Corporate Donation Program

The mission of the Corporate Donation Program is to expand access to our annual football at Fenway event reaching New Englanders that may not have the resources to attend the Wasabi Fenway Bowl on their own. Our goal is to send 2,000 kids from throughout New England to the game, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ticket donations will be distributed through the Red Sox Foundation to various affiliated organizations; however, if you have a preferred community organization partner, we can work with you to fit your needs and objectives.

Contact [email protected] or call 617-226-6001 to speak with a Wasabi Fenway Bowl Representative and learn more!

Donation Tiers

Tier 1 Donation


100 tickets,
with $25 concession credit

Tier 2 Donation


100 tickets,
with $15 concession credit

Tier 3 Donation


100 upper-level sideline tickets,
with $15 concession credit

Tier 4 Donation


100 end zone bleacher tickets,
with $15 concession credit

*These are suggested options. Donation packages can be customized to best suit donors' objectives.

**Sponsors will receive a tax receipt for their ticket donation.

Donors Receive

  • Brand Acknowledgement in the Boston Globe
  • Wasabi Fenway Bowl Scoreboard Welcome Message