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The Official Site of the Toronto Blue Jays

Front Office Directory

Rogers Communications

Edward Rogers: Chairman, Toronto Blue Jays
Phil Lind: Vice Chairman, Rogers Communications Inc.
Joe Natale: President and CEO
Rick Brace: President, Media Business Unit
Tony Staffieri: Chief Financial Officer

Executive Office

Mark A. Shapiro: President and CEO
Paul Beeston: President Emeritus
Ross Atkins: Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations and General Manager
Andrew Miller: Executive Vice President, Business Operations
Gail Ricci: Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Baseball Operations

Tony Lacava: VP, Baseball Operations & Assistant General Manager
Ben Cherington: VP, Baseball Operations
Andrew Tinnish: Assistant General Manager
Joe Sheehan: Assistant General Manager
Michael Shaw: Director, Team Travel & Clubhouse
Steve Sanders: Director
Michael Murov: Director
Ryan Mittleman: Director, Pro Scouting
Charlie Wilson: Director, Minor League Operations
Heather Connolly: Sr. Manager, Baseball Administration
Harry Einbinder: Manager, Amateur & Int. Scouting
Sanjay Choudhury: Manager, Baseball Analytics
Anna Coppola: Executive Assistant
Alex Andreopoulos: Bullpen Catcher
Nigel Batson: Major League Chef
Mustafa Hassan: Clubhouse Manager, Equipment
David Haynes: Manager, Baseball Operations & Pro Scouting
Kory Lafreniere: Coordinator, Amateur Scouting
John Babocsi: Assistant, Advance Scouting
Jeremy Reesor: Manager, Baseball Research
Kevin Briand: Professional Crosschecker
Jon Lalonde: Professional Crosschecker
Kevin Malloy: Sr. Manager, Visiting Clubhouse
Scott Blinn: Clubhouse Manager, Operations
Adam Yudelman: Assistant, Baseball Research
Graydon Carruthers: Assistant, Baseball Research
Peter Saunders: Data Architect
Spencer Estey: Baseball Systems Developer
Josue Peley: Interpreter
Megan Evans: Assistant, Player Development
Angus Mugford: Director of High Performance
Clive Brewer: Assistant Director of High Performance
Nikki Huffman: Head Athletic Trainer
Donovan Santas: Head Strength and Conditioning
Paddy Steinfort: Head of Mental Performance
Stephanie Wilson: Head of Nutrition
Scott Weberg: Major League Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
Antonio Castillo: Assistant Sports Dietician
Nigel Batson: Chef, Major League
Jeff Stevenson: ATC & Transaction Coordinator
Jose Ministral: Assistant Head Trainer
Voon Chong: Assistant Head Trainer
Jon Woodworth: Assistant Athletic Training Coordinator, Minor League
Pat Chasse: Rehabilitation Coordinator
Jeremy Trach: Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Minor League
Scott Peters: Assistant Physical Therapist
Rafael Dubois: Mental Performance Coach
Ben Freakley Jr.: Mental Performance Coach
Sam Lima: Employee Assistance Program
Dr. Ted Farrar: Physician Coordinator (Florida)
Dr. Pat Graham: Consulting Chiropractor
Dr. Mike Prebeg: Consulting Chiropractor
Dr. Mark Scappaticci: Consulting Chiropractor
Todd Earl: Consulting Massage Therapist
Dr. James Fischer: Consulting Medicine Physician (Florida)
Dr. Allan Gross: Consulting Senior Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. John Theodoropoulos: Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Jason Smith : Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Steven Mirabello: Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon (Florida)
Dr. Glenn Copeland: Consulting Podiatrist
Dr. Irv Feferman: Consulting Team Physician
Dr. Noah Forman: Consulting Team Physician
Dr. Bernie Gosevitz: Medical Advisor
