Frequently Asked Questions



What is Pitch Hit & Run?

Major League Baseball® Pitch, Hit & Run™ (PHR™) is a free event that creates a safe and fun environment for kids to stay active and learn or continue to play baseball and softball in their local communities. Participation gives the athletes a chance to compete and earn a spot in a Team Championship or National Finals.

The Pitch Hit & Run competition is for boys and girls 7 to 14 years old, and consists of a series of movements that are important in baseball and softball. Athletes are tested, and their measurements are recorded. Based on their scores, they may advance from a local event to a Team Championship and then to the National Finals, which is held during the 2023 MLB® World Series.

Who can participate in the competition, and what are the divisions?

Baseball Division:

  • 7-8 Division
  • 9-10 Division
  • 11-12 Division
  • 13-14 Division

Softball Division:

  • 7-8 Division
  • 9-10 Division
  • 11-12 Division
  • 13-14 Division

How do I find an event near me?

You can search for Pitch, Hit & Run events in your community on our website.

Keep in mind that all athletes must be registered online to be eligible to participate and advance.

What is an automatic qualifier?

This year we have added automatic qualifiers, where the winners at the local level will AUTOMATICALLY advance to a Team Championship.

Below are some of the automatic qualifiers for 2023:

  • Any Minor League Baseball Club or Major League Baseball Club who runs the Pitch, Hit & Run competition
  • Any local operator who runs an event with 175 or more pre-registered participants
  • Pitch, Hit & Run held during 2023 MLB World Series

How and when will I know if I advance?

We have to allow all local events to conclude before we are able to determine the winners. Since all the local events are required to conclude by Aug. 1, we will let winners know by Aug. 8 if they advance. We will have Team Championships throughout the month of October and will let all winners know if they advance to the National Finals, one week after the final scheduled event (TBD).

RCX Sports will reach out to the winner through the registration information provided when registering for the event.

When and where are the Team Championships taking place?

The Team Championships will take place in the months of August, September and October. The Team Championships feed into the National Finals, held at the MLB World Series. The Team Championships are typically held at Major League Baseball stadiums. The full schedule will be released and posted on the PHR website as soon as possible!

What happens if you win a Team Championship?

If you win a PHR Team Championship, you will then advance to the PHR National Finals, which is held during the MLB World Series. PHR National Finals qualifiers receive an all-expenses-paid trip for the participant and one guardian.

What is the date of birth deadline for age groups?

Nov. 15, 2023.

What type of bats are allowed?

Please see the handbook for specific bat restrictions.

What are essential things I need to bring to a Pitch Hit and Run event?

Non-metal spikes, bat, glove.

*How will it be decided what Team Championship winners will participate in? *

Team Championship vent assignments for athletes will be determined by the closet geographical location from their local event.

When do Team Championships begin for Pitch, Hit & Run?


How does a participant advance to the next round?

If the event is not an automatic qualifier, each local event host will submit their winners at the end of their event. The winners go into a larger pool within their region, where the best performers are selected to advance to one of the PHR Team Championships. The winner will be directed to a PHR Team Championship location, which will be based on proximity to their home address, and the region in which they live.

Then, the winners from each PHR Team Championship will again be put in a pool of other winners within their region, and those best performers will advance to the PHR National Finals, which takes place during the MLB World Series.

How many athletes advance?

Once your local competition is completed, the winners from your event will go into a pool of winners from other local events in your region. The top three baseball and softball players in each age division will advance to the PHR Team Championships in their region.

This remains true for the PHR Team Championship winners as well the winners are put into a pool with the winners of all the other PHR Team Championships, and the top three from each sport and each age division will advance to the National Finals and earn an all-expenses-paid trip to the MLB World Series.

Any individual who qualifies from a PHR Local Event run by a MLB or MLB® club automatically qualifies for their region’s PHR Team Championship.


How can I host an event?

Who can participate in my event?

Anybody ages 7-14.

What is the beginning date and deadline to run a local event for athletes to qualify for the 2023 Regional and National Finals?

Fall 2022.

Why should I host a local Pitch, Hit & Run event?

The Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit & Run events are a fun, accessible way to get kids interested in playing baseball and/or softball. Plus, they can be an exciting addition to existing leagues, events and other programs for athletes. Even more, these high-profile events are affiliated with Major League Baseball. The winners of your local event have the opportunity to advance to and compete during MLB World Series!

When should the competition be held?

Pitch, Hit & Run local competitions should be held no later than Aug. 1, to qualify for the 2023 Team Championships and National Finals. There will be a quick turnaround from the Aug. 1 deadline to the first Team Championship, so we recommend you complete your events earlier in the summer!

You are still able to host Pitch, Hit & Run events after Aug. 1, but the winners from the competition will qualify for the 2023 Team Championships and National Finals, and will have to be in compliance with rules for the 2023 season.

What is the best way to run this event to get maximum participation?

There are many different types of organizations and ways to encourage participation. You can decide what's best for you, but here are some successful examples:

  • Part of PE classes
  • School field day
  • After-school activity
  • Opening day for a league
  • Picture day

Who can host a local event?

Anyone who is involved in baseball/softball organizations and can gather a group of participants can apply to host an event. All applicants will be vetted prior to approval. In the past, local hosts have consisted of coaches, league administrators, event operators, etc. If you are interested in potentially running an event, but want more information, please email us.

Are there any requirements to be a host?

All hosts will have to register online. All hosts will be vetted prior to receiving confirmation, so we encourage you to fill out the registration form as accurately and in-depth as possible.

Once approved, a representative will reach out to you to confirm your participation and provide you with all the materials that are needed to run the event.

Hosts must also use the designated registration platform for their events; athletes who are not registered prior to competing will not be able to advance.

Can I host both baseball and softball competitions on the same day/time?

Yes. In fact, we recommend that you offer both baseball and softball at the same time. It is very efficient to have both baseball and softball competitions occurring at the same time.

Do I have to host both baseball and softball competitions?

No. While we encourage you to open your competition to both baseball and softball, it is up to you and your organization to decide what is the best fit.

How should I set up the competition? Can I use just one field, or should I use multiple fields?

The number of fields you need for your competition will vary depending on the number of athletes in attendance. All tests can be run on one field, but if you have a lot of athletes, having access to another field will allow for multiple stations per exercise.

What type of facility do I need to host this event?

Having access to a baseball or softball field is ideal for a Pitch, Hit & Run event. However, the tests are set up so that they can take place anywhere by measuring out the different activities. Outside is preferred to allow room for the hitting portion of the event.

Can I charge kids to participate in Pitch, Hit & Run, or use it as a fundraiser?

No, Pitch, Hit & Run is a free event, and must remain free for all participants.

How do I promote my Local Competition?

Approved hosts have access to all the event marketing resources below:

  • Promotional flyers to print and distribute physically or digitally
  • Social media graphics to share via your social handles
  • Social media copy to share with your event promotional post
  • Website copy and banner ads to add on your website or community websites
  • Press release templates to use with your local community to get the word out

We recommend beginning promotion 6-8 weeks in advance of your event and continuing your promotion up until 24 hours prior to the event date.

How do I determine winners from my event?

The winners at a PHR event are determined by their CUMULATIVE score, after all three activities have been completed. In each age division there should be a baseball and a softball champion. Therefore, there will be eight total winners from each local event if the local organizer is hosting an event for all four age divisions and both sports.

Scores must be submitted no more than 24 hours after the conclusion of the event.


How does the age cutoff work?

At the local level, it is a requirement for all operators to verify the age of the athletes, with the cutoff being Nov. 15, 2023. This is the cutoff to qualify for Team Championships and National Finals held for the 2023 season. It is recommended to check birth certificates for all athletes prior to participating. If athletes are not verified and they compete in the wrong age division, or are otherwise determined ineligible due to age, their results will be voided, and they will not be able to advance to the next round.

If you are hosting an event after Aug. 1, 2022, the age cutoff is Nov. 15, 2023, as those local competition winners would qualify for Team Championships held in summer/fall of 2023.

My team/league is coed, can a girl compete in the Baseball Division and a boy in the Softball Division?

Yes. Participants may compete in either division (baseball or softball), but they may have to show verification that they participated as a baseball/softball player in a team/league if they win the PHR local competition. Athletes can compete in either division, but they can only participate in one division and one age group. Once a participant has chosen their division, they are not able to switch at any point for the duration of that PHR season.

Are there any requirements for participants?

Requirements for an athlete to participate include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Must be registered online prior to competition
  • Must meet age requirements

Do I have to use the PHR registration platform for my event?

Yes, all participants must register online through the Pitch, Hit & Run, MLB-approved platform. Once you register to host an event and gain approval, you will be sent a unique URL for all participants to register. Participants MUST register through this platform to be permitted to advance.

Can participants register on-site prior to the event?

Yes, we will provide walk-up registration QR codes and links so that participants are able to register on site and therefore be eligible to advance.

Can an athlete try to qualify at more than one event?

Yes, participants can try and qualify for a PHR Team Championship at multiple local events. If an athlete is participating at a Team Championship, they may only participate at the PHR Team Championship closest to where they live.