The Minnesota Twins Community Fund is a non-profit organization founded following the 1991 World Series to lead the ballclub’s charitable efforts.

We believe that youth sports – and specifically baseball and softball – change lives for the better. The game teaches players about teamwork, perseverance, patience, and even failure. Through sport, we are working to create not the next generation of great athletes, but the next generation of great human beings.

The Minnesota Twins Community Fund’s Tax ID is 41-1697280.


Our mission is to enrich local and regional communities by providing resources for the healthy development of children and families through an association with baseball, softball, and the Minnesota Twins.

Our Cornerstone Partners

The Twins Community Fund and its programs are supported in part by our Cornerstone Partners: Target, U.S. Bank, Treasure Island, and Nike. We thank them for their support.

COVID-19 Response

The Twins Community Fund continues to fulfill our mission of improving lives and strengthening communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are aware that the current health crisis has meant that basic needs are not being met for many of the same children and families that we support through our baseball and softball programs. It is hard to imagine these families thinking about playing baseball when they are worried about where their next meal or rent payment may be coming from. To that end, the Community Fund’s Emergency Relief and Recovery Fund was created to support immediate COVID-relief efforts rooted in child and family hunger, shelter, and educational needs. Learn more about the Emergency Relief Fund here.

As young athletes return to the field, the Community Fund’s programs are ready to support them. We also continue to make our Virtual Academy and “Play Ball at Home” videos available at PlayBallMN.org.

Board of Directors

Community Members

  • Javier Altamirano – Sportradar
  • Aaron Brown – PAR Systems
  • Andrew Feikema – US Bank
  • J. Forrest – Employee Strategies
  • Sarah Graves – Prodeo Academy
  • Larry Hosch – Great St. Cloud Development Corporation
  • Jihan Jenkins – Pentair
  • Sean Johnson – Minnesota Twins
  • Kathy Klang – Cummings, Keegan & Co., P.L.L.P.
  • Shannon Knoepke – Media Bridge Advertising
  • Joe Martyn – MGK
  • Darin Mastroianni – Minnesota Twins Alumni
  • Dominic McQuerry – Office of the Lt. Governor
  • Don Ness – Ordean Foundation
  • Laura Olson – Maple River Public Schools
  • Robert Riepe – Peregrine Capital Management
  • Terry Sadler – Warroad Public Schools
  • Aalok Sharma – Stinson LLP
  • Daniel Yang – Office of the Mayor, City of St. Paul

Institutional Members

  • Laura Day – Minnesota Twins
  • Steve Gibson – US Bank
  • Darin Mastroianni - Minnesota Twins

Advisory Members

  • J Marie Fieger – Nemer Fieger
  • Brian Mensink - KPMG
  • Dr. Rajiv Shah – ACES