each level within the stadium:

  • 100-Level: nears Sections 107, 115, 137
  • 200-Level: near Sections 207, 219, 229, 241
  • 500-Level: near Sections 507, 517, 529

Additionally there are two (2) water bottle filling stations located at sections 125 and 541

West Jet Flight Deck

Fans who have purchased tickets for any level, are welcome to watch the game from our West Jet Flight Deck on the day of the game. West Jet Flight Deck is a standing-room only area available on a first-come first-served basis located on the 200 Level in the outfield.