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Community Report

The Minnesota Twins and the Twins Community Fund have always believed that baseball brings communities together and makes them stronger. The bond between our community and our team is special, and one that we have treasured for six decades.

It is my distinct honor to share the 2019-2020 Minnesota Twins Community Report with you. Please take a moment to review this publication, which provides a “scorecard,” so to speak, of the Twins community outreach over the past year and its impact on so many people and neighborhoods across Twins Territory. We are immensely proud to be Minnesota’s baseball team, and it is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Over the past year, the Twins have partnered with hundreds of non-profits to further their missions, worked to recognize and honor our veterans and active duty soldiers, and deepened our focus on environmental sustainability and our commitment to inclusion. The Twins Community Fund continues to work to ensure that every kid who wants to play the games of baseball and softball has the access and ability to do so.

Moving forward, the Twins organization embraces the opportunity to do more and to reach higher. We are dedicated to using our platform and our voice to support and serve our communities, and will continue to actively develop programs and partnerships to assist Twins Territory whenever possible.

As this report states, baseball is for everyone. And when the time is right, baseball will return. Kids will once again be able to join their friends in games of catch; town ball teams will turn the lights back on and play in the summer twilight; and the Minnesota Twins will take the field. We look forward to the day when we can all once again come together, united with each other and with the game we love.

Dave St. Peter
President and CEO