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Hall of Famer exits booth, takes mound

The one-of-a-kind Dizzy Dean returned in a one-of-a-kind way
May 23, 2020

Forget Jordan returning from retirement -- twice. Ignore Andy Pettite’s return to the Bronx. And don’t even think about Gronk’s upcoming reunion with Tom Brady. Dizzy Dean had the chance to be the greatest to ever come back from retirement. It has less to do with the fact that he

He wears glasses, he crushes homers into forests

His nickname is 'The president of elementary school students'
May 22, 2020

There are far too few glasses-wearing baseball players today. Eric Sogard and J.D. Hammer are a couple players that come to mind. Even throughout baseball history, there aren't that many: Reggie Jackson and Chris Sabo wore a form of spectacles, there was the professor Greg Maddux, there was this guy

How far back in HR history can we go in 6 steps? 

Let's do some baseball time traveling
May 20, 2020

Baseball is a game of connections, and thanks to its long history and obsession with keeping records since its earliest days, we’re able to make those connections in ways other sports can only dream of. Each game you watch features some kind of statistic that can tie a player to

A weird fact about a player on every team

Samurai swords, ailurophobia and more
May 17, 2020

A ballplayer's life doesn't begin and end at the park. Sure, they spend plenty of their time there -- lifting weights, drinking nutrient-dense smoothies and taking BP all before the game, but just like Walt Whitman, the players contain multitudes. So, we delved into the 2020 media guides, looked to

KBO player wins car by hitting it with a dinger

Pinpoint dinger accuracy
May 17, 2020

Hitting home runs is fun. They make the hitter feel great, they make the fans of the hitter’s team feel great, they make the opposing team and pitcher crumble in agony. And in some ballparks, with pinpoint dinger accuracy, home runs can also be a key to winning another prize

What happens when two balls are in play at once?

Chaos, that's what happens
May 16, 2020

We all know how a game of baseball works: A pitcher throws a ball to a batter who tries to hit it. If he puts it in play, the fielders then try to catch it, and maybe they'll toss it around to a couple of their teammates. After they've done

The WWE champion smashes shirtless dingers

He truly is a monster among men
May 15, 2020

He's known as "The Monster Among Men." He was inspired by Ryan Braun and his Brewers fandom when he chose to go by Braun Strowman. So, it should be no surprise that the current WWE champion, who has individual muscles bigger than my head, is also great at launching absolute

Mercury Met? Alonso's ROY run out of this world

He might actually be onto something
May 14, 2020

We all have our superstitions. They're the way we humans write the concepts of order and cause-and-effect onto a world that otherwise would seem too large and random to comprehend. There's a comfort in knowing you can prevent your mother from breaking her back by simply avoiding cracks in the

Remember Frank Thomas? No, not that one ...

These are MLB's greatest same-named doppelgangers
May 12, 2020

It’s surely happened to you. You’re searching for a particular superstar player, or think you're about to snag a killer deal on a rookie card and you spot it: It's a baseball doppelganger, or, to put it in layman's terms, you've found a far-less-famous big leaguer who just happens to

Nothing can top a walk-off homer hit from the knees

This is how to end a game
May 12, 2020

There is no better ending to a ballgame than a walk-off home run: Literally everything is on the table as the pitcher throws his very best pitch, and the batter takes the mightiest cut he can in hopes of doing something good. And when the player falls to his knees

Freeman's son shows off his home run celebration

His game is nearly complete
May 9, 2020

Last time we checked in on Freddie Freeman and his son, Charlie, we saw the slugger take his son deep. The incident may have annoyed some unlucky neighbor who probably ran over the ball with his lawnmower the following week, but it certainly didn't annoy Charlie. The youngster couldn't contain

What happens if a team runs out of players? 

Answering your most pressing questions
May 8, 2020

Welcome to Infrequently Asked Questions, the series that explores the kind of questions you need to know at three in the morning. We are here to help, and remind you that while there are such things as stupid questions, that doesn't mean those questions don't deserve answers. Today, we answer

When Griffeys played baseball with Bigfoot ... kinda

The '90s sure were weird
May 8, 2020

Ken Griffey Jr. was the pop culture baseball superstar. With the sweetest swing that human eyes have ever witnessed, a backward cap and a sly grin on his face, Griffey was everywhere in the '90s. He had a chocolate bar, a video game, and appeared in almost every commercial possible

You decide: Camden Yards’ greatest dinger

Still only one warehouse homer
May 6, 2020

Camden Yards is one of the most picturesque ballparks in America, so much so that its construction in 1992 -- nuzzled comfortably within the confines of downtown Baltimore -- went on to influence almost every baseball stadium that came after. Obviously such a majestic park makes for some majestic homers,

Can you guess the moment before it happens?

May 5, 2020

You may not be able to remember the first person you ever dated, you may struggle to remember your mother's birthday and sometimes you're real fuzzy on what your social security number is, but you always remember baseball's biggest moments: Carlton Fisk's home run, Ozzie Smith making folks "go crazy,"

How Eckstein's wife became a 'Star Wars' icon

Hopefully we can land David a 'Clone Wars' cameo
May 4, 2020

David Eckstein finished fourth in the 2001 AL Rookie of the Year voting, earned some down-ballot MVP consideration, won a World Series and became a 5-foot-6 folk hero during four years with the Angels. And still, he might not even be the most prominent Disney-related member of his own family:

Watch a young, starstruck Ichiro meet Jordan

A meeting of legends
May 4, 2020

The mid-90's were a crazy time. The Warped Tour was starting its annual tours of the country. People were voluntarily wearing JNCO jeans for some reason. Michael Jordan played baseball for a year. And, Ichiro wasn't yet a member of the Mariners. In fact, just in his early 20's, he

The time Mike Trout won a HR derby left-handed

And there was much joy in Millville
May 3, 2020

The baseball greats, they all have them: Stories from before they were stars, unbelievable on-the-field feats that blur the line between truth and fiction. Bryce Harper's 570-foot dinger onto a highway, Mickey Mantle's 600-foot home run at USC, Billy Wagner -- a natural right-hander -- learning to throw 100 mph

Milkfish Boy, the mascot we never knew we needed

He's perfect in every way
May 3, 2020

When you're looking for a mascot to help us get through 2020, there is no other choice but the Uni Lions of the CPBL's new mascot: Sababoy, the dancing, hat-wearing, fish head mascot. Yes, while the CPBL has been playing in front of empty stadiums and gifting North American viewers

144 years ago, the home run was born

Roscoe Barnes was his name, hitting dingers was sort of his game
May 2, 2020

Charles Roscoe Barnes was already a veteran ballplayer by May 2, 1876. From 1871-'76, he starred in the National Association of Professional Ball Players -- the first pro league for the sport. He hit .400 or better in three of those seasons, taking full advantage of the game's fair-foul rules

You can now live in the house from 'Bull Durham'

Just go buy it, meat
May 1, 2020

Movies are great escapes. You can enter an entirely new world for two or three or 720 hours and forget about life for a while. Unfortunately, after it's over, you do have to return to business as scheduled. But what if you didn't? What if you could actually live in

Did Matt Holliday actually touch home plate?

Let's see if we can put this to rest
April 30, 2020

There’s nothing like a great baseball story. But baseball has been around a long time, and in some cases, it can be hard to tell whether those stories are too good to be true. Which is why MLB Mythbusters is here to help -- we'll be diving into some of

What happens when a fan becomes a free agent?

You can't change who you are
April 30, 2020

Sports fandom can be a miserable endeavor and it's a wonder any of us continue to put up with it. Even if you're a fan of historically successful teams like the Yankees, Patriots or Lakers, most of the time your season ends in defeat, bitter feelings and a sense of

Where did the bullpen phone come from? 

We may never know
April 29, 2020

Baseball is a game filled with bizarre, complex little gadgets. Baseball uniforms involve buttons and a belt, as if the players might need to attend a board meeting after the game. Players fiddle endlessly with their equipment -- adjusting helmets, gloves and shinguards as they step to the plate. But

Tattoo quiz: Which big leaguer sports this ink?

Tattoos are the one thing you can't capture on the radio
April 29, 2020

Watch any big league game and you're bound to see some truly phenomenal (or regrettable -- tastes vary) tattoo art. Ballplayers put almost as much work into their ink as they do at the gym. So, while you probably spend more time focusing on the dingers and strikeouts, you may