Dr. Ron Taylor: Physician Emeritus
Gil Kim: Director, Player Development
Eric Wedge: Field Coordinator
Mike Mordecai: Quality Control Coach
Jeff Ware: Pitching Coordinator
Rick Langford: Senior Pitching Advisor
Darold Knowles: Rehab Pitching Coach
Guillermo Martinez: Hitting Coordinator
Ken Huckaby: Catching Coordinator
Tim Raines: Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator
Danny Solano: Infield Coordinator
Omar Malave: Latin America Player Advisor
Billy Wardlow: Equipment Coordinator
Blake Bentley: Coordinator, Latin America Operations
Michael Nielsen: Coordinator, Minor League Operations
Joe Sclafani: Coordinator, Player Development
Kim Marsh: Administrative Assistant
Russ Bove: Special Assignment Scout
Dan Evans: Major League Scout/Pacific Rim Operations
Jim Beattie: Major League Scout
Sal Butera: Major League Scout
Chuck LaMar: Major League Scout
Jim Skaalen: Major League Scout
Matt Anderson: Professional Scout
Jon Bunnell: Professional Scout
Kimball Crossley: Professional Scout
Kevin Fox: Professional Scout
Bryan Lambe: Professional Scout
Brad Matthews Jr.: Professional Scout
David May Jr.: Professional Scout
Jeremy Gordon: Professional Scout
Eric Slotter: Professional Scout
Dean Decillis: Special Assignment Scout
Blake Crosby: National Supervisor
CJ Ebarb Jr.: Regional Crosschecker
Tim Rooney: Regional Crosschecker
Paul Tinnell: Regional Crosschecker
Jamie Lehman: Regional Crosschecker
Joey Aversa Jr.: Area Scout - Fountain Valley, CA
Coulson Barbiche: Area Scout - Milford, OH
Matt Bishoff: Area Scout - Tampa, FL
Dallas Black: Area Scout - Springdale, AR
Darold Brown: Area Scout - Phonix, AZ
Ryan Fox: Area Scout - Yakima, WA
Pete Holmes: Area Scout - Boston, MA
Brian Johnston: Area Scout - Austin, TX
Chris Kline: Area Scout - Beaufort, NC
Randy Kramer: Area Scout - Aptos, CA
Jim Lentine: Area Scout - San Clemente, CA
Nate Murrie: Area Scout - Bowling Green, KY
Don Norris: Area Scout - Hoover, AL
Matt O'Brien: Area Scout - Clermont, FL
Wes Penick: Area Scout - Clive, IA
Bud Smith : Area Scout - Lakewood, CA
Mike Tidick: Area Scout - Statesboro, GA
Gerald Turner: Area Scout - Euless, TX
Doug Witt: Area Scout - Brooklyn, MD
Brandon Bishoff: Amateur Scouting Coordinator - Tampa, FL
Chris Curtis: Amateur Scouting Coordinator - Long Beach, CA
Kyle Fleming: Amateur Scouting Coordinator - Lousia, VA
Jay Lapp: Canadian Scouting - London, ON
Adam Arnold: Canadian Scouting - Thomas, ON
Jasmin Roy: Canadian Scouting - Longueuil, QUE
Sandy Rosario: International Scouting - Director, Latin American Operations
Lorenzo Perez: International Scouting - Dominican Scouting Supervisor
Henry Sandoval: International Scouting - Venezuelan Scouting Supervisor
Aaron Acosta: International Scouting - Mexican Scouting Supervisor
Franklin Briceno: International Scouting - Caracas, VZ
Jose Contreras: International Scouting - Miranda, VZ
Alexis de la Cruz: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR
Luciano del Rosario: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR
Fausto Espinosa: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR
Enrique Falcon: International Scouting - Cartagena, Colombia
Jhoan Gomez: International Scouting - Mao, DR
Miguel Leal: International Scouting - Barquisimeto, VZ
Luis Natera: International Scouting - San Pedro de Macoris, DR
Francisco Plasencia: International Scouting - Aragua, VZ
Eric Ramirez: International Scouting - Santo Domingo, DR
Daniel Sotelo: International Scouting - Managua, NIC
Alex Zapata: International Scouting - Colon, PA
Julio Ramirez: Assistant, International Scouting

