Cubs Charities Community Fund


Since 1986, Cubs Charities has been giving back to the Chicagoland community. Through funding quality nonprofit programs, direct community programming and a significant grant to the Cubs Charities Community Fund – a Robert R. McCormick Foundation fund that matches 50 percent for each dollar raised – Cubs Charities continues to make a difference in the lives of Chicago's children and families. The Cubs and Cubs Charities are proud to assist the following agencies by providing financial support to sustain the impactful work they are undertaking in the areas of health, fitness and education for underserved youth. Together, we hope to provide opportunities for success for Chicago's children and cultivate the next generation of all-stars.

Cubs Charities Community Fund

Cubs Charities Community Fund, a Fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation, through the Cubs Charities Community Fund, has granted more than $27 million to Chicago nonprofit organizations since 1991. Cubs Charities Community Fund grants are awarded to designated 501(c)(3) organizations. Grant consideration is given to organizations that have been in existence for at least three years and request support for programs in operation for at least a year.

Program Guidelines

Grants from the Cubs Charities Community Fund, a fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, are awarded to applicants from eligible organizations serving the following people or addressing the primary interests detailed below.

Funding Areas and Grant-Making Strategies

Child/Youth Education: This funding area supports agencies with established academic intervention program strategies in one of four transition stages that serve academically underperforming children and youth. Priority is given to programs that track student performance outcomes in Postsecondary Access (required outcomes include: demonstrated improvement in high school core course performance (GPA tracking), attendance, comprehensive college preparation services and high school graduation and college enrollment rates) and Postsecondary Persistence (required outcomes include: college matriculation, access to academic and non-cognitive support services and completion).

Health and Wellness: In this funding area, priority is given to established programs providing access to affordable, high-quality health care services to low income residents in underserved communities to agencies operating childhood obesity prevention and/or treatment programs through youth sports. Only eligible programs reporting client outcomes will receive funding consideration.

Geographic Priorities: Chicago Area.

Applications are available by invitation only.

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation does not fund grants to programs that financially benefit the Chicago Cubs.

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