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These are baseball's nastiest fastballs

@HarriganMLB and @SlangsOnSports and @AndrewSimonMLB and @mattkellyMLB and @_dadler
17 minutes ago

Just because the 2020 season hasn't started yet, doesn't mean baseball fans have to forget what it's like to watch the best of the best. This week, is highlighting some of the nastiest pitches in baseball -- a different pitch type every day, with five pitchers featured for each

Looking for classics? We'll stream them -- every day

5:53 PM EDT

Why not enjoy some of MLB's classic games while you wait for baseball to come back? MLB is streaming games every day across its various platforms -- one in the afternoon at 1 p.m. ET, and another in the evening at 7 p.m. ET. • The early games at 1

The best to never win a Cy Young Award

12:01 AM EDT

Cy Young holds Major League records for career wins (511), starts (815), complete games (749) and innings (7,356), and he ranks third all time in Wins Above Replacement (163.8, per Baseball-Reference). But despite all of his accomplishments, the right-hander never had the honor of winning the award that was named

Want my uni number? Send my kid to college

The best trades in baseball
March 27, 2020

The invention of money largely did away with a barter economy. If you want a bag of chips, you just go to the store and drop a couple bills on the counter. You don't have to figure out how many of your hand-knit socks a bag of chips is worth.

He invented a cocktail ... and the knuckleball

An origin story fitting for such a strange pitch
March 28, 2020

No one ever chooses to be a knuckleballer. Every player would rather throw a blazing heater than be forced to become of those weirdos who rely on the vagaries of the floating, fluttering dipsy ducking diving pitch. It’s only fitting then that the man who some credit as being the

Soler's son takes him yard, then imitates dad

an hour ago

Jorge Soler made history for the Royals last year, smashing a franchise-record 48 home runs while playing in all 162 games of the season. Now it's time to see what his son, Jorley, has got. As it turns out, it looks a lot like what we saw from Jorge in

Edmonds has pneumonia, awaiting other results

10:30 AM EDT

ST. LOUIS -- Former All-Star center fielder and current FOX Sports Midwest broadcaster Jim Edmonds shared on Instagram that he is feeling sick and underwent tests for COVID-19 (coronavirus) on Saturday morning. Edmonds posted an update on Saturday evening in a video from his home saying he had tested positive

For a brief time, Wally was on top of the world

March 28, 2020

While we’re waiting for baseball to come back, we are making do. So once a week, inspired by the late Deadspin’s “Let’s Remember Some Guys” series, we will take a look at one player in baseball history, why he was great, why he mattered and why we should hang on

Ranking every Cy Young Award season

12:31 AM EDT

In 1956, a year after the death of legendary pitcher Cy Young, the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) began handing out an annual award in his honor. After one trophy was given out for all of Major League Baseball in each of the first 11 seasons, the Cy Young

Watch these classic games on YouTube

March 19, 2020

In difficult times like these, we often look to sports for an escape, which is part of the reason why the lack of live games right now is so frustrating for many. To help fill the void, here’s a complete guide to how you can watch any number of classic

Brain warmed up? Here are 8 more quizzes

Baseball history is vast, so let's do more trivia
March 27, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic still evolving by the day, there's plenty of free time while we safely practice some social distancing. Luckily, baseball history contains pretty much endless fodder for trivia. Just as we presented a week ago, below are eight intensive baseball Sporcle quizzes to activate all those "useless"

Here are some home baseball activities for kids

March 25, 2020

Have kids who need something fun to do while they're at home? Your favorite baseball teams have you covered. Lots of MLB teams are posting games, coloring pages and more to help keep young baseball fans busy. Check out these baseball-themed activities from MLB and teams around the league. MLB:

Watch every 2018 and '19 game free on MLB.TV

March 20, 2020

There's no live baseball for the time being, but you can now experience the last two years of Major League action on MLB.TV for free. The MLB.TV archives of the 2018 and '19 seasons are open and accessible for all, which means more than 4,800 games are available to stream

Ranking the last 25 World Series winners

@williamfleitch and @mike_petriello
March 27, 2020

Since Major League Baseball instituted the Wild Card in the 1995 season, there have been 25 World Series winners, from the '95 Braves to the 2019 Nationals. By definition, these are all wonderfully talented teams; they did, after all, win the World Series. But that doesn't mean that there's a

These pitchers may like the 3-batter minimum

March 18, 2020

Among the various rule changes put in place for the 2020 season, if and when that actually gets started, the one that's drawn the most attention is the edict that all pitchers must face at least three batters (or pitch to the end of an inning), with the only exception

Watch Gallo hit a few rockets ... in his living room

12:06 PM EDT

Major League players are, like many of us, spending a lot of time indoors right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean they’re not doing everything possible to stay in shape. Players around the league have taken to social media to show how they’re getting their workouts

Singing for charity a 'no-brainer' for Brault

1:14 PM EDT

PITTSBURGH -- If everything had gone according to plan, Steven Brault would have spent Saturday night in St. Petersburg, getting ready for his first outing of the season while the Pirates opened the season against the Rays at Tropicana Field. And if everything had gone according to plan, Elena Mayo

The walk-offs you chose to be shown on MLB Network

MLB Network to air the winners on #WalkoffWednesday
7:33 PM EDT

Imagine watching an entire day's worth of some of the most legendary walk-off wins in baseball history. Pretty great, right? Well, imagine no more because beginning next week, MLB Network will be airing "#WalkoffWednesday," highlighting some of the best game-winners of all time by showing entire games, as chosen by

A-Rod's 25 grand slams stand alone

Gehrig, Manny rank right behind Rodriguez on all-time list
6:41 PM EDT

Few plays can swing a baseball game like the grand slam. It's the biggest offensive weapon in baseball, one that can clear the bases, boost the score and send the opposing pitcher into dismay with one swing of the bat. It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that some of

MLB, players reach deal addressing key issues

March 27, 2020

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have finalized a deal that addresses both salary and service-time issues, among others, as the entire sport continues to wait out the coronavirus pandemic. With no start date set for the 2020 season, the two sides had been negotiating for the past

Bartolo Colon, billiards trick shot master

The cue flip was also exquisite
March 28, 2020

It's hard to dispute that Bartolo Colon is one of the most unique athletes of our time. He pitched for more than 20 season in the Majors, evolving from a terrifying power pitcher to a wily veteran with pinpoint control, providing fans with joy every step of the way. Not

How much does Bobby V miss baseball? Well ...

Meet the Mets ...
March 28, 2020

No matter how introverted you're naturally inclined to be, there's probably something about your life that you miss in this era of social distancing. Maybe it's your weekly pickup basketball game. Maybe it's settling down each night to some live sports on the television. Maybe it's something as simple as

These pitchers won back-to-back Cy Young Awards

@MannyOnMLB and @mattkellyMLB
12:31 AM EDT

Finishing the season as the best pitcher in your league is an incredible achievement. But doing so in back-to-back years? That puts an ace in inner-circle company. And that's the company Jacob deGrom joined Wednesday, becoming the 11 pitcher to capture the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s Cy Young Award

MLB Quiz of the Day: Opening Day memories

March 27, 2020

Today's "MLB Quiz of the Day" focuses on all of the top performances and milestones surrounding one of the most exciting days on the baseball calendar -- Opening Day. Who threw the only Opening Day no-hitter in MLB history? What about the only Opening Day cycle? Which team has had