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LADF 50/50 Raffle


  • LADF Homebase located in Centerfield
  • Field 13
  • Loge 103/105
  • Reserve 10

1. How are the proceeds split?

50% of the jackpot is awarded to one lucky winner and the remaining 50% supports LADF’s programs and grantmaking to local nonprofit organizations

2. How much are raffle tickets?

  • 5 for $10
  • 20 for $20
  • 100 for $40
  • 300 for $100

3. Can I purchase my raffle tickets with credit cards, checks, money orders, etc.?

All purchased at Dodger Stadium are now cashless transactions.

Acceptable forms of payment include Debit/Credit Cards such as Mastercard, the preferred payment system of the Dodgers, as well as digital wallets for contactless payments.

There are seven (7) total Cash-to-Card kiosks available throughout the stadium.

Cash-to-Card kiosks convert cash to prepaid debit cards which can be used anywhere, both inside and outside Dodger Stadium. There is no additional cost to get a card and there are no fees to use the card. It is as simple as: cash goes in and a prepaid card comes out.

Kiosks accept US currency only and up to $500 can be loaded on a card. Guests can check their card balance anywhere and anytime. Simply go to or call the number found on the back of the card. Fan Services will be available should a guest require further assistance with their cash-to-card transaction.

4. Am I eligible to participate in the raffle?

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a raffle ticket. IDs may be requested.

5. Are raffle tickets considered a deductible charitable contribution?

No, they are not.

6. When will raffle tickets be sold?

Tickets are available for purchase from the time the gates open until the last out of the 6th inning at every professional baseball game played at Dodger Stadium.

7. Where can I purchase a raffle ticket?

Tickets can be purchased at the kiosks located throughout the concourses on all levels of the ballpark or by one of our sellers wearing pink aprons.

8. When will the winning number be announced?

The winning number will be announced during the 8th inning by the public address announcer.

9. Where is the winning number posted?

The winning number will be posted at, LADF’s Twitter @DodgersFDN or by calling 323-224-2615

10. Where can I claim my winning ticket?

The winner should report to the club level receptionist on Level 5 down the third base side of the stadium by the end of the 9th inning.

11. Do I need to be present to win?

No, you do not need to be present to win.

12. How long do I have to claim my prize?

Prizes must be claimed within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the drawing.

13. Will I receive cash upon claiming my winning ticket?

No, an ACH deposit will be made to your account or a check will be mailed to you within four (4) to six (6) weeks from the date you claimed your prize.

14. What happens if a prize goes unclaimed?

Prizes not claimed will result in 100% of the net proceeds benefiting the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation.

50/50 Raffle Results

Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised
October 12 vs. Giants 2497220008 $44,780 No $89,560
October 11 vs. Giants 3399200027 $35,465 No $70,930
October 6 vs. Cardinals 1861384093 $41,065 Yes $82,130
October 3 vs. Brewers 2084281038 $17,425 No $34,850
October 2 vs. Brewers 3316494002 $26,685 Yes $53,370
October 1 vs. Brewers 2341647092 $28,995 No $57,990
September 30 vs. Padres 3461258002 $33,530 Yes $67,060
September 29 vs. Padres 1673376107 $17,875 No $35,750
September 28 vs. Padres 3382309059 $27,015 Yes $54,030
September 15 vs. Dbacks 3365693156 $28,930 Yes $57,860
September 14 vs. Dbacks 4077203545 $18,050 Yes $36,100
September 13 vs. Dbacks 3491772078 $29,875 No $59,750
September 12 vs. Padres 2980778017 $6,490 Yes $12,980
September 11 vs. Padres 5315807012 $17,240 Yes $34,480
September 10 vs. Padres 3321849002 $18,750 Yes $37,500
September 1 vs. Braves 3351339021 $21,075 Yes $42,150
August 31 vs. Braves 4068015006 $18,425 Yes $36,850
August 30 vs. Braves 5578600008 $28,830 No $57,660
August 29 vs. Rockies 4069225042 $10,430 Yes $20,860
August 28 vs. Rockies 3403096101 $19,505 Yes $39,010
August 27 vs. Rockies 5523586123 $13,425 Yes $26,850
August 22 vs. Mets 3069621129 $11,930 Yes $23,860
August 21 vs. Mets 3084424158 $8,055 Yes $16,110
August 20 vs. Mets 3414749075 $13,470 Yes $26,940
August 19 vs. Mets 2424492099 $16,530 Yes $33,060

CONTACT INFO[email protected] - 323-224-2615