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Welcome to Blue Jays Authentics. Home to all your authenticated Toronto Blue Jays merchandise needs. Whether you are looking for a keepsake from a specific day, an item used by your favourite player or are looking to add to your Memorabilia collection, there is something here for you! Items available include Game-Used/Team Issued baseballs, jerseys, bats, bases and so much more. Find us at our new location at Section 146 this season!


Authenticated Merchandise from the Toronto Blue Jays is a unique product category that exclusively offers items direct from the field of play. Based upon this, we understand that there may be questions. Here are some examples of those questions and how they are addressed.

I caught a baseball in the crowd. Can it be authenticated?

Great catch! That will be a souvenir you can remember forever. Per MLB authentication guidelines, the authenticator needs to witness the baseball the entire time until it reaches their possession for it to be authenticated, so the ball cannot be authenticated. The ball can be cherished for its personal value.

Are all game-used and team issued items autographed?

There are select autographed items available, but none that are game used. There is a wide selection of game-used, one-of-a-kind items available to purchase. You could get closer to the game by taking home one of these. Items are sold as is and the team does not have a method to get these signed for you.

Is there a way to purchase items in US dollars?

The Blue Jays are always happy to hear from our fans around the world. Everything sold online, over the phone or in store is in Canadian dollars (including shipping costs). The Blue Jays sell exclusively in Canadian dollars. The currency exchange is constantly fluctuating, and your Credit Card Company/Financial Institution could charge an additional premium if the item is being shipped outside Canada.

Can I exchange/return my item?

Thank you for your purchase of this MLB authenticated item. Due to the unique aspects of the authentication program, Blue Jays Authentics items are final sale items and cannot be returned or exchanged. If there was an issue related to a shipment or purchase, please contact us at [email protected] and we will see what possibilities exist to address the situation.

Is there a store where I can see/purchase authenticated items?

The Gate 5 Jays Shop at Rogers Centre has select authenticated products. If you are attending a game, please visit the Blue Jays Authentics store at Section 146. This store will only be open after entering the stadium. The store will be open from the time the gates open and will close 15 minutes after the end of the game. There will also be select authenticated items at Section 220. Items are housed at Rogers Centre, so please ask a Sales Associate to contact the Authentics Department if you are visiting the stadium and do not see what you are looking for in-store. Gate 5 store hours and information can be found here.

Am I able to purchase a bat/jersey/lineup card from today’s game?

Enjoy the game! We hope you are having a great experience. Jerseys are used by the players throughout the season and will not be received until the end of the season (no set date). Cracked bats and lineup cards will not be available for purchase on the same day as the game. Please note that items could also be kept by the player, organization or league based upon historical significance. Please check back at a later point or email [email protected] should you be looking for a specific product. Select items will also be posted to

I have a cool item. Would the organization like to buy it back or can they appraise it?

That is a great item to have in your collection. The Blue Jays organization maintains significant items throughout their history. We appreciate you thinking of the team; however, the Blue Jays do not currently purchase memorabilia from our fans. An alternative possibility is to donate to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Blue Jays Authentics sells MLB Authenticated items only, so cannot appraise products without authentication or using an alternative form of authenticity. A possible alternative is to post the item on a third-party auction or view similar items online to get a better idea on value.

What authenticated items do you have associated to a player?

The team appreciates your support and it is always great to hear about the support for our players. You can search the player’s name through the Search bar at the top right of the Auction or Buy Now page to see what is available that relates to them. If you are viewing all auction or buy now items, there are filters on the left side of the page that include player name. If you are looking for more, contact the Authentics Specialist by email at [email protected].

Where can I submit suggestions for items I’d like to purchase in the future?

Every idea is a good idea. We’d be happy to hear your suggestions and the more details, the better. There are limited licensees that have rights to work with the authentication program. Please contact the Authentics Specialist directly and provide as many details as possible. Thank you for sharing.

What type of product availability do you have and how does it compare to other stadiums?

Always great to hear about fans experiencing all the different stadiums across the league. Thank you for making the Rogers Centre and Toronto Blue Jays part of this. The main product selection will be in store, so it is likely that if you do not see an item category, that it will not be available. Please contact the Authentics Specialist for more information. The main available items are jerseys, bats, baseballs, lineup cards and bases. The only items relating to opposition players will be baseballs, bases and lineup cards.

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