Kirby Puckett Award

The Kirby Puckett Award recognizes a Twins alumni player or coach who best exemplifies Puckett's legacy of community service and involvement. The winner receives $5,000 from the Twins Community Fund to be granted to the charity of their choice.

2022 Winner: Al Newman

As an infielder with the Twins, Newman was a world champion, not once but twice, when the Twins won the World Series in 1987 and in 1991. And Newman, more than most people, knows how such dizzying heights of greatness should never go to one’s head.

“Let failure be part of your success story,” Newman advised. A message that he continues to teach countless young people as a long-time coach in the area. After leaving the major leagues, he chose to continue to make Minnesota his home.

In 2008, Newman announced the creation of "Newmie Rewards LLC", a business created to aid in fundraising for athletic teams. He began broadcasting a radio program that was a weekly family-friendly show about sports.

Al Newman has long been involved in youth baseball player development. As a coach, he has hosted countless clinics for youth sports. In 2010, Newman was the head coach for the Apple Valley, Minnesota High School baseball team.

Newman loves to share his love of baseball, especially with young people. He was assistant coach for the St. Cloud Rox baseball team, which is a member of the Northwoods League, and he is also an instructor at Acceleration Baseball in St. Cloud.

To Newman, training players is a “daily joy.” He loves to see young people – boys and girls – develop and strengthen baseball skills, especially the all-important hand-eye coordination.

He loves to see their dedication and determination when they hit and field the ball as they eventually acquire “an amazing feeling of accomplishment.”

In 2022, Newman was appointed to serve on the St. Joseph Park Board to play a critical role in the advancement of diamond sports in the region.

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