Pup chows down on dog at Mets game (you gotta see it)

July 10th, 2024

The hot dog eating contest may be over, but we may have found a new contestant for next year's competition: Introducing Joey Chestpup.

During Tuesday night's Mets game at Citi Field, a tiny dog was caught on camera chowing down on a bunless hot dog. If that wasn't enough to go viral, the stylish pork-nibbling pooch was also wearing shades, a gold chain, a minuscule Mets hat and a jersey, and the owner was holding his own half-eaten hot dog in his other hand. That's a lot of layers of dog. We'll give you a moment to ketchup.

Gary Cohen and Ron Darling were simply trying to laud Mets starter Jose Quintana's effort on the broadcast, but they couldn't help interrupting their analysis to acknowledge the hungry dog.

"Pretty ironic," Darling said.

He's got that right. Somebody give that dog a bun, er, bone!