Ride & Drives

For more information, or to consult with a Phillies representative, please call the Phillies Special Events department at 215-218-5100.

Lots Available for Events

The parking lots around Citizens Bank Park, on the north side of Pattison Avenue, may be made available for Ride and Drive events upon execution of an Event Agreement with the Phillies. (Please see www.Phillies.com under the "Citizens Bank Park" tab for parking map and directions).

Size of Lots

The approximate square footage of the lots are as follows:

  • Lot M: 225,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot N: 166,481 sq. ft.
  • Lot P: 400,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot Q: 186,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot S: 235,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot T: 280,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot U: 295,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot V: 280,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot W: 325,000 sq. ft.
  • Lot X: 270,000 sq. ft.

Fixed Fee

Your Phillies representative can quote a fixed rental fee per "use" day. The rental rate is subject to many factors including the number of event days, scope of event, etc. Additional charges for labor, food and beverage service and other items may also apply (see below). A "use" day includes both set-up days and actual event days.

Food and Beverage Service

Aramark is the exclusive food and beverage service provider at Citizens Bank Park. Food and beverage service for your event must be arranged through Aramark. Catering questions should be directed to Harmon Bryen at Aramark at 267-570-2347.

Food and Beverage Facilities

Citizens Bank Park has several upscale, climate-controlled areas for dining, meetings and/or classroom instruction available for Ride and Drive events (at an additional cost). These areas include our Diamond Club, Hall of Fame Club, Clubhouse and other areas. Please check out our Event Spaces page for a preview of some of these spaces. For a tour of the facilities or a brochure, please consult with your Phillies representative.

Ballpark Labor Rates

The Ballpark's own union labor will be required for any work associated with the Ride and Drive event (including set-up and take down of tents, fencing, flooring, stages, exhibits, electrical/plumbing needs, etc.) at the established ballpark labor rates. Please consult your Phillies representative for a listing of the hourly ballpark labor rates. Simple set up of cones or laying of chalk may be done by client. An estimate of labor costs will be provided to client by the Phillies (and the ballpark's facility manager -- Global Spectrum) upon a detailed review of the event (see below).

Event Review

Prior to the Event Agreement being executed, a detailed review of the event, via phone or in person, must take place between the client and the Phillies and Global Spectrum. This review should include any and all aspects anticipated in the setup of the event, the event itself and the take down of the event.


No damage to the parking lot or other ballpark property will be permitted. The driving of stakes into parking lot asphalt is not permitted. Client will be responsible for the cost of any damage to lot and/or ballpark property.

Certificate of Insurance

General liability insurance will be required. A certificate of insurance will be required in advance of event. See the Event Agreement and the associated Terms and Conditions for details.

Scheduling of Event/Parking for Other Sporting Events

As Citizens Bank Park is located in the Philadelphia Sports Complex, and subject to other events at the other sports venues, client may need to make certain accommodations to handle parking for other events.


No restrooms are located in the parking lots. At client's request, the Phillies can arrange for portable toilets at client's expense.

Advertising and Sponsorship

No public advertising for Ride and Drive events, in any media, will be permitted without the written permission of the Phillies (which it may withhold in its discretion). Any use of the names "Phillies" or "Citizens Bank Park" must be approved by the Phillies in advance. Banners for event may not be placed on gates, fences or other property without the prior approval of the Phillies.

Tent Permits

Tents that are 10' x 20' or larger require a City permit (most tent rental companies will provide). This is the responsibility of the client (or tent provider).

Event Sounds/Noise

Certain parking lots at Citizens Bank Park are located near a residential area. If your event is expected to make any significant noise (tire screeching, engines revving, etc.), please inform your Phillies representative prior to booking.

Night Time or Day Time Security, Cleaning, Phillie Phanatic Appearances, Ballpark Tours, etc.

Any of these services may be arranged by the Phillies. Please consult with your Phillies representative.

Additional Charges

Client agrees to pay any additional charges, not previously paid, upon receipt of invoice, following the event. Any services arranged by the Phillies (ex. portable toilets, tents, etc.) will be billed to client at cost plus 20 percent.

Event Types


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Trade Shows

Walks & Races


Social Events & Fundraisers


Ride & Drives

Picnics & Yard Events