Building Services

Jennifer Angiolella: Director, Capital Projects
Mike Christiansen: Manager, Technical Production
Kylie Kruk: Project Lead
Tina Beckerton: Coordinator, Projects
Roger LeBlanc: Executive Assistant
William Robertson: Sr. Service Technician
Shawn Mackay: Service Technician
Jonathan Cornwall: Facility Services Technician
Louis Leandro: Facility Service Technician
Rui Da Silva Cedros: Facility Service Technician
Marilyn Harrison: Facility Services
Robert Price: Painter


Sebastian Gatica: VP, Communications
Jay Stenhouse: VP, Baseball Media
Jessica Beard: Manager, Fan Engagement


Bob Matheson: VP, Concessions
Helen Maunder: Director, Purchasing & Jays Shop
Jennifer McMahon: Warehouse Distribution Manager
Veronica Zavala: Manager, Jays Shop Eaton Centre
Arto Emas: Manager, Stadium Retail Ops
John Walters: Assistant Store Manager
Mike Muni: Assistant Store Manager
Brittany Casals: Adminstrative Assistant
David Costa: In Stadium Supervisor
Shiraz Salih: Manager, Parking
Matthew An: Warehouse Supervisor
Diana Goucher: Merchandise Buyer
Julie Fach: Merchandising Coordinator
Connie Hum: Coordinator, Jays Shop
Michele Izzi: Coordinator, Jays Shop
Matthew Madarang: Sales Supervisor
Thevabalan Viswanathan: Valet Driver
Jemal Hassen: Valet Driver
Tesfaie Gebre: Valet Driver
Tesfaye Desta: Valet Driver
Meconnen Gebremaryam: Parking Attendant
Yoseph Sinework: Parking Attendant
Tesfaldet Weldeamlak: Parking Attendant
Kelly Tudela: Supervisor
Chris Peckett: Sales Supervisor

Corporate Partnerships

Mark Ditmars: VP, Corporate Partnerships
John Griffin: Director, Business Development
David O'Reilly: Director, Corporate Partners
Mark Palmer: Director, Corporate Partners
Natalie Agro: Director, Marketing Services
Honsing Leung: Manager, Client Service
Jordan Cassel: Manager, Client Service
Max Sisam: Manager, Business Development
Jessica Marchello: Manager, Client Services
Jaclyn Leebosh: Manager, Client Services
Shane Miller: Coordinator, Customer Marketing
Shauna Powell: Coordinator, Client Service
Michael Lunder: Coordinator, Customer Service

Corporate Partnerships - Luxury Suites

Jeremy Zulauf: Sr. Manager, Luxury Suites
Marissa Firestone: Coordinator, Luxury Suites
Allan McNinch: Account Executive, Luxury Suites


Dave McCormick: Manager, Engineering
Paul Zuschlag: Supervisor
Justin Lobert: Electrician
Lee Brennan: Roof Technician
Russell Shapland: Sr. Building Operator
Romeo Panlilio: Sr. Building Operator
Kin-Chung Pang: Sr. Building Operator
Abelardo Cruz: Sr. Building Operator
Juan Medrano: Sr. Building Operator
Steve Lariviere: Maintenance Technician
Tyrone Porras: Maintenance Technician
Brittany Monague: Engineering Coordinator

Fan Services

Christine Robertson: Director, Fan Services
Lisa Anne Simons: Supervisor, Fan Services
Michael D'Angelo: Coordinator, Fan Services
Vanessa Hoffmann: Coordinator, Fan Services
Tamara Mahon: Manager, Service Development

Field Operations

Tom Farrell: Director, Field Operations
Dean Caracciolo: Manager, Field Operations
Tyler Letofsky: Field Operations Technician
Rob Stiles: Field Operations Technician
Dave Matkowski: Coordinator, Field Operations
Ben Jamieson: Coordinator, Field Operations
Jeff Klesc: Coordinator, Field Operations


Lynda Kolody: Sr. Director, Finance
Brenda Dimmer: Director, Blue Jays Payroll
Josh Hoffman: Manager, Revenue Reporting  
Leslie Galant-Gardiner: Manager, Financial Business
Melissa Paterson: Finanical Analyst
Dylan Hewko: Finanical Analyst
Marichu Estrella: Sr. Payroll Administrator
Sharon Dykstra: Sr. Manager, Blue Jays Payroll
Joyce Chan: Payroll Analyst

Health & Safety

Ailen Taitt-Kinsey: Manager, Safety

Human Resources

Misty Blei: Manager, Human Resources
Monique Roopanram: Coordinator, Human Resources

Information Technology

Anthony Miranda: Sr. Manager, IT Services
Donny Catinari: Technical Lead Deskside IT
Yvan Duval: Tech Lead, IT Support
Richard Solis: Tech Lead, Blue Jays IT Support
Theo Stavropoulos: Analyst Deskside IT
Katrina Lecavalier: IT Support Coordinator

Jays Care Foundation

Robert Witchel: Executive Director
Jules Porter: Director, Programs
Shari Ralph-Topolie: Sr. Manager, Operations
Lauren Simeson: Sr. Manager, National Programs
Jenny Le: Manager, Events
Lori Shapiro: Manager, Fan Initiatives & Philanthropy
Alysha Socha: Program Specialist
Caitlyn Nelson: Program Specialist
Jessica Yep: Program Specialist
Kelsey Huson: Program Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Ben Sibley: Digital Marketing Specialist
Jeremy Miller: Finance Coordinator
Brooke Kumer: Coordinator, Fundraising & Events
Danielle Holt: Fundraising & Events Coordinator
Amanda Sam: Specialist, Giving & Partnerships
Rebecca Harvey: Administrative Assistant

Legal & Government Affairs

Matthew Shuber: VP, Legal/Gvt Affs & Counsel
Jessica Fingerhut: Director, Legal/Gvt Affs & Counsel
Ian Curry: Manager, Legal and Government
Suey Lau: Executive Assistant


Marnie Starkman: VP, Marketing
Kristy Boone: Director, Marketing
Sherry Oosterhuis: Director, Creative Services & Marketing Management
Matthew Shelton: Director, Game Entertainment
Michelle Seniuk: Sr. Manager, Promotions & Activation
Stefanie Wright: Manager, Game Entertainment
Holly Gentemann: Manager, Community Marketing & Player Relations (Maternity Leave)
Shannon Curley: Acting Manager, Player Relations
Laura Attwell: Manager, Events
T.J. Burton: Program Manager, Amateur Baseball
Maureen Kinghorn: Program Manager, MyBlueJays
Krystin Reyes: Creative Project Manager
Ryan Stone: Sr. Motion Graphics Designer
Corey McDonald: Sr. Graphics Designer
Andrew Gyorgyfi: Motion Graphics Designer
Greg OBrien: Graphic Designer
Meghan Koebel: Graphic Designer
Jake Walton: Coordinator, Marketing Events
Jessica Wood: Coordinator, Promotions & Fan Activation
Laura Spratt: Game Entertainment Coordinator
Carol Balfour: Technical Production Coordinator
Jeff Holloway: Program Assistant, Amateur Baseball
Maria Cresswell: Department Manager, Marketing and Events

Office Services

Sam Platsis: Coordinator
Piero Aceto: Coordinator
MaryAnne Sturley: Receptionist

Security Operations

Mario Coutinho: VP, Stadium Operations & Security
Karyn Gottschalk: Manager, Game Operations
Desmond Buchanan: Control Room Guard
Althea Hussey: Control Room Guard
Bojan Fogl: Control Room Guard
Kyle Rutherford: Control Room Operator
Ryan Cobham: Security Guard
Christopher Adams: Security Guard
Juris Batraks: Security Guard
Randall Harris: Security Guard
Tom Puckrin: Security Guard

Strategy and Analytics

Anuk Karunaratne: VP, Strategy & Analytics
Matthew Dusureault: Sr. Manager, Planning and Coordination
Ailish Sabiston: Business Strategy Analyst
Ryan Bricker: Business Strategy Analyst
Lauren Howcroft: Business Strategy Analyst
David Murray: Business Strategy Analyst

Ticket Sales, Service and Operations

Justin Hay: VP, Ticket Sales & Operations
Eric Cowell: Director, Ticket Sales & Operations
Sheila Stella: Director, Executive & Promoter Ticketing
John Santana: Manager, Ticket Sales & Service
Christina Dodge: Manager, Box Office & Support
Rachael De Sousa: Assistant Box Office Manager
Richard Chautems: Ticket Operations Coordinator
Cassandra Brunshaw: Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service
Sonia Privato: Coordinator, Executive & Promoter Ticketing
Richard Overend: System Administrator
Christian Taylor: Specialist, Ticket Support
Mike Skrobacky: Account Executive
Alex Husarewych: Account Executive
Jeff Gale: Account Executive
Jonathan Bagnell: Account Executive
Glenn Jackson: Account Executive
Ryan McMorrow: Inside Ticket Sales Representative

Florida Operations

Shelby Nelson: Director, Florida Operations
Mike Liberatore: General Manager, Florida Operations and Dunedin Blue Jays
Gayle Gentry: Manager, Accounting
Kathi Beckman: Manager, Community Relations, Group and Retail Sales
Kelsey McIntosh: Manager, Corporate and Group Sales
Jackie Purcell: Manager, Ticket and Box Office Operations
Zac Phelps: Manager, Security and Stadium Operations
Steve Paliewicz: Supervisor, Facility Operations
Patrick Skunda: Head Superintendent
Brian Cox: Assistant Head Superintendent
Daniel Venn: Coordinator, Media Relations
Allasyn Lieneck: Coordinator, Graphic Design and Game Day Operations
Michelle Smith: Administrative Assistant/Receptionist