Policies & Procedures

When holding an event at the ballpark, you, our Client, will work with both the Phillies and, for food and beverage service, Aramark, the ballpark's designated caterer.

The Phillies will handle all aspects of your event related to booking the location, having the space ready for your use and determining the parking arrangements and certain other ballpark-related elements. Aramark will handle all the food, beverage and certain other catering elements.

Administrative charges and taxes

A standard administrative charge of 20 percent will be assessed by the caterer on all food and beverage charges. All fees and charges are subject to applicable taxes.

Cancellation by client

Events cancelled by a client more than three months before the scheduled date of the event will result in a refund to the client of any fees received by the Phillies, less any out of pocket expenses incurred by the Phillies. In the event of a cancellation by a client within three months of the date of the event, the client shall be responsible for all fees due and no refund will be provided, except as provided below.

Cancellations by Phillies and/or caterer

If, due to one of the conditions below, your event cannot take place as scheduled, the Phillies and Aramark will make every effort to work with you to reschedule the event on a different date or move the event to a new location at the ballpark. If a mutually agreeable rescheduling or relocation cannot be worked out to both your and the Phillies' satisfaction, either party may cancel the event. In such a circumstance, the Phillies and Aramark will refund any amounts received, less any out-of-pocket costs incurred. Neither the Phillies nor Aramark will be responsible for any additional costs incurred by the Client.

Examples of conditions that may cause such a rescheduling, relocation or cancellation include conflicts such as:

  • a Phillies or Eagles/Temple/other football or soccer game, concert, parade or other event is scheduled or rescheduled to be held in the ballpark or sports complex on the date of the event;
  • the City of Philadelphia or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania exercises its right under the ballpark Lease to hold a public-use event at the ballpark that conflicts with your event; or,
  • the event cannot be held due to circumstances such as an "act of God" (e.g. flood, fire, earthquake, etc.) or some other factor (such as a labor dispute, a power outage, burst pipe, construction project, etc.).

Change in location

If the number of expected guests changes making the designated location for your event inappropriate, the Phillies and/or Aramark reserve the right to reassign the event to a more appropriate location, upon notification to the client.

Coat check

Coat check arrangements may be made through your Phillies representative. Additional fees may apply.

Custom messages, appearances, tours, audio/visual

Any of the above elements may be available for your event for an additional charge. Please consult your Phillies representative for more information.


Your Phillies representative must approve, in advance, any items that a client wishes to bring in for the event and any signage, banners and decorations a client may wish to use. Nothing may be affixed to walls, ceilings, floors, pillars or other parts of the ballpark or otherwise be displayed in the ballpark during or in connection with the event, without the Phillies' advanced approval. Neither the Phillies nor the caterer is responsible for items left by a client in the ballpark, or on its grounds.


All deliveries (e.g. flowers, decorations, linens and balloons) must be arranged in advance with your Phillies and/or Aramark representative.

Electrical needs

Any special audio, visual, lighting or other electrical needs must be approved by, and arranged through, the Phillies. Special requirements will be subject to additional fees.

Food and beverage service

Event menus, room set-up arrangements and other details pertaining to your event should be submitted to your Aramark representative at least 60 days before the event. Your Aramark representative will be happy to plan a menu especially for you and assist you in making the event a complete success.

No food or beverage of any kind may be brought into, or taken out of, the ballpark, without prior written approval of the Phillies (which, if granted, may involve additional fees). Therefore a catering contract with Aramark (in the form obtainable from your Aramark representative) will also be required, together with payment as specified in the contract, payable by cash, credit card or check payable to Aramark. Any balance due and any adjustment based upon the guaranteed guest count (see below) shall be paid at least two weeks before the event and the charge for any guests over the guaranteed count and any applicable extra charges are payable by cash or credit card at the conclusion of the event.

Flowers, music, linens

Flowers, music, special linens, etc. can be arranged through your Phillies representative. Third party vendors also may be used with advance approval of the Phillies.

Guaranteed guest count

A minimum guaranteed attendance count must be provided to the Phillies and Aramark at least two weeks in advance of the event. (If no guarantee is required or given, you will be responsible for the original number of guests specified in the Event Agreement.) Should the actual guest count be less than the number given to Aramark, the full fees and charges will still apply. If the actual count exceeds that number, you will be responsible for additional fees and charges.

Multiple events

Please note that Citizens Bank Park is a multi-purpose facility; multiple events may take place simultaneously on any given day. Only those who rent the entire facility can be assured of privacy and exclusive use of the venue.


Parking arrangements must be made through your Phillies representative. Parking fees may apply in certain situations. You and your guests may only park in the designated parking area, which is subject to change by the Phillies up to the time of the event.


All prices are subject to change. Prices will be guaranteed only when an Event Agreement and Catering Contract are executed and the payments due at their execution have been paid.

Property damage

Other than for normal wear and tear, the client is responsible for the cost of repairing damage to the ballpark or to the property of the Phillies and/or Aramark arising out of the event.

Securing your event

In order to secure the date, time and location of your event, an executed Event Agreement (in the form obtainable from your Phillies representative) must be received by the Phillies, together with payment of the fee specified in the Event Agreement, in cash or by credit card or check (payable to "The Phillies"). Complete "Terms and Conditions" for your event will be provided as part of the Event Agreement, and that Event Agreement will control in the event of any conflict with these policies and procedures.


Additional security may be required for certain events at the Phillies' discretion. Supplemental staffing charges will apply. No weapons are permitted in the ballpark unless carried by an on-duty Philadelphia police officer or otherwise expressly approved by the Phillies. Anyone bringing a weapon to the ballpark must check the weapon in at the Ballpark Command Center, even if the individual is licensed to carry the weapon.


Approval by the Phillies is required for any event sponsor and any use of the Phillies and/or Citizens Bank Park logos in any event promotional materials.

Union labor

Generally, union laborers (e.g. carpenters, electricians, etc.) are required for event set up and take down of tents, staging, displays and any work that requires a tool. The client needs to make the Phillies aware of any such requirements related to an event at least two weeks before the event, and those requirements must be approved by the Phillies. The client will be responsible for the cost of the union labor charges. Please consult with your Phillies representative for an estimate of those charges.