The Blue Jays are pleased to announce the return of our annual Canadian Futures Showcase from September 20 to 24.

The Canadian Futures Showcase is a national amateur baseball showcase held each September and hosted by the Blue Jays Baseball Academy. The goal is to provide an opportunity for the best amateur baseball players born in Canada, with draft and college eligibility. It acts to centralize the best Canadian baseball players, with the intention of exposing them to as many MLB scouts and college recruiters as possible.

Simply put, the Blue Jays Baseball Academy's intention is to provide a platform that both highlights and markets the high level of amateur baseball talent in this country. Since 2013, 110 former showcase players have been drafted by Major League Baseball organizations with more than 500 receiving college scholarships to continue their academic and athletic careers.

The Showcase’s success has relied on national in-person evaluations, which begin in the spring and lead into the fall. Blue Jays Baseball Academy staff travel across Canada and offer open tryout opportunities to players who wish to compete in the Showcase.

Tryout dates and locations can be found by clicking here.

Players selected for the Canadian Futures Showcase will be divided evenly among six teams. Players will demonstrate their skills through in-game competition and a dedicated scout evaluation day. The final day of the Showcase will include a home run derby and a prospects game.

The Blue Jays look forward to hosting the best amateur baseball players in Canada once again in 2022.

The first 75 players selected for the Canadian Futures Showcase have been announced.


For any questions, please contact the Blue Jays Baseball Academy at [email protected].


Come see the future of Canadian baseball by purchasing your 2022 scout pass to the Canadian Futures Showcase.