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The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation is providing critical donations to support local COVID-19 relief and social justice efforts that we hope will uplift significantly impacted Angelenos and those on the front lines of this crisis. We are committed to offering support for our most vulnerable populations who are experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, lack of basic needs and significant anxiety during this uncertain time as we cope with the trauma of a pandemic and social justice events.

Thank you for your donations and ongoing support.

Dear Friends,

The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) will continue to advocate for those who are consistently denied the full gifts of this nation. Liberty and justice should belong to us all.

We cannot rest until that is true.

Through a social justice lens, we run and fund proven programs that level the playing field and invest in on-the-ground solutions driven by the communities we serve. We know that inequality can only be dismantled through proactive and strategic interventions, and we are starting with the root causes.

The murder of George Floyd is yet another example of the need to openly state that Black Lives Matter. Considering the disproportionate amount of police violence and poverty that impact the Black community and other communities of color, it is clear that we are in a state of emergency. This crisis defies the principles on which our nation is supposed to stand. LADF will not waver. We will be part of the solution.

At the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, here is what we are committed to do:

1. Continue our education, sports, and health programs with an enhanced mental health lens to help young people cope with the trauma of a pandemic and social justice events

2. Increase our support of programs and organizations that are leading the fight against inequality

3. Use our platform to advocate for systematic reform that propels us closer to equality for all

LADF appreciates our countless allies and partners who have offered their support during these trying times. Your shared belief that the time for equality is now helps smooth the rocky road ahead. Together, we can do this. When one segment of our community blatantly suffers, then all of us must be part of the healing.

With sincerity and hope,

Nichol Whiteman

Chief Executive Officer

To learn more about LADF's current operations, please click here for a message from CEO, Nichol Whiteman. Visit to learn more about COVID-19 relief efforts.

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