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MLB Pitch Hit & Run is the Official Youth Skills Competition of MLB. This free program allows baseball and softball participants the opportunity to advance through three levels of competition culminating at the MLB World Series!

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The Pitch, Hit & Run property is for boys and girls 7-14 years old, and consists of a series of movements that are important in baseball and softball. Athletes will be tested, and their measurements will be recorded. Based on their scores in the pitch, hit and run categories, they will advance from a local event to a Team Championship help in MLB stadiums and then to the National Finals. Those that make it to the National Finals receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to compete at the MLB World Series.

Age Divisions (Softball & Baseball): 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14

Team Championships 2022:

Padres - August 9

Red Sox- August 13

Reds - August 13

Nationals - August 13

Rockies - August 13

Rays - August 20

A's - August 21

Twins - August 27

Cardinals - August 27

White Sox - August 27

Marlins - August 27

Rangers - September 4

Royals - September 10

Dust Devils - September 10

Mariners - September 11

Brewers - September 17

Phillies - September 24

National Finals: Game 2 of the World Series