To win at the Major League level, the Cubs must do much more than just draft, sign and develop the right mix of players. They also need to provide those players with the best-in-class, off-the-field facilities needed to train, rehabilitate injuries and prepare for games. Since assuming control of the franchise, the Ricketts family has made it a clear priority to renovate or rebuild all of the team's facilities to meet the big leagues' modern standards.

To provide the team with the best resources in the game, more than 30,000 square feet of space was dedicated to new player facilities. Completed by Opening Night 2016, the new clubhouse area includes a locker room for players and coaches, a strength and conditioning center, training and hydrotherapy areas, a media center, offices and a player lounge.

Underground batting tunnels also have been added so hitters can warm-up against live pitching before, during and after games. Prior to the new batting tunnels, Cubs players had to drop a net in the clubhouse and take swings off a tee if they wanted to prepare for at-bats during games.

The visitors' clubhouse will be expanded and improved in a future phase of the 1060 Project.