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National Safety Week Celebrated at Globe Life Field

May 11

By Madison Pelletier

National Safety Week concluded on Friday with a celebration of safety at the Globe Life Field construction site.

All week, projects across the country took time to celebrate the important of safety practices on construction sites. Manhattan Construction offered a different safety demonstration every morning.

"We've done a variety of activities, I think it's been pretty educational, I think it's been fun also," Manhattan Construction Senior Safety Manager Jeff Knipper said.

Safety Week started on Monday with a demonstration on fall prevention. The presentations continued on Tuesday and Wednesday with presentations on how to inspect equipment properly to make sure everything is in an approved and safe condition.

"It's certainly bringing attention to job site safety. It is the most critical element of what we're doing out here at the project site so it's important that every one of these workers has a great experience, a safe experience, and at the end of the day goes home safe," Texas Rangers Executive Vice President of Business Operations Rob Matwick said.

Knipper oversees safety of the entire project, but he believes that ultimately safety is the responsibility of every single worker who is on-site, whether you're a supervisor or a worker.

The week ended on Friday with representatives from the Texas Rangers, Manhattan Construction and OSHA participating in a safety presentation on-site at Globe Life Field. Part of Friday's presentation included a raffle giveaway, including sets of game tickets donated by the Rangers.

Knipper organized the events to stress the importance of safety for every aspect of construction.

The construction team also introduced the first of seven Texas Rangers themed safety stickers. The first sticker commemorates the first game at Arlington Stadium in 1972.

"[The stickers] become something that is coveted if you're very discriminating in who you're awarding these to, so it has to be something really exceptional and noteworthy for someone to receive a sticker," Knipper said.

The stickers, limited to 500 each issue, are awarded to individuals who go above and beyond the safety requirements at the site.

"I think you have to do something that goes above what is normally expected," Knipper said. "You have to show some type of exceptional behavior, take some type of initiative to help promote job site safety."

A new version of the Rangers safety incentive sticker will be released every few months until the site is completed, furthering the incentive to stay safe on-site at Globe Life Field.

"We want to use the stickers as an incentive for people to go above and beyond," Matwick said. "Our hope is that people out here on the job site will eventually collect all seven so it's pretty exciting and a nice way to tie in the history of the rangers with job-site safety rules."