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Host a Competition

MLB Pitch Hit & Run is free to host and open to any organization. Give the kids in your community the opportunity to advance through 3 levels of competition including the Finals during MLB All-Star Week by hosting a Local Competition.

At this point in time, we are nearing the end of Locals season for PHR 2019. Please make sure to check back earlier next year to register to host an event in 2020. If you have any questions, or have updates to an already registered event, please email us at [email protected]

Create a Local Competition

Click on the "Register" button above in order to apply to host a competition. Once your Local Competition is approved, you will receive an email detailing how to create your Pitch Hit & Run account.

Create an Account

Follow the instructions provided via email to create your Pitch Hit & Run account. This will allow you to edit your event, view your online registrants, and submit your results.

After Approval - MLB Sends You PHR Kit

Upon receipt of your online registration, Major League Baseball will place you on a list to receive a kit, which will include a handbook (thoroughly explaining how to run the competition), registration forms, awards, promotional posters, strike zone banner, etc.

Receive Kit and Plan and Promote Your Event

Upon receiving your kit, review materials and make plans for your competition. Secure a handful of volunteers and promote competition through local outlets. 

Manage Your Competition Online

Before and after your competition, log back into your account and add/edit competitions, view registrations for your event, download materials, and submit results.

Submit the Results Online

Once the competition is complete, log into your account and submit your results from your dashboard. Don't forget to create a new competition for next year while you're here!