By purchasing a Specialty Ticket to any of the following games, you gain exclusive access to guaranteed giveaways and experiences at the ballpark. Quantities are limited! Don’t miss out.

Please note: Specialty Ticket items are ONLY available with the purchase of a Specialty Ticket. Regular single game tickets do not provide access to the item. All Specialty Ticket purchases will come with a game ticket that indicates the item that is included. Within 24-48 hours of the Specialty Ticket game, fans will receive further details by email on how items will be distributed at the game.

Specialty Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

How do Specialty Tickets differ from Gate Giveaways?

Compared to our traditional giveaways (available to the first 15,000 fans that enter Rogers Centre) and Theme Day or Night events (available to all fans that purchase a game ticket), Specialty Tickets will be available to a smaller group of fans that purchase the Specialty Ticket add on. They are not offered to all fans that attend the game and ticket quantities will vary based on the event and as we assess demand throughout the season.

How will fans know if they have purchased the Specialty Ticket add on?

Fans’ tickets will indicate they have purchased a Specialty Ticket with the name of the event (i.e. “HELLOKITTY”, "PICKLEFEST", “HANDMADEBYROBOTS”, “YOUTHBASEBALL”, “UNI/COLLEGE” or "GRATEFULDEAD")

Where do Specialty Ticket purchasers pick up their giveaway item?

For all 2024 Specialty Tickets, aside from Youth Baseball Night and University & College Night, the Specialty Ticket entrance will be at Gate 9a, located on the south side of Rogers Centre on Bremner Blvd. Gate 9a will be the only location where fans with Specialty Tickets can pick up their unique giveaway.

For Youth Baseball Night and University & College Night, Specialty Ticket holders will be permitted to enter through any gate at Rogers Centre and will receive information closer to the event date with specific details on where Youth Batting Gloves and Tumblers can be picked up, per group.

If a fan purchased a game ticket but not a Specialty Ticket, can they purchase the Specialty Ticket later?

No, fans must purchase the Specialty Ticket in the original purchase flow; add-ons will not be sold separately. If fans incorrectly purchased a single game ticket but meant to purchase the Specialty Ticket option, they can contact the Ticketing